They 7 Pro from them is the most expensive mobile to date, it's their fastest mobile. Today it has an amazing 1440p screen on this, with a 90 Hertz refresh rate. One of the best panels are seen no notches on this either it's got a pop up: camera top in snapdragon 855, with 6 to 12 gigabytes of RAM and a top 256 gigabyte of UF s3 storage, which is super fast, the fastest I've seen yet so there's. This mobile here live up to the hype let's find out now. I just wanted to point out that this video is sponsored by trading Jin Jin. They made this possible without their help. I wouldn't have been able to buy this particular model because one plus UK and Spain, and both did not want to send me a review alone unit which is really disappointing, but oh well, that's, just how it is so in the Box, you get the symmetry tool. Some leaflets we've got a TPU case, which is okay, it's, a clear one and it's better than nothing. Of course we have the warp charger, so this is 30 watts and it can charge the phone really quick. So in about 30 minutes, you're gon na get about 53 percent battery and it will fully charge in one hour and 20 minutes and the trademark red, USB, cable, so it's USB to type C. The phone's approximately nine point two millimeters thick and it weighs a hefty hundred and nine grams, meaning it's slightly heavier than most flagships on the bottom of phone.

You will find else sim trays, so the outer part of the sim tray is metal with a rubber gasket around it. So this has a splash resistance, but no official IP rating. It takes two nano Sims, no micro, SD card support and the maximum storage you have is that 256 gigabytes, so that's, all you got okay, you're gon na have to make do with that two microphones, the type c port which does actually support video out this time. Around so it's used to be 3.1 and it will support power delivery to up to 15 watts. So the back of the phone is glass glad it has curved edges so in hand feels really good and stating the obvious. It is, of course, very slippery and no I'm not about to push a certain skin brand, do whatever you want with a phone just use the case. Of course it won't be as slippery. So the cameras on the rear. We have a 16 megapixel ultra wide 48 megapixel main sensor and then an 8 megapixel three times zoom, so it's not completely three times the optical we've recently discovered it's a little bit of digital and a little bit of optical below the camera, module which sticks out By about a millimeter you'll find a dual tone LED flash, so this phone really is all about the screen and the experience having a 90 Hertz refresh rate and the fact that it does not have a notch.

So we have a traditional earpiece at the top that doubles as a secondary loudspeaker and the camera you saw just popped up then only takes about a second it's, a 16 megapixel sensor with an F 2.0 aperture. On the right hand, side we will find the power button just above it's our alert slider, which is very convenient. You can just where they flick over the switch put the phone into silent mode. That just leaves our volume buttons, which are on the upper left hand, side note just above it, you can see they're two of our antenna lines now taking a look at this display on here. So it is a very good display, it's a stunning display on this it's an AMOLED panel. It has a 90 Hertz, refresh rate, which is really star of the show. The whole screen is it's a 1440p panel, so the resolution is 31 20 by 1440. The gamma checks out to be almost 2.2, as you can see here, it's about 2.3 maximum brightness tops out at almost 700 Lux, which is great, and it does come with a pre applied screen protector and as it expect with that refresh rate, it does come at A bit of a cost of the battery life now me personally, I would rather just have a 1440p display, like the one and say the s10 plus and the 60 Hertz I'll be happy with that, because I think battery life is a little more important, but it Does make the user experience really good, so it's so smooth, and it just comes around too as soon as you touch it, the touch input lag.

There is like nothing there. It is so responsive the screen edge detection as well as way better than I thought it would be. I'Ve had problems with displays that have the curvature on them. So my p30 Pro and when I tested out a Samsung Galaxy S, 10 plus had a lot of issues with the missed touches accidental touches on the curvature of the screen on the edges, but not with the 1 7 Pro here. You can also adjust the display under the settings right here, as shown now size wise. How does it compare to the Huawei p30 Pro no I'm showing this phone because it happens to be the only other flagship phone that I own it's, just marginally taller marginally wider. If you have a look, see put them on top of each other, like that, not much really in them. So a little people saying that the oneplus is absolutely huge, one plus seven pro well it's. Not really. I wanted to do a very quick speed test. Let'S just check now the fingerprint readers here they're. Actually about the same now I haven't set up a different thumb. I always use the same one here so let's just do this. Okay, it takes about a second. You can see maybe a little slower there on the p30 Pro and then that's actually a lot quicker on the oneplus. You can see that fingerprint unlocking for me is really really good. Now, what is not as fast and to be expected, as the face unlocking because of the pop up camera and you'll, see now just how fast it is so just tap it to unlock, looks at me and how's that really quite quick, a whore most as quick As their non pop up cameras, it really is fast I'll.

Do that one more time: okay, let's time this I'm touching it now one okay, two seconds barrel, just under maybe two seconds, but for me that's, actually acceptable, that's. Fine! I thought it was going to be a lot worse than this, so let's talk about the ROM performance. Something I've always liked were oneplus is their oxygen, OS it's, really well, optimized it's super smooth and very quick, minimal, bloat there's a little bit on there. You get from one plus a couple of their applications here you can see and you do get Netflix pre installed, but other than that. It'S really good. Now, of course running at the 90 Hertz refresh rate 90 frames per second it's, really the UI that's. Only supporting that, because other applications are going to be like 60 Hertz. Of course it is really really smooth and fluid. I mean take a look at chrome here: everything just loads and really quick. The scrolling is super smooth. The same goes for Twitter there and when you go through your different apps here, multitasking really good same with split screen to swapping between everything, really really good. Absolutely no problems whatsoever, no stutters you're, seeing all your notifications at the top they're not disappearing, or do you think stupid like that now I wanted to go through some of my benchmarks here. So here we have antutu as expected for snapdragon 855 blazing fast, really quick. This is a top score and has Android stop GPU as well so that's to be expected.

Now, Wireless is really really good. On this I mean the best that I have seen look at the speeds. We can get that's close to the router, of course, but even on the other side of the studio here, it can maintain over 230 megabits per second I've, not seen this before really really good there, but it didn't counter this. There is a small bug that I encountered that sometimes it does not want to actually connect up to the wireless, and I don't know why this is. I have them set up here. I'Ve got Wireless set up on both the 2g and the five G and for some reason, wouldn't connect until I turned Wireless off and back on again so that's, just a minor thing. The oneplus need to patch there, so LTE 4G Plus speeds. I connected up to no problems good signal strength, no issues to encounter there also voice calls to mention that made a voice call on. It sounds fine, perfect to me no issues so that's, good and that's. Just a wireless speeds, through my router, getting the absolute top speed that my fiber line has here, which is 300 megabits. It is a dual frequency GPS that it's got on here. Ok, so when you look under the CF carry frequency, you can confirm we're getting onto the European US, Russia and Chinese satellites or working Widevine level, one support, Netflix, Amazon, Prime, all in full HD and UF s3 storage.

This is the first time I have benchmarked: USS, UF, s3 storage and wow it's fast. Look at those sequential reads: okay, so that is really good. 1400, megabytes per second random reads: a good, sequential, writes, aren't, quite as fast as I was expecting, but still, of course, very, very good. Absolutely no bottlenecks whatsoever with our storage, so performance on this phone is yes believe the hype androids fastest so I'm. First boot, with the 256 gigabyte version, you're gon na have approximately 230 gigabytes free and, like all of my videos in my reviews, I do I make sure I'm on the latest firmware, and this is of course, at the time of this, video quickly wanted to touch On the haptic feedback motor that, yes, it does feel better, it gives a very nice crisp response typing on the keyboard. As a result, I feel it's just a little bit better and it does come with Google's G board by default. That brings me on to our audio quality, so we don't have a 3.5 millimeter to type C adapter. You need to supply one of those yourself. I thought that would have been included in the box, but no there's saving money on that. So we have a secondary speaker right up here and it does sound decent. The sound output it's great to have dual loudspeakers again because I'm, sorely missing that on my P 30 Pro there is one minor complaint, though, is there is a bit of vibration.

On 100 volume that is coming out of that top speaker door depends on the track you're. Listening to now the output from the type C port, if you're using some 3.5 millimeter headphone jour bluetooth. Anything like that to me it sounds perfectly fine, no complains it's, not the best absolute best quality I've heard out of a 3.5 millimeter adapter from type C, but it's, so good, so here's that sample now from the speakers, Music, Music. So before I get onto the camera samples, I want to just to point out a few things here. So we've got 4k 4k 60, which does look quite sharp and, of course, very fluid and smooth. But boy does it burn through that battery when you start recording with that one now, I can't give you a sample of that in this video because there's no point, this is encoded at only our 30 frames per second, this particular video of mine. Now you swap between here the three times zoom now it's, not a full three times: optical it's, partly digital, but no wide angle, okay, which would be nice if we could then transition between the wide, the zoom and then our normal tele would be great. We have a pro camera mode on there too. Now let's let's us tweak the shutter rate, the exposure, the focus and ISO white balance. But what is missing is video. I would love to have an extra button here and we could have manual Pro video settings.

So if you want the 48 megapixel shot that's right here, if you want to shoot in RAW, that is also that other setting right there, which is great to have these options here, of course, here's a sample of front facing video, so the withers against me. The next couple of days, bad weather, here and it's, starting to rain a little bit so a good chance to test out a little bit of that splash resistance that it apparently has so the video does have electronic image. Stabilization is quite a bit of a crop. So you really have to stretch your arm right out and, of course, it's fixed focus, so no auto focus on this one quality itself, I think, is ok. The audio could be improved upon because the bit rates a little bit low as you can see. So this is a 4k 30 frames per second sample. You get 10 minutes maximum recording with this 60 frames per second for care. You get 5 minutes. You can swap over to the 3 times lens. As you can see, the quality downgrades massively no way near as good and, unlike other manufacturers, we cannot swap over to the ultra wide camera, which is unfortunate now, hopefully with firmware updates. They can add that so the electronic image stabilization is working well here, but I have noticed that every say one times out of 10. Sometimes the electronic image stabilization isn't, actually working so it's a little bit of a bug there and back over to that three times and I'll just walk down these dears to demonstrate how smooth this is still.

I feel the video quality is a little bit soft compared to other pleasure Music Music Music, taking a look at a gaming performance now, so this title is elder. Scrolls blades and one of them undermining games running very smooth as you'd expect for androids top GPU. So pub G's running well, as you can see, super smooth, no problems when you use the scope now notice how you can't even see the a of a live here because of the curvature of the screen. At least the scaling is good, there's, no border or bar on the left or right, which happens with a lot of games and it's a shadow gun legends. So those loud speakers really do add to the immersion playing a game like this and even on the high setting, so it's ultra high 60 frames per second, you can see it's really smooth, and it does look really good running right here now can give you an Estimate on battery life, I will have an updated video, which will be like four days or a week later, with the phone but it's. Looking to me with heavy use, which I've currently been doing. Taking a lot of photos. A little bit of gaming brightness is set to about 40 manually I'm, looking at about 15 lost per hours, so a 7 hour screen on time, mostly on wireless, so for demanding users out there, you're probably going to struggle to make it through a full day.

With this phone, so it's not the most efficient because of the 90 Hertz. Now, if you change it to the 60 Hertz, each setting, it'll save certainly a bit of battery life, increase your screen on time, but with light use, I can see possibly two days with this, but again I'll. Have that updated video? What I like about this phone is the screen. The build quality is really good: it's, not really too heavy it's a little bit bulkier than most phones by about 15 to 20 grams or so, but size wise, it's. Actually, okay, I'm used to larger phones. For me personally, it's not going to be a problem there, the speed of it really fast. Okay, you'd expect that for the snapdragon 855 anywhere face 3 storage, but it's one plusses optimization. On top of this, the fact that their launch is not bloated, their skins, not bloated, I should say, they're, not cramming, all this junk in there that we don't need, which is great. You get a couple of apps on there, but that is really it. So it is the fastest Android phone to date that I've used. It is really that quick, now, the pop up camera and the all screen experience is great. This camera isn't as slow as I thought it would be with the face unlocking so when you set it up, it takes about two seconds to pop up and unlock and then pop back down so that's not actually too bad.

If you must have face unlocking the fingerprint reader is working really well now it is about 9 out of 10 times for me, it's, quite quick. You noticing the improvements they're, making with the scanners on the fingerprint readers it's coming through to the end users, and that is good to see it's still, not quite as fast as the fingerprint scanners on the rear of the phones. However, now speaking of the rear, with the cameras now they're still not as good as other flagships, okay, so if oneplus wants to compete with the likes of say, Apple or lists in the Android ecosystem, they want to compete with Huawei, which might be having problems at The moment anyway, so no one's going to be competing with them, but with Samsung they need to improve their camera quality. Still they need to improve their video quality audio quality. The bitrate is quite low. That needs to be improved. Now I have noticed also as there's a bit of a bug with the wireless now the wireless speed, as I commented on in this video, is really fast the fastest. I have seen it's so good for a mobile good range as well. There is a problem, however, though, if you leave your house, you leave your apartment and you're off the wireless you come back in you've got wireless enabled. I notice that there's a bit of a glitch a bit of a bug that sometimes it's it's there that it's not detecting once you swap over from say data to wireless.

It won't just jump straight away from time to time onto your networks, there's a little bit of a bug. There that's happening at least with my unit but it's, not always there it's, just a minor little annoyance and I'm sure one plus are probably aware of it or hopefully they're going to fix that now. Gps is working well. Core quality is working really good as well. Very fast to charge this phone okay, but that, for me, is still not an excuse to drop wireless charging. You want to complete with the big boys all the big boy – phones, they've, all got wireless charging and it's just so convenient to get your phone and just simply place it down on a wireless charger and even though it's a lot slower than discharging it's the convenience About having to plug it in so really with a glass back on it, they've got NFC, they need to add wireless charging, but maybe that might be in the 1 7 T Pro if that finally comes out or if it does come out battery life that's. Another area of weakness – ok I've, noticed that with my consumption here that my own personal use, I can give a very. I think a good estimate that it's gon na be about one and a half days for me now with my p30 Pro, which is my current phone that I'm using I can get two and a half days, two days at least it's, really good the battery life About one so it's not going to be the same here even than a Snapdragon 855 is efficient, it's the ninety Hertz that's killing it.

So if you drop down the screen refresh rate to sixty, then it's going to be an improvement. Now, if you're a one plus sixty owner, should you buy this phone? I believe you might get a bit of buyer's remorse from it, because the one plus 60 is still very very fast and the difference in the refresh rate, the screen isn't really going to be that much of a difference I feel, to warrant paying their extra price To get this now, this is an expensive phone. One plus is most expensive as well and it's bit disappointing to see they're dropping out of that. You know they were the flagship killer. I got to hate that phrase, but it's now only really show me that we have and real me maybe and read me okay, so those brands that oneplus no longer wants to be that flagship killer. They want to tackle and take on the big guys and roll they've almost done it. They just need to improve the cameras, tweak the battery life and give us wireless charging, and then they've done it really. Thank you so much for watching this video, so we'll have a follow up with my exact battery specs there, and also, let you know of anything else after using it for about a week or so, and please do like and subscribe for more videos on this.