We will start with quite an unusual tdp. As you can see here, we are doing 10 watt tdp on pl1 and pl2, and that for very simple reason you can see here. Our total charge rate is minus 15 watt, which means that at this tdp we are getting four hours of battery life with gta v. Who would have thought that would be doable playing gta 5 on the go at such a low tp with such a good resolution? Yes, even though we are doing 10wp, doesn’t mean that we have to bring our resolution down to anything lower than 800p so going into the settings. You can see here what we are using right now, because we are doing such a low tlp. We have to bring some settings down, so you can see here we are doing 1280×800. Everything has been set to disable them all set to normal, which means that we are the lowest possible going into the advanced graphic tab. You can see here that we are doing. Fifth uh six of our resolution, which means that we are more or less doing 720p uh jumping back into the game. We’Re gon na try to be tweaking a little bit. The uh intel power balance to see if we can get better performances at this tillibi. So now, thanks to sci free this uh, his late latest bat file, is working on the player. So a big thanks to him. So the only thing we’re gon na have to be doing is try to find a steady area here where we are staying in the 50 frames or so so.

Right now we are staying more or less in the 50 frames and we’re just going to jump into is a bat file that we have here so with bad file. We’Re, going to call the virtual keyboard that i’m going to change to something a little bit lower. Let’S say here, so we can actually see what’s going on and uh. We can actually set the intel power balance as well as the tlp in his spot file, so you’re going to want to press some and you’re going to want to press c. I believe. Let me check yeah c for intel power, balance um and here we’re, going to try one on the cpu one on the cpu and nine on the gpu hit apply and then we’re going to reapply our tdp, which was seven watts. Now a cool feature that scifirey added to his bat file is the noise, so you’re actually aware that the values have been applied. Okay, so are we getting anything better? It does look like that. We are now averaging more 53 frames after tweaking the power balance Music. Okay, so let’s try to move a little bit around to see how it plays let’s find a call hey come on move Applause on that hang out: Applause, Music! Oh sorry, man didn’t mean to Applause, Music Applause that’s, really when you’re going to get the most out of those uh analog shoulder buttons with racing games such as gta 5, where it’s not only racing, but you can really enjoy those trigger buttons and they feel very Good, they don’t feel too mushy or too hard.

They really feel nice. I have to say so right now, if you want to feel how it feels just close your eyes, take your xbox controller and use it and that’s pretty much what you’re getting right now with the x player. So i have to say they did a huge job. Improving those controls over the 1gx pro and yeah that’s for the best, of course, so we’re going to be playing around a little bit with our tdp we’re, just going to improve it to 15 watts, um, so anything at 10wp and 15wp. We won’t be changing those settings, even though we could at um 15 watt tp, but we’ll be doing so from 20.. So uh we want 1500 gp, which is letter b will be Music. You can see here applying pl1 pl2. You can just press the button again. It will call back the virtual keyboard, it should at least um. Okay, wait. Okay, maybe not we’re, not doing 15 watt tdp still at 700 p – and you can see here, our frame rate has improved by almost i have to say 50. That is huge, and here our charge rate is still about uh 21 watts. So that means right now that we’re getting three hours battery life. We could cut those fps to 60 to even get a little bit more battery life Applause, Music Applause, Music Applause, so we’re now going to be moving at 21 tdp and we’re not going to change the resolution.

Quite yet we’re just going to try to go uh everything ultra so there’s, just a shade that we will not put to ultra i’m going to show you in a short moment anyway. So let’s do j for 20 watt and we should be able to just hit back the game and we will hear the noise anyway. No, we won’t because i’m on mute, my batter so we’re now doing 20 watt tdp. Yes, so that’s done and we’re just going to go to the settings, tab so we’re still doing 800p as you can see, but we have increased pretty much everything to the maximum to get the best quality possible. The only options we have left disabled are shutter and shadow as those options are quite demanding. I have to say a little bit too demanding for our egpu into the advanced setting tab. You can also see that we’re not doing 700 p anymore, but a full 800p and result at dcp 20 watts. You can see we are hitting it. 70 frames, 60 to 70 frames. It is huge, it looks very crisp and i mean yeah. So definitely tiger lake is bringing it to your next level, so we’re, just gon na try to go again and try to run a little bit around with this 20 watt tb and for those who wonder we’re still getting two hours battery life Applause. Music. I think: Music, Applause, Music Applause, oh Applause; oh Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music Applause.

So now, for those who are a little bit more enthusiastic and i don’t really care about battery life, which is going to give the machine 28 volt gdp, which is the triple mode that we have on the machine. So you will be able to hit that tdp with the bat file of sci free or the treble button right here now i have this uh tdp file open so i’m just going to go through the settings so in them to get 28 watt tdp, and we Should just be able to burn that resolution up to 1200p, so let’s just go back into the settings. Graphics and let’s hit this full hd resolution. Okay, so now moment of truth, we are still doing ultra. We are doing 1200p, as you can see here. Let me walk you through the settings again just to show you that i’ve not changed anything, a advanced graphic, no graphics, so everything is set just the same as before. Haven’T changed anything. We are doing 200p at 28 watt tdp and look at that. Is it not impressive, we could even stick it to a 60 fps steady if we were to lower a little bit. The dynamic resolution say a 1080p instead of 1200p, but i have to say man that looks so so good Applause and battery wise. Well, even if you still want to play on the go you’re still getting about 90 minutes battery life, so that’s still acceptable.

I have to Applause radial say in the life of a man that will be anyway, the end of today’s little gameplay, so we’ve tried different tvs and, from now on, i’m gon na be trying to uh always try at least 10 watts, 15 watt, 20 watt and 28, what tdp many people are not going to be wanting the same gdp for different reasons could be power could be battery. Life could be graphic settings so i’m just going to go. Try to go as much as i can through different settings.