It won’t be for everyone, though, as the price is high for the smartphone, so let’s see what all are the features of the oneplus 9 pro and should you buy this flagship? Oneplus smartphones have always struggled to keep up with other top end android phones in the camera department, but the oneplus 9 pro has the best camera we have seen on a handset from the company. Oneplus has stepped up its game hereby including new sensors, with at least one of them in the combination with sony and by teaming up with famed camera maker hasselblad to improve color calibration so that the colors you see are reproduced as accurately as possible. The main camera is a 48 megapixel rear shooter and it uses a sony imx 789 sensor that was made in collaboration with sony. There are three other cameras on the rear, including a 50 megapixel ultra wide camera that uses a sony imx 766 sensor. There is also 8 mp telephoto shooter that can shoot at up to 3 inch optical zoom, while the final element is a 2mp monochrome shooter that essentially allows you to get higher quality black and white imagery. The oneplus 9 pro is powered by the latest qualcomm snapdragon. 888 chipset and has been the case with other android phones using this chip. We have been impressed with the top end performance. It enables, with the phone loading apps almost instantly now talking about benchmark scores. The oneplus 9 pro has a single core of seven 1127 and multi core score of three seven, four five and for under two score, it has about seven lakh.

Seventy five thousand score. The one plus 9 pro display is a dynamic display it’s. It is featuring a new display technology called fluid display 2.0 that will bring a dynamic screen refresh rate of up to 120 hertz. It has variable refresh rate from 1 hertz to 120 hertz and it’s featuring low temperature, polycrystalline oxide ltpo black plane panel, with an advanced touch response experience for an improved user experience. The oneplus 9 pro offers up to six times faster sensing speed between the display and the processor to make touch responses quicker when compared to previous oneplus phones, the oneplus 9 pro isn’t going to offer a game changing battery life. But it will reliably see you through a fully day on a full charge with typical use. The 4500 milliamp hour battery is large and the oneplus 9 pro can hold its own against most of the our best smartphones right now in this department, there’s a 65 watt wide charging and perhaps more immersively. The oneplus 9 pro supports 50 watt wireless charging. Now the disadvantage or cons of the oneplus 9 pro the hasselblad partnership was mostly a marketing gimmick. They could have better opted with leica or zees for a better camera and the rear camera performance is still behind the competition. The front camera is just outdated. The telephoto camera lacks nightscape and 4k video support. It has worse battery life performance than the previous models. Most games still lock to 60 frames per.

Second, these all are the disadvantage. The oneplus 9 pro isn’t a cheap handset, costing as it does the equivalent of some of the very best from from brands such as apple and samsung, for the same cost. We will get a better option. The oneplus best phones are no longer like the flagship killers. They were once branded as and you will have to look to the company’s nayan art if you want a more affordable option. Thank you for watching the video.