This is danny and today i’ve partnered, with lenovo to share with you my experience with the world’s first foldable laptop i’ve been using this for about a week now and that same excitement. When i open my first folding phone is the same excitement that i have about this. Having a large oled display like this but being able to fold it down into the super, portable form factor is going to be a game changer for laptops moving forward. So let me share with you my top reasons why i think that you need to know about the thinkpad x1 fold before we get started. Make sure you hit that like button, so more people can find and enjoy this video, and i would love it if you would subscribe to the channel for a lot more cool tech videos and make sure you hit that notification bell. So you don’t miss any future. Uploads for those of you that, like unboxings here we go, it comes with a clean, minimal box with the thinkpad x1 logo on it. There are different configurations available, so i’ll leave a link down below for you, so you can check current pricing because you never know when sales happen and in fact there could be a sale going on right now. So make sure you check lifting up the box. You’Re, greeted with the laptop and it’s nice and wrapped up so we’ll put that to the side and show you what else comes in the box.

First, you get a nice booklet showing you all of the key features nice bathroom reading right here then, on the bottom compartment you get a safety and warranty guide and i got mine with the magnetic bluetooth keyboard, which is nice because it is perfect for when you’re On the go and on the top compartment, you get a pen which is really awesome, because foldable devices just don’t have pen support right now, which makes the thinkpad x1 fold unique and just look at how slim this keyboard is, is so light and compact and the Reason why they designed it this way is because you can take the keyboard and the pen together and attach it to the thinkpad x1 fold and close it. And now you have everything you need in this small notepad type of form factor which is fantastic for business professionals, and you also get a second box, and that box contains the 65 watt usbc charger. So what’s the big deal about a foldable display, we’ve already seen this on foldable smartphones before but i’ve never seen a folding display. This big. This is a 13.3 inch 2k oled panel, so that means vibrant colors super inky, blacks and at first i wasn’t sure how to use this. But as soon as i started using it, it started to make sense, but first let’s talk about the build quality and lenovo is known for their thinkpad lineup to be tough, and that is no different here.

I think, as soon as you feel it you will love it, because it doesn’t feel delicate at all. The leather cover feels really nice, and this hinge is super sturdy. It doesn’t feel flimsy, there’s, a solid connection when it opens all the way and it’s adjustable at pretty much every angle in laptop mode, so the build is a plus. So this form factor gives you a lot of different ways that you can use this laptop and the most obvious is to use it with the keyboard it just magnetically attaches and even though you can charge it on its own, the keyboard charges wirelessly. So you never have to think about it. It’S not backlit, but it does have a nice function key row and you get a little trackpad that’s built in with windows. Precision drivers, so it’s responsive. This is great for when you’re on the go. But when you get back to your office or when you get home, you can maximize the display. There is a built in kickstand on the back. You just flip it out and now you have that full screen canvas and you can use the keyboard that came with it, to give it a more desktop feel and if you already have a favorite mouse and keyboard combo, you can pair it up with that too. So you have the flexibility. I also found that using this without the keyboard was also nice. The split screen – multitasking is great, so you can have whatever you want on the bottom and the top portion.

So you could be on a call up here and then looking at the meetings documents here on the bottom, and you can even do this in landscape too. So again, it’s super flexible, and i like how lenovo made it easy for split screen multitasking with the mode switcher. If you want to switch around what’s on the top and bottom, you can definitely do that with just one tap. The thing that blew my mind is this: the pen lenovo did it, i don’t know any folding device right now that actually has pen support and you don’t have to worry about scratching the screen. This is perfect to just use as a pointer for precision when using it in laptop mode when you don’t want to physically touch the screen, and i can see this being great for interior designers and for creatives that need to mark up documents for collaborations and trust. Me i am no artist, but i did draw on here as well, it’s so nice to have this on a folding device, because you can lay it flat and you can have a portable canvas with you at all times and you can always take it with you Because there’s a place for the pen right here on the keyboard and it charges via usbc, which i’m a fan of, and i had to try it and yes, you can read ebooks on here and hold it like an actual book. So, no matter what you want to do, this form factor gives you that choice.

The lenovo thinkpad x1 fold is powered by the 11th generation intel core i5 processor with eight gigabytes of ram, and i have a one terabyte ssd in here, so that’s plenty of storage. For me, intel’s hybrid technology, gives this laptop the perfect balance of power and efficiency. I found web browsing in everyday tasks to be great and you can choose between getting the best performance or the best battery life right in the settings, so you can change it as you see fit. Of course, you can do professional and productivity work, but you can also have a little bit of fun if you want with casual gaming. The intel 11th gen core i5, with its integrated graphics won’t, play triple a titles, of course, but casual titles are no problem for some downtime pair that, with the controller put it on kickstand mode and as a sweet, little setup for downtime a couple of other things. I want to mention there are speakers built in with dolby atmos support, there’s, also a 5g version that will be available, so you can have super fast connectivity on the go, but wi fi 6 support is here for the best wi fi performance 2, usb c 3.2. Ports which you can charge from and i’m a fan of that power button with an led light integrated and the volume rocker right next to it, and there are four total microphones here perfect for conference calls and there is a five megapixel hybrid infrared camera setup.

That is capable of windows – hello, facial recognition sign in since i’ve only had this for about a week now i need some more time with it to give you a full review. So let me know if you want to see that in the comment section below, but i do want to share what i think about it. So far, like i mentioned earlier, it’s, almost unbelievable. How compact it is when it’s folded just look at it compared to a traditional 13 inch laptop. It is much smaller and i can see this being great for business professionals. You can just carry this in your hand and probably won’t even need to carry a bag, but this could easily fit into something like a messenger bag or something even smaller. So i can see a lot of people appreciating the form factor for me: it’s just less clutter when it’s on my desk or a countertop for quick web browsing, i found myself just leaving it in laptop mode. I got used to it quickly, even though that you’re only getting half of the screen, but as soon as you take the keyboard off, you get this full display. So i found myself using this as a tablet. A lot more, the bezel is noticeable, but i appreciate it because, when you’re holding it in your hands, you have room and you aren’t touching. The display it’s got a nice grip because of the materials and while it is weighty, i found it to be pretty comfortable in terms of battery life.

I’Ve been using it for mostly web browsing, researching and writing scripts, and things like that so i’m. Finding that the 50 watt hour battery works great for me with my usage but here’s, a good idea of the system. Estimates here are the numbers, according to the laptop, if you have it on peak performance with 100 screen brightness, and here it is, if you keep it on battery saving mode, but i have been using it mostly in the middle, so it’s been a nice balance. For me, even though that this is the first folding laptop that i’ve ever used, it has a lot of potential and i’m really excited about the form factor because having a screen, this large at 13.3 inches and then being able to fold it up and take it With you in a form factor that this small is a big deal, so if you’re as excited as i am, then let me know in the comments below or let me know how you feel about foldable laptops in general. If you want to experience this, the lenovo thinkpad x1 fold is available now and i will leave a link below for more information subscribe to the channel for more cool tech.