So the changes which disappoint me because well, they didn't add any IP rating to it. They have not added wireless charging and really the cameras are kind of the same. So we've got a 16 megapixels sensor as the main sensor, then a secondary one, which is no longer optical anymore. By the way, none of those sensors has optical image stabilization. They did have optical zoom on the 5, but that's gone now for a low light sensor, so that one's dedicated to apparently helping out low light I'll find out soon when I test it out and also when you do the portrait mode 2. On that now the screen is the major change here: they've gone with the trend now that's, quite popular as the 18 by 9 aspect ratio, so I'm, not a big huge fan of that I prefer 16 by 9 and they would just slim the bezels down more To me would actually be a lot better, but it does kind of look more modern with that screen, it's going to give you slightly slimmer, bezels, left and right, and the fingerprint reader, of course can't fit on the front anymore. So they have moved it to the back of the phone they're. Now having a look at what we get in the box, the phone comes with a pre applied screen protector, there's, one on the rear just to protect it for transit. So you just remove that anyway, it does come with this case now it's, not these super high quality cases that you can buy apart from this one, but at least it's good that we do get one in the box got the dash charger and the charger cable.

Now they have to be used in order to get that super fast charging of approximately one hour. I think it is one hour and five minutes or so will fully charge this phone. I mean it's super super quick, really fast, but if you happen to leave this charger at home, then you can't charge it at that full rate. Even using a Qualcomm quick charge, it will take then about two hours. So a lot slower. We get a sim tool, of course, we're gon na need that for the drill nano SIM tray that it has in there and then a QuickStart guide, so no changes here with the front facing camera. It is still 16 megapixels with an F 2.0 aperture. You can shoot up to 1080p video with electronic image stabilization fingerprint reader, as I mentioned, that the start has now moved to the back. Of course they had to do that, will deed longer screen and then the same kind of camera setup but it's slightly different, because we've got 16, megapixel, main camera and then a 20 megapixel secondary camera that only handles low light and then the portrait effect now. Both of these lenses, they are f 1.7 aperture. Some tray on the right will take two nano Sims, so no changes here either. So you can see our camera still protrudes quite a bit there and on the left side, we've got the alert slider. Now I wish more phones had. This is very handy to go from a general into a silent mode without having to actually turn on the screen and go through your toggles, so it's nice and quick and easy there.

The volume button just below that that's made out of metal, it does not rattle or anything like that and it's. A good quality both of the buttons on this mobile are excellent, and you can see. We do now have kind of rounded edges there on the front glass, which makes it feel nice in hand overall, with that, with the curved edges and the rear it's very comfortable in hand. This mobile on the bottom you'll find a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, so that's a great choice there. They did not remove that which thumbs up to one plus for keeping this and then, of course, we have this single one loudspeaker again. This is another area of sleight and disappointment, that's kind of hoping that would have put dual loudspeakers on this mobile, but later on in the video it will test out the speaker and give you a sample of it and finding along the top. We have nothing. So no IR transmitter here so I'm not going to go through the whole lengthy process of setting this up, it's pretty obvious and straightforward. But what I am going to quickly show you is this right here, which is the face unlock, so Android 7 does have face, unlocking but apparently oneplus have tweaked. This made it a little bit faster and more secure. So it is part of the setup just to run through this, and, of course I need to get my face within the little blue line there.

You can see the outline there but I'm currently shooting with my camera. Ok, so that process literally took about five or six seconds really fast, now to quickly test and see how fast it is now and unlocking with that face unlock. So that is super quick. I just looked at it in my head, and that is almost instantaneous. I don't know how secure this is because it's just quickly testing and then when I was aiming the camera down like I do it now. I aim it down so it's, not looking at my face now and it unlocked, but I think the camera only really caught a glimpse of my nose and my chin, so it still managed to unlock from that so I'm, not too sure how secure it really is. Now, if you're not happy with that security, you can of course use that rare fingerprint reader, which unlocks almost instantaneously. It is super quick, fingerprint unlocking on this particular mobile, so I'm, using that because I'm, not really too sure if the face unlock is that secure? So first impressions of the screen, it does look really nice. Now you can see that the bezels either side. We do have a substantial bezel there it's not like it, is bezel less and, of course, being an optical AMOLED panel. We are going to see some shifting colors depending on what angle, but I don't know about you. I look at my screen face on.

I don't look at it at funny angles, so that's not really going to be an issue for me. What might be an issue is screen burnin, which hopefully is not going to happen now you can see on camera we're getting these funny like lines, they're banding effect, that's just on camera. The screen to me looks really really decent, very good screen and if you're not happy with that screen calibration, then your course you can tweak it. If you find it too vibrant, then you can just tone it down or even see it. Your own custom, color preference on the 64 gigabyte model that I have here we've got approximately 50 1.65 bigger bytes free storage. So you really have to buy the model that suits your needs. If you need more storage, then you've got to get. Of course, 128 gigabyte model, because this does not have micro SD card support. Now there are a few tweaks in here so gestures. We do have double tap to wake. You can also assign gestures to launch various different applications, so you can draw an o' to launch the browser or something like that. You can assign v4 the camera. You get the idea. So, whatever listen now to the loudspeaker on the so I'm sad to see they didn't include jeweled old speakers, so they could have had a front facing one like we see with other models, so it's an earpiece and it's also a loud speaker.

But the speaker does sound pretty decent to me. There'S some bass in it, so let's have a listen to it. Now give you a sample now just for reference. Here'S, the antutu school has so very solid, as you'd expect for six gigabytes of RAM and then the Snapdragon 835. Now quick, look at the camera mode, so here you can see we have times 1 and then 2 times zoom, but that's. Only digital zoom, so don't be fooled: it's, not optical, like the 1 plus 5. Now, if we swipe up that will take us into the video mode, so we get 4k video capture maximum. There is 1080p 60 frames per second and then swiping down will then take us into the depth effect, which is your bokeh. Your blurred background your portrait mode, so I've taken a few photos now and some video let's check out these samples from the 1 plus 5t here's a sample now shot in 4k. So we get 10 minutes as our limit on 4k recording so similar to other mobile phones. The image does crop in quite a bit. That is because it's using electronic image stabilization now as you'll see, have a look at this I'm going to walk towards the Town Hall. Here, look at how steady that says! This is really good. Do you like what I'm seeing here with the video quality on the 1 5 t really great? Now you will sometimes see some jarring some jerkiness in the video and that all depends, of course, on your hand, how quickly you pan around some movements – maybe the gyro – that it has in there doesn't like the focus – tends to work pretty good it's, continual autofocus, with Phase detection autofocus and the audio quality as well.

I do like so I raw flagship performance 4k, video from the 1 plus 5t here sample now from the front facing camera, so you can shoot up to 1080p and it does have electronic image stabilization. Just like the rear camera sort of smooth things out now it has cropped them quite close. I wish they had opted for a second camera here as well, so we could get on a wide angle or something like that, but overall quality seems quite good. Now, I'm. Really struggling here not to drop this mobile phone because my hands are cold and the back of it is so slippery. It is very, very slippy this phone, and really I do recommend using a case on this shoulda brought it out with me because I'm almost about to drop this thing, which I don't want to do. I need to review this first, two as well: okay, so first impressions, overawed it's, a solid phone it's well made it's premium, really good build to it. It has a decent screen on there, it's really nice, but I just feel it's lacking. I mean there's no reason whatsoever to go for the 1 5 t if you own the 1 5, if you're coming from the 1 3 or the 1 3 T, then maybe you've got a few reasons when it comes to, for example, the 18 by 9 aspect Ratio screen – if you must have that, then that is perhaps one reason, but I just feel disappointed that they did not add an IP rating.

They didn't give us dual loudspeakers, not the fact that the mono speaker on there is actually quite decent it's, not bad at all. Camera performance looks good I'm impressed with the stabilization on that 4k video, so that electronic image stabilization is really almost as good or just like the pixel. It looks really really good it's, almost at times like you're, using a gimbal or it's on a stabilizer resorts or a tripod, but it isn't. So the operating system is probably one of the biggest pros of this it's. Really nice and clean it's super fast. I really do like the performance of it. It charges super fast, there's, not a lot to dislike about this phone it's. Just that that why didn't they give us more, I feel they could have done something else with the camera they could have made. What a a wide lens on there as the secondary camera they could have perhaps but even a front facing wide angle. Camera on there would have been great. They could have done so much more to entice 1 5 buyers to upgrade, but also every 5 or 6 months. Having a new phone is quite short, I prefer just to have a lifespan of one year, like other manufacturers once a year get the new models. You go from the Samsung Galaxy s8 and into of course, next year, we're gon na have the s9, but not every 6 months. That just seems like a bit of a cash grab there them having that turn around so quick of new models.

Of course, the 1 5 t is now the new model and the 5 is obsolete. They don't even make it anymore. You can't get it anymore, which is quite interesting that they've done there too. So there we go first impressions. I will be back with my final.