Uh Heidi has a problem with leaving her phone in the car. Every time she uses the phone to hook up and navigate, you know using like Waze or Google Maps or her music or whatever the Android auto thats available. You can see. This is uh 20 23 Kia celtos that we have – and this is their system here now. I also have the sync 3 on our 2020 F 350 and they told us that it should work with that, but we wanted to try it in here and they said it should actually work in here too. So we do have Android. We have Samsung phones and our phones work fine when we plug them in, except whenever were traveling. You know Im in my truck. I have my phone and I have an another phone, a separate phone that we use for navigation and music and everything else and thats connected to our Android auto. However, again Heidis using her phone in here when we travel or like whenever were going to restaurants and stuff once were set up somewhere, she leaves her phone. She forgets her phone up in this little shelf area that they have all the time. So its not a good situation, all right so user manual and then the Box itself, which is a little bit smaller than I thought I thought it was going to be taller. I I just pictured it being like a Roku, so it says something about notice on it: Im not sure what that is.

It looks like its in Japanese. This is the wrong way. Will damage the products card slot. Oh theyre, talking about a SIM card. If you put a SIM card in there, it says uh nano SIM card or a Micro SD cool. How is the interface when you plug it in what? How does it plug in talking? Oh there it is okay and it comes with two cables here C to C, which we have not so itll have to be. You dont have to be to see you dont have to do that. One, oh! Well, are you sure we want to use this? One sure, okay, its the same Im assuming thats the power so thats, a USB that we have down here to USBC, and I think they call that a four I cant remember what they call that old one so well go ahead and plug this uh. I did watch a video on this and it said that this thing that says phone projection that has something to do with it again. Well, let Heidi do this so far, its kind of like saying yeah there we go its doing something that is interesting, so Im helping Heidi um okay, so I went back to the home screen yeah instead of her reading the instructions which it tells her to take Me forever because its so small, its really small print. So if theres a disadvantage to anybody thats having problem reading its definitely its too small yeah its, not that I cant read its just its too small, so basically shes going to want to connect to the internet and so Im sure that theres that menu here yeah Im sure thats got something to do with it: uh settings, network and internet sure.

Now we have a hot spot right now, so that would be um go ahead and Hot Spot. No, no were not going to tether yeah go ahead, its already on uh yeah. That looks like it and then well pick mine. So what were doing here is were actually connecting to the hotspot that I have available on my phone and thats. What Heidis going to end up doing on hers is connecting to her hotspot but were going to first uh. Try it this way. So it says its connected. You can go back to the home screen Im assuming and now you can try ways and if it says to use the location you can do that to uh sign in, and we probably dont know our username and our password, but really thats pretty much it. I mean thats all we have to do so. This is it. This is the whole installation Im gon na tell you guys I planned on this being much more drawn out than it is um its updating the map, its probably doing a lot of updates so well. Well, come back once its going through all of its updates. It might even have a firmware update, possibly but man. This is great its just this little phone Ill be honest with you. If its that easy Im thinking about oops as I drop it, hopefully its. Oh, its okay, so it can handle a drop um Im, actually thinking about uh paying ten dollars a month to have another line added.

So we can have this thing to where we dont have to Hot Spot. Itll always be connected okay, so we got to play around with this quite a bit and Ill be honest with you, its very easy to navigate. If you only know a couple of things, so were going to show you how fast it boots up again my hot spots still on on my phone, so it knows to look for that hot spot. Im thinking a SIM card might make its way in there. Also, the other cool thing this has, if you dont know well, show you up close theres a place for an SD card for storage, so you can put quite a bit more stuff on there and again, the SIM card for your phone goes to the left. Underneath this tab that my thumbs up against so the connection, the USBC connection, even though it comes with a cable, we already have one in here. So how do you plug in and now well go through the screen which we got out of the Sun? For you, a little bit better and wheres the lights at uh, yeah, theres, some lights on the opposite side; oh okay, that flash, which we just threw them up inside the uh theres a little shelf that we can set that on. In this car. We got rid of the prompt that said: uh dont drive and play with the phone and all that other stuff.

So so this is what it looks like uh. When we first boot up, you can see that its connecting uh. It says there that we have the Wi Fi. Now the Bluetooth option is something Heidis going to turn on on her phone and shell turn on her hotspot. But I want to have it on my phone just in case, because we needed passwords and stuff and Heidi has all those on her phone. I didnt want it to to be a problem, so we logged into Google, which, if you look theres the Google – and this is just like a tablet – this is a tablet for the car uh, all the information that comes up not as fast as maybe a normal Thing that could be because Im using the hotspot on my phone, it might be a little bit slow, it could be the device itself, but I I dont know that for sure. But if you want to go back, you know Im looking for a back button or something heres like the home kind of itll, bring you to the home. But if you click on the screen here see that dot that pops up – I dont know if you can tell theres a DOT right in the middle, and that tells you all the stuff that you can do um. I dont know what this one does. This one clears your memory, which is really cool this one right here. If you push that, it clears look at that cleared 23 processes, that is awesome, um its basically making sure that everythings all right, which Im very happy about well go ahead and do this touch that three dots and um theres the home screen or you can do The back button uh this one here, I think, shows everything thats open and were going to close that close, that close, that close, that and close that and were back to the home screen its just really nice that you, you have this dot! That just shows up.

If you tap the screen anywhere, the microphone lets see here. If this works uh lets see, if it does it, I get it allow it to do audio. Oh thats, a Google search I dont ever use that were not doing the assistant nope, so anyways Waze. Well, try to see how this works. We did sign into our account again with the Google we also signed in with our account lets see here. I dont think that our our microphone will work. Um well see what it does find. Publix see. The problem is, we have a navigation system on this car 20 results found yeah thats the built in navigation for this car um ignore this apple carplay. This is still Android, auto um thats, one thing that it cant straighten. I mean even of the dash over there. It says Apple carplay, when we do that um. What I was concerned with, or what I was trying to do is find a way to navigate yeah there. We go up heres a microphone. I didnt see it yep find Publix. So its a little bit different lets. Go ahead and do this lets see what happens here. This is all new for us. We want to show you whats, like all said, lets go in 900 feet turn left on Heights Avenue so that works wow, okay, pretty decent there. My suggestion, before you hook, this up is to have your um email and your password. Yes for Google.

That way, you wont, be frustrated. Yeah yeah. I agree thats a good point, so lets go ahead and find all these processes that we just opened up and well get rid of them all, or I could just clear all wow. I should have done that. Theres YouTube guess what we signed into YouTube and theres us. I dont know if we can show our videos or not uh YouTube Studio, but this is just like uh, oh wow. We can install that too. That is cool. This is really cool. I Im Im really fascinated with the fact that this is a tablet now, and I was sitting, as you guys know, with Heidi having that surgery in the uh emergency room, or I should say the hospital parking lot and I couldnt watch any videos. I I just couldnt watch anything. This is a gentleman that we subscribe to. I havent seen much of his videos recently because we just have it well hello, guys its Jimmy P, Woodsman wow its kind of cool this down here in my shack kind of uh different hearing that huh like surround sound turn on accessibility controls, yeah yeah its like She said its like surround sound in here. Lets, go ahead and do this again clear off. That is fascinating, so you can add whatever you want on here and it comes with quite a bit of bloatware. I guess you could say home, I guess thats there. Okay, got it so thats, one of these things thats what this is to go to home, thats, to clear off any processes that are running um lets see here.

This is our contacts. It looks like from what I can gather thats contacts yeah. No one is in your speed dial yet which thats fine. We dont really need that, and those are file thats the like, if youre trying to get rid of your files, you know how many apps you have open or how many applications your back button. Your back button, then your home screen, I dont, know thats pretty much it now. You have Google Maps in here, which we dont really use that theres some other things too, but I dont know um the app the link is going to be down below. For this thing, uh, if you want to try it out, I think that this is pretty cool. The best thing is is Heidi, cannot have to worry about losing her phone because she leaves it out normally like interlap there. You can see or its just laying over here, but this can be just put out of the way and you dont have to mess with it. I think thats, pretty cool awesome. What do you think about it would? Would you suggest the purchase? I definitely would because um I like he says I I usually have it in my purse or right here, not that Im texting or anything whenever Im driving down the road just to have it. But now you can answer all your phone calls. You can do minimal stuff without a SIM card yeah, but the most important thing is is ways I think you can still do hands free calling if we were to have your phone connected with Bluetooth right uh, which we dont again.

This is connected through my Hotspot. So I dont know I I think this is worth it I mean. If not, you have to have another phone right that you can leave in your car like um, when we were when I was following you the other day I did have the camera, but I wanted to take a couple pictures. Well, my phones down here hooked to this little short cork, so I cant I couldnt, take any pictures I mean I could unplug it, but by the time we were already gone, we were stopped at a stoplight. I wanted to snap a couple pictures right and I couldnt do that so. Okay yeah! Definitely, I believe its definitely be worth it worth it: okay, Heidi seal of approval, so its down below guys.