Both phones are on the latest firmware at the time of this video. Now this is the front facing camera you can see. Quality of both of them is very good, but I love the resolution on the zenfone 6 to 1080p to match the 1 plus 7 Pro because it does not have 4k recording with its front facing camera. Stabilization is good, there's, quite a bit of crop on both for them slightly more of a crop on the zenfone 6. I think the stabilization might be slightly better on the zenfone 6 here, so I am just going to run a little bit to test it, and you can hear the audio quality without a doubt is much better on this din phone 6 because it has a higher Bitrate and possibly slightly better microphones WAMP. Lastly, to address the audio in video, which hopefully will be fixed with a patch of course. Now I have had some problems with the image stabilization on the oneplus 7 pro not working at times, and that bug is still there. So I had to reboot the phone to get it to actually work this time around. So here we have our stabilization that is working pretty much the same on both of them very good front, facing camera stabilization on the oneplus 7, pro ana course with that rear camera, while the main camera on the zenfone 6. So if I move around a little shake intentionally, both them are doing a good job both for them also as well, not quite as good.

Now the stabilization indoors here in lower light – and yes, we are picking up some echo, of course, on the audio so rear camera is now on by, for them, 4k 30 frames per second. They both also supports 4k 60 frames per second, you can see the footage very steady. Now I am walking along here I'm, not using a gimbal, not even using a selfie stick with this, and you can see just how smooth that is. So if you hold them back very still and get very good footage now I wanted to point out. The focus is, I think, superior on the zenfone 6 it's slightly better, although the oneplus 7 pro after that latest firmware update, which is nine point five point: five is performing much better good transition to between the focus ice up and then in the distance. So if I pan around you can see there are a few little judders and stuff up on both of them here, and I will just run now to show you just how good the stabilization is on both of them so rear camera. Now, here in very low light 4k, it is super difficult conditions for both of these mobile phones not ideal for any mobile phone out there. You can see both of them. The image quality is really bad, while the image is brighter all those in phone sex, it is just absolutely and it usable quality on both of them, so don't go recording in hardly any light Music.

Okay, so I know a lot of you are probably not going to agree with me because your favorite phone didn't win, but please do know that I don't actually care which phone wins all right. I just drag and drop the footage. I take the photos. I don't pick whatever I think would be better for one phone or the other. I don't care at all, but just go easy on me and don't kill me in the comments. If your favorite phone did not win, please be reasonable, be sensible here now. The reason why I picked with some of the photos: okay, these in phone sex, is down to the color it's, just a little bit less saturated and a little bit more details in the shadows, and that is probably some of the reason why some of those photos? I gave the little trophy there as the winner now when it comes to video quality. You cannot deny that. Yes, the zenfone 6 is the winner here, slightly better electronic image, stabilization slightly, better less saturated colors. I feel – and it also seems to just have a little bit more detail in the shadows there. Why? Oh no means is the 1 7 pros video bad it's, good video, but I just had to draw a conclusion here and I think that one's better now when it comes to low light, still performance, the 1 plus 7 Pro it's nightscape mode, is much better than The night shot mode there is those have so that one gets a win there and then, when it comes to the white balance, both of them they're not exactly perfect, so really it's a tie there.

So, thank you so much for watching this camera comparison, and please do let me know in the comments which one you think is the winner and also give a thumbs up this video. These camera comparisons, do take a hell of a lot of work and thank you.