We had a 12 megapixel sensor on the Mi 8 and a 16 megapixel main rear camera sensor. On the Oneplus 6 here., so I'm gon na be testing out the sound I'll be swapping over the sound sources. You can see the little speaker icon there or check out samples from the front cameras the rear cameras photos in both low lights and during the daylight. Here, video samples too now recording here in 4k, 30 frames per second. The Oneplus 6 can do 60 frames per second, but this whole video will be encoded in 30 frames per second, so that's. The only reason why I'm going for that and the fact of course, that we can't do 60 frames per second on the me 8, so focus I found tends to be a little bit bitter on the Mi 8. The dual pixel autofocus tends to win out. Most of the time there when it comes to focusing on things – and it just seems to be a little quicker – not that the Oneplus 6 is bad, but it did have some problems with a focus on previous firmwares, but that has been corrected. So we have electronic image stabilization that is working now with the circuit with the Oneplus 6 and just optical, which Xiaomi Mi 8, so in terms of stability, there's, quite a big difference. The audio winner well that's, very clear to me here is the Oneplus 6. Much better audio, the Xiaomi's audio is very scratchy it's a little flat, it's it's, not very good at all.

They need to fix us. It'S been a problem with show me for some time. They need to address the audio quality and videos on there, the flagships and when you have a look at the detail now so i've sumed in to a 200 crop very disappointing results and you don't even have to crop and even looking at this video in 4k. On a 4k TV, if you look at it at 1080p or 1440p, monitor or TV, you will not see it, but the one plus is very disappointing here. It'S lacking detail, it's very soft, the image lacking sharpness, and that is why I'm actually going to give the visuals the when at least here to the Xiaomi Mi 8, because it's 4k quality is so much sharper. Lots more detail. The Oneplus 6 almost looks like 1440p video upscale that i have seen before on cheap 4k chinese cameras and even cheap chinese mobile phones that fake 4k footage because all they're doing is just upscaling low light sample now, but the front facing cameras and again i am Gon na have to give it to the 1 plus 6 here, because it's got the stability. It also just seems to be a little bit brighter here. My face overall now, of course, i've got the light pointing on me so i'm, just gon na step out and into the shadow more here and we'll see how it handles that let's transition. Now you can see both of them quite a bit of grain and noise.

Now, taking a look at low light on both the rear cameras, it's still 4k 30 frames per second here, and you can see neither of them as wonderful there's, quite a bit of noise. But i do think that the Mi 8 is actually feeling a little bit better here, just because the video is a little bit sharper there's less noise, but it also seems brighter too, which is good, we're, getting more details in the shadows here. Instead of just been completely black in some places on the Oneplus 6, so that's the camera comparison there. What do you guys think? Let me know who do you think won this battle here, it's obvious to me front facing camera the one pluses 16 megapixel camera beats. The hell out of this shell me me eights, is so much better. We have electronic image. Stabilization it's got way better exposure. It just has an overall much better image, better audio on video from the Oneplus 6. Now, where things do surprise, is video quality with 4k. So we get obviously up to 60 frames per second on the 1 plus something that the me 8 at the moment can't seem to do, even though the hardware should be able to do it and Snapdragon 845. So what a surprising is that, when you zoom in you don't even have to zoom in use a 4k TV or a monitor, and you will see that the 1 plus 4k 30 frames per second video is very soft.

Its lacking massive amounts of sharpness it's lacking detail, so I have to give the win there in video quality on the rear camera to this Xiaomi Mi 8. It is better it's a sharper, the stability isn't as good. No because it's, not the electronic stabilization it's. Only optical, but I do believe that it's better their low light performance well very close, it's really hard to say you do see more details in the shadows on the Mi 8, and sometimes you also see that on the 1 plus 6 – and you do see a Little bit of over sharpening a little bit of compression artifacts on the 1 plus a little bit more than the me 8, so very close, they're daylight photos again. I'M gon na have to say that the 1 plus 6 is slightly better.