Please hang up and try again: Music, hey whats up everyone. Louis tran here in this video, were gon na. Take a look at the one x player, this device isnt that well known. So basically, this is a portable gaming, handheld pc so like a nintendo switch, but with a pc built right into it. The more mainstream equivalent would be the upcoming steam deck, but there are a handful other devices that are already out and similar to this one, such as the a neo, the gpd and even razer, made an attempt like this not too long ago, with a gaming tablet. Pc most people already forgot about, i havent tried the ineo or the gpd, and my steam deck is on pre order, which will come. Who knows when, but let me tell you right from the beginning. This is this is one of my favorite gadgets uh of the year, in fact its one of my favorite gadgets overall in a very long time, despite some of its shortcomings, the version of the 1x player that im reviewing has an 11th gen intel. I7. 1195: g7 cpu with integrated xe graphics, an 8.4 inch ips display with native 2560 by 1600 resolution at 60, hertz one terabyte ssd, a standard, xbox style layout controller built right in with force feedback, bluetooth, 5 and wi. Fi 6 wireless connectivity windows, hello, fingerprint reader, and it weighs about 1.8 or 119 grams. Another thing to note is that the 1x player has a generous amount of ports for something this size hell.

It even has more ports than some full size laptops ports on this include two thunderbolt 4.0 ports with the ability to connect to a gpu, a one, usb 3.0 port, a micro sd reader, a headphone jack and theres a built in onboard mic. Oh theres also a magnetic port on the bottom to connect 1x players, proprietary keyboard with built in trackpad, which well well discuss later so right out of the box and at first glance you might feel that this is too ridiculously big for a handout, especially when compared To the nintendo switch which the standard size comes in at 6.2 inches and the new oled switch at seven inches. The upcoming steam deck will also be at seven inches as you as you use the 1x player. You will appreciate that screen size and honestly, i dont mind it at all. I got used to it almost immediately after playing some games on it. The feel of the unit itself is surprisingly solid. I thought it was going to be half assed poorly built unit, but its made with pretty high quality materials theres. Also a metal kickstand, which works very well, unlike the piece of crap that youll find on the original switch. The built in controls is a familiar layout that youll find on the xbox, and these are also decent quality. The analog sticks and buttons fall in the middle in terms of size between those youll find on the switches, joy cons and an xbox one controller.

I personally, like them better than the switch the trigger pads, are large and sensitive and analog as well, and oh, a pro tip. Updating the controllers. Firmware uh fixes early issues which ill provide the link in the description. There are, however, reports of people con experiencing controller drift. Ive had this for about two months and have not experienced any of these issues yet. But if you are purchasing purchasing this on a site that has an extended warranty such as amazon, it might not be a bad idea to add that um also, there are repair videos on replacing the controller. So there are user, uh replaceable parts available. If you need to fix it, unlike the nintendo switch and android handhelds, this runs a full version of windows and the version im running is windows. 11. The native resolution is at 2560 by 1600 and is scaled at default to 250 at the windows desktop ui. I think its a bit much so i scaled it down to 225, which i feel is the sweet spot for me. So again, this is the full version of windows, which means its a fully functional computer that can run desktop. Applications such as microsoft, office, edge, chrome, emulators such as retroarch and you have full access to run and install games from your steam library. None of the streaming nonsense and yes, you can connect an external display, keyboard and mouse which ive done and its great running productivity.

Software, which is no surprise with the intel 11th gen i7, with 16 gigs of ram on it. If this thing struggled running microsoft office, then i would be definitely would be concerned. The amount of looks youll get from people around you at the office. Uh running a desktop setup from a nintendo switch looking device is pretty funny hell, theres, even a built in mic, which you are listening to right now. So you can use this in zoom or team meetings just keep in mind: theres no camera, but no ones. Gon na expect that from a device like this so heres, a quick speaker test of the speaker, quality built in speaker, quality of the 1x player Applause, Music, Music, Applause, Music. So now that we have work out of the way lets talk about what the true purpose of this is for to play, games on the go – and this is where it gets interesting – the advantage of the standalone portable handheld, such as the psp switch and just letting You know the console is that you installed the game and you run it without ever having to worry about anything else. If you want to get into the whole console and pc debate, this is the advantage of consoles over pcs these days, if you have the right hardware, its, not really that big of a deal and configuring games for the most part isnt as hard as some people Would think, and once you get through, that hurdle, the possibilities are limitless.

The same applies here. Lets take, for example, a recent game that ive been playing uh tales of a rise, its a fairly demanding game, and, if you just leave it at default settings right after install at its native resolution 2560×1600, which is about 2k resolution. Youll see itll choke right from the start, with slow and dropped frame rates right after you get through the fmv intro into the game. So what youre going to have to do is drop the resolution to 1920 by 1200 turn off anti aliasing and other settings to low, and when you do that, youll be getting about 60fps gaming. The good news is that a screen at this size, even with the details, turned down it looks, and it plays great now. The bad news is the fans come on really hard and you can hear the fans whine as as im playing this increase the volume to drown out some of the fans blowing or throw on headphones, and you wont hear it at all, even with the fans on And playing for about an hour already, i dont have any thermal throttling and it doesnt feel hot anywhere on the casing. The cpu temps are in the low 30s uh when idle mid 30s to low 40s. When microsoft office and other productivity work is running and when playing games, it will run in a range of 60 to 80 celsius, depending on how demanding it is now lets. Look at tomb raider, like tails of a rise youre gon na, have to do some tweaking to get this at an acceptable performance, uh lower the resolution lower and turn off some of the graphic settings and bam not as pretty as you would be playing on a Full desktop pc with an rtx 3080 graphics card, but its more than acceptable as a handheld game.

Cyberpunk 2077, also with some modified settings, runs very playable on the one x player other non demanding games like bloodrayne, the betrayal sonic mania and hades. I can install and just run at their default settings and its perfect same with older games like ease, memories of calcetta, counter strike global offensive and final fantasy run without any issues. Look if youre watching this review chances, are you already have a gaming pc and are researching an alternative to a gaming laptop to take your steam library on the go, so everything i just said is nothing new. An experienced pc gamer would generally have an idea of what would run well and what to tweak if they needed to in order to get the game to run how they would want with their current hardware. Otherwise, everything is a google search away. In fact, 1x player, reddit and discord are great resources which ill have a link for you. Guys here are some benchmarks and keep in mind that these dont tell the full story of 1x players capable of 3dmark is at default, and the games ive adjusted the settings. So your mileage may vary now lets get into the even more interesting stuff and check out some emulators. This is sort of a gray area, so take it for what it is playing classic games on retroarch works. Great no surprises as its not really demanding. On the hardware my favorite games, uh, such as ronald blood on the psp and tales of destiny for the ps2, run just fine and then theres yuzu uh, the switch emulator from what ive heard um its working fine, but keep in mind its beta software.

So you are limited to how far the developers have gotten with this, so its great for games that work with it. Speaking of the switch, you can connect this to a larger tv, but i would recommend turning the resolution down to get games performing adequately on. This 4k would usually slow down the games, but when games running at 1080, it works just as well and just as nice as an alternative to the switch. The gaming experience overall is amazing for what it is. I i like it a lot. The controllers are responsive. The built in speakers are more than adequate competitive to the switch uh, maybe better, i would say, and holding it really isnt so bad, even though its thicker and heavier than most handhelds so things i dont like of the fans, usually when youre doing productivity work, it Stays pretty silent, but every so often they just come on and blow hard. It happens more when you connect it to an external device, an external display, when you run a game on it, no matter how little or or how much demanding it is uh its gon na come on pretty loud. I think ive gotten used to it somewhat, but it can get annoying, especially when playing in a quiet room or if you need a quiet environment. As mentioned, though, the good news is that its it does a good job and it doesnt get hot anywhere on the unit itself.

Another thing i would nitpick is the keyboard accessory, oh god, its awful sure its okay. If you need to type something out in a pinch, but the trackpad is garbage and the magnet is weak, the uh its just very flimsy overall, i would invest in a small bluetooth, keyboard and mouse and just skip this. I mean one positive thing about the keyboard accessory is that it does sort of protect the screen when you, when you have it up like this another other than that. I, like it a lot and its great to compliment just taking my smartphone uh, leaving my switch and laptop at home when im on vacation, i have a razer blade advance. I have a gaming desktop pc, but theres just something about this form factor. That is so amazing and i look forward to how this further develops in the future. Now theres an amd version thats up for pre order at the time of this, video is being made and ill be interested on. How well that will do. Hopefully, itll be a lot quieter without the fans blowing on all the time, and i might have a video uh, comparing this with the with the md versions uh in the future, but im pretty happy with this uh overall.