So Music, so will mow. Come take a look at this Music. What, where are you Music? Finding lou with one plus stand 10 feet away from the artwork using ultra wide mode? Take a picture. Take a picture of the artwork using just the photos. You capture find the nine hidden lose first to find all nine wins. This is a game and you will play it. Music check your answers with a hidden key in the bottom of this case, mural created by daniel lang, thats a cool. I mean look at the size of this artwork. I can see that theres different unboxed therapy themes in there, but there supposedly is nine of myself. You guys cant cheat all right so inside the package is we have two oneplus 9 pros and supposedly were using the ultra wide mode. I suppose that would be necessary to capture the extensive artwork, but you need to remember to select high resolution. Okay were going to select high resolution and i suppose, if they arent fully charged, we have warp charge 65, all right in case theyre not charged youre gon na get one of these youre gon na get one of these youre gon na get one of these youre Gon na get one of these youre gon na get one of these hes like oprah youre gon na get one of these and then were gon na go to the wide camera. Hi rez offers higher quality and captures details in well lit scenes.

Well, theyre gon na need detail to win this. Is there a prize for whoever wins? The game of your lives is a game with no prize its poetry. You will play this game here. It goes again. This is yours. This is yours, ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four three two one youre done youre done get out of here, get out of there, ten nine, eight, seven, six, five, four three two one youre done get out of here, youre done get out of here. They both have a photo ultra wide high resolution of this enormous piece of artwork. What they have to do now is essentially on the phone display crop into this image, mark it up and circle all nine of myself, one one plus nine pro thats. You see how that goes. Would you like to start im worried you cant pinch zoom, if youre drawing you will play this game, the stage has been set mo versus well a showdown for the ages, the pictures, the photos theyve been taking high resolution, each of them. Looking somewhat confident, let me ask you uh whats gon na happen here in this showdown im gon na win, whoa no im gon na win youre going down Laughter, all right right, right, right, right, right right! We just we just figured out what the prize is gon na be the winner of this contest gets to order any lunch that they want uh uh covered by me, and then the other one has to watch him eat it.

The other person is starved, theyre, both starving all right. This is the main event of the evening Music in the left corner Music coming in at a hundred and something pounds: Laughter, standing: five foot: nine, eight, ten, five foot, ten inches Music, Music, standing, six, five, eleven five, eleven five foot; eleven inches fighting; southpaw Applause; all Right three: two one go Music. All right, theyve been at this long enough, apparently theyve, never uh had a wheres waldo book before imma count them down from 30 and remember heres. The thing were gon na check how many they found accurately. The right ones will tally on the positive side. The wrong ones will tally on the negative side. Whoever wins gets any lunch, the lunch of their choice, the losers in it to pay ill pay for lunch. Probably everybody will get lunch to be honest but place. We get lunch from will be up to the winner, ten nine eight seven, six, five, four three two one phones down down put this sheet will reveal your future at this company. I would like to take you guys over to the artwork now. Well, lets start with the obvious ones in my mind that you both got both got this one. I didnt even see that i couldnt see it. I couldnt see it this one. Maybe i dont know i dont remember what the yell, what the i might have got that one this one did you get it both this one? Yes, i got that one.

This one is larger this one right here. I think so i thought that was bin. At first, but i survived yeah same no, no, no, no, no, its a lot more. Like both had this one here yeah i got that one you got it. I was really. I was like this is im im good for this one, but this one right here what no its like drake thats me that one seems a little unfair thats me probably on the digital file, the artwork, its more distinctive im going to assume you both had this One here what no way – oh, oh, my god, i spent so much time. Looking there too, when i missed it im going to assume no right here. Oh i see the silhouette. Oh you see the hat. I didnt get it. No. I didnt get it. Neither of you took a risk on this hat right here. I couldnt even see it. I think all my image it was just did any of you have this guy. Yes, i took a risk with that guy. You got this one yeah, both of them wow and then theres, only one more, which is up here in this spaceship. I guess, did you get it in real life yeah? It must be not a chance youre. On top of the spaceship, i think, im in it. Yeah, i think, im flying it time for the tally. So you had one two, three, four Music.

Five. You had five correct and no minuses, one two, three four five tied: they really tied tiebreaker its a tie. We cant leave it a tie. Only one man gets to select the lunch food of choice, whichever one can name this color. What does oneplus call that color of oneplus 9 bro, something missed, im, gon na, say onyx. I would have not gone there at all its a gray shiny. Oh my god. I im gon na go with uh like a silver mist. I think im sticking with the mist the game never ends. He just keeps walking away morning. Mist Music youre, not getting it. Okay were going to a second tie. Breaker were going with second round tie breaker. Second tie breaker is answer quickly. What is the name of the power brick that ships with the one plus nine warp charger? Final answer, im going to say, 45 warp, joker final answer warp charge 65. were getting noodles were getting noodles baby good choice. You can play the same game as will and mo head to the description for a link to do so. If you can find every single version of me in this artwork and get a hundred bucks off your very own, oneplus, 9 pro all right. So i know that that video that whole thing that set up was pretty wild but theres actually theres a point to this whole thing. Oneplus they reached out. They said we have the best ultra wide camera.

We were the only ones that invested in it. Well, maybe not the only ones, but at least they put a lot of attention into their ultra wide camera. Specifically, 14 millimeter camera now ive been a fan of ultra wide photography and video for a long time. In fact, this lens that im speaking to you, uh through right now, is at 12 millimeters. So i just like the effect you can capture more certainly for landscape things like this, but often that feature is overlooked by camera. Manufacturers smartphone manufacturers that have cameras in them and they put all the attention on the main camera unit, sometimes the zoom. But then the ultra wide gets left out and its an afterthought and theyre like okay, throw it in. But then you can end up with soft photos or a low resolution or whatever. So not only do you have a 50 megapixel sensor on the ultra wide on the oneplus, but youve also got a big sensor. It is one over one, five point: five, six, what this means for you is more flexibility when youre shooting ultra wide. Now that could be a group photo and you need to crop some people out and still have plenty of pixels left over could be for social media. I often will take a photo and then have to manipulate it to send it to like twitter or instagram or to make a thumbnail out or something along these lines where i needed to fit different aspect ratios, and i like having more information or data and then Also, of course, just for landscapes, where you want to reframe it because theres, a certain element you like and maybe another one that you dont anyway, all that suffice to say weve done some examples here.

To give you an idea of what you can do with some extra resolution, specifically on the ultra wide camera, so in front of me, i have the oneplus 9 pro. I also have the s21 ultra from samsung, which is a fantastic camera performer. However, the vast majority of their attention has gone into the main camera unit, which has tons of pixels by the way, the whole story is not just pixels. I know youve probably heard this before, but pixels can help given certain circumstances and definitely when it comes to cropping and zooming majority of the effort went into the main camera unit on the s21 ultra and then the ultra wide is a little bit of a step Down in terms of resolution, oneplus took a kind of unorthodox approach where they were like. Yes, were gon na pay attention to the main camera unit, but then were going to also pour a lot of attention into the ultra wide. Its a unique approach in the industry and the point of this video is to show you some of the benefits of that approach, but speaking exclusively about that one camera unit here are some similar photos that were going to move through, and i can kind of showcase To you, some of the advantages here of having a 50 megapixel ultra wide camera, so on the s21 ill zoom in to the skyline. Here you can see the cn tower in the background and then ill do the same over here on the oneplus 9.

Pro mo is going to actually overlay a crop, a major zoom into the image, so that you can appreciate the extra detail and information that those extra pixels can give you, when you are cropping into an ultra wide photo see. This image was shot as a landscape, but say you want to make a phone wallpaper out of it. Well, in this case or post it to stories, or something like that here, we can frame it up for the correct aspect, ratio and still have a clean. Looking image heres another picture in which we can see some buildings and concrete in the foreground, and also some its not graffiti its like chalk anyway. What i want you to focus on in this zoom is the building. What youre gon na notice is on the samsung? Your image starts to break up a little bit because youve sort you run out of resolution as you crop in, as you begin to zoom in, particularly if i go all the way and you look around some of the detail, work with the bricks and ill just Come in and do the same thing over here and you have far more detail theres. So many examples of this lets go to the m and im going to keep zooming as much as i can, and the grain and the pixels pay off thats kind of a cool background, too. Look at that. We got the the chalk going on. You can see like these look like proper waves.

These start to get grainy its just its more pixels bottom line, its more pixels, bigger sensor, more flexibility now remember as well. This is the extra resolution mode on the oneplus 9 pro, so it is an option if youre scared of these large file sizes, you can turn it off if you intend on keeping the entire image. If you do go with the extra resolution here, then youre going to have a little bit more flexibility when it comes to finding the frame that you want. It is kind of surprisingly useful on the ultra wide, because these are images where you might be capturing an event and youre, not necessarily certain which elements of that image youre going to like best so theyre, probably the ones that youre most likely to reframe. At a later date, as opposed to like a zoom lens, where you pretty much frame it up, how you want it from the get go okay, this is the image where we can get. A good idea of some extra resolution were going to zoom in on the cn tower down the street, now that by no means says that the s21 ultra cant produce nice images. This just means that oneplus took a different approach to their ultra wide, which provides you with this flexibility. By giving you a much higher megapixel count all right, so there you have it. That is the ultra wide camera on the oneplus 9 pro. I think its one of the features that sort of got overlooked, or people forgot about that its unusual, its unusual in the space to have 50 megapixel large sensor camera on your ultra wide at 14 millimeters, and so it gives you some flexibility that other smartphones dont.

Also quick reminder that there is a big giveaway that goes along with this video courtesy of oneplus.