It comes from xmg and the German bare Bond specialist put together a great package that has a lot going for it without any clearing weaknesses and with the optional water cooling add on this might very well be one of the fastest 3080 tis in a laptop we Tested so far, but lets start at the beginning, while you can spec out in year 17 to your liking on xmgs website, our review unit comes with anything todays, gamer or content. Creator could ask for the CPU. We got a ryzen 9 6900hx alongside a 175 Watts. Rtx 3080 TI 32 gigabytes of ddr5 RAM and a one terabyte SSD on the display side of things. Xmg didnt skim either and all Neo 17 models come with a 16 by 10 240Hz QHD panel, the Neo 17 Sports, a completely new chassis design that manages to combine large cooling bands and RGB lighting into a subtle and somewhat elegant looking design. The tall 16×10 display, with its very narrow bezels on all sides, give this 17 incher a clean and modern look and all materials feel very premium. The base is coated with a soft touch material that feels great, even though it is relatively susceptible to fingerprints. But what matte black gaming laptop isnt in terms of ports? You can find a single USB, a 3.2 Gen 2 alongside dedicated mic and headphone tracks, on the left on the right, xmg added two additional USB, a 3.2 gen ones and a relative slow, but very welcome.

Full size, SD card reader, the rest of the i o, was in the back and consists of a single USB C 3.2 Gen 2, with DisplayPort pass through HDMI 2.1 2.5 gigabit Ethernet, the power connector and the connector for the optional Oasis water cooler, while the 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet, wired networking connection is a very welcome addition. The wireless solution in the Neo left us wanting by only offering average results in our transfer tests. The competition is much faster in this regard, and if you get one of these for yourself, you should try to opt for the faster modules on xmgs website. If you head over to a written review, you can get a good look inside the Neo 17. in there. You have access to both nvme slots, the memory and the Wi Fi module. The keyboard for the big 17 incher is an absolute treat since it offers cherries low profile, mechanical switches for the main keyboard area, both the numpad and the function row have to make do with your usual rubber Dome switches. There isnt a lot left to say about the cherries, though they have amazing tactile feedback and a very pronounced pressure point, and they are very clicky if you are into that kind of keyboard. The Neo 17 offers an amazing experience both for games and typing longer texts. If you prefer a quiet keyboard well, this is not the one for you. The touchpad is massive and worked reliably in our testing and offers very quiet and satisfying clicks.

17 inch. 16X10 gaming displays are still in novum these days, but we can certainly get behind the additional vertical space. The panel offers solid numbers for brightness for a gaming display, even if we would have preferred better contrast. The 240Hz screen covers almost 100 of the srgb color space and just barely below 70 for both DCI P3 and Adobe RGB. These are solid numbers for a gaming display once again, and even some power users in video editing should be absolutely fine with this, especially since color reproduction from the factory is quite solid and can be further improved with manual calibration. If you are into a professional photography and retouching, for example, you have to look into an external screen, though, for color accurate, workflows. Speaking of gaming, the QHD panel offers very fast response times and should even please competitive gamers. It might not be as fast as the 360 Hertz full HD panels we found in the MSI Titan or ars 17x, but you think giving the better panel specs overall. This is hardly something to complain about when it comes to 17 inch desktop Replacements. It is still not that common to see them being equipped with amds latest ryzen zpus. The Neo comes exclusively with the ryzen 9 6900hx and while it offers solid TPU performance compared to Intels latest order leg offerings like the I9 12900hx, it really cant keep up. That said, those chips need significantly more power and cooling, so the ryzen chip might be able to redeem itself when it comes to temps and noise, but more on that later, so why the I9 found in the MSI Titan we test recently might be up to 40 Faster in our combined CPU score, the overall system performance of the Neo 17 offers absolutely no reason to complain.

Should you be interested in our detailed Benchmark results please head over to our written review. My colleague Sebastian put the xmg through its paces forwardly in the GPU Department. The 3080ti benefits from a very generous 175 Watts power envelope and can easily keep up, or even trade flows with the before mentioned Titan for all of those that want to Tinker with overclocking or detailed power settings the NEOS Control software gives you very granular control for Everything performance related, if you add the Oasis to your setup, you can even free the GPU from any thermal restraints and unlock even more performance synthetic benchmarks aside, the Neo 17 shines with its gaming performance. The QHD display was a great choice for the hardware and can easily offer above 60 FPS in demanding story, games and easily above 150 FPS in popular Esports titles at the highest settings, and should you take shooter seriously once you adjust settings accordingly, you should be able To take things on competitively and in the panels native 240Hz refresh rate, should you own a suitable screen or TV? Even 4K gaming isnt a problem with the Neo 17., especially once you take advantage of nvidias DLS Aztec. You should be able to get above 60 FPS in all modern titles, without sacrificing too much eye candy in the settings in terms of noise. The Neo 17 does not perform significantly better or worse than the competition. Idle behavior is quite solid and underload.

The 17 inch gamer is on par with competing devices. That said, the fan noise is tuned quite well without any annoying undertones. Making the Neo appear much less noisy than our measured numbers might imply. Adding the optional water cooler to the setup can improve the temperatures and fan noise considerably, while the difference isnt crazy, huge for CPU workloads when it comes to gaming. The only thing you will probably hear from the Neo is the pump of the Oasis. Should you use your new stationery for most of the time the additional 200 Euros for the external cooler is well worth the investment. In our opinion, the one key area where ryzen equipped laptops perform significantly better than the Intel equipped competition is battery life. We got almost 9 hours out of the Neo 17 in our standard Wi Fi test, which is exceptional for such a big and powerful machine, alright folks time to wrap it up, the xmg Neo 17 is easily able to keep up or sometimes even outperform, similar offerings From the big Brands currently on the market, it offers a well built chassis, great materials, solid. I o options and an awesome mechanical keyboard. We also really like the 16×10 QHD display. That is a great choice for games and work alike. Should you require the absolute best and raw CPU performance? You might look elsewhere, but generally speaking, the Neo offers a very well rounded performance package with insane gaming capabilities. Oh well, actually, for anything that requires some serious, GPU muscle.

As always, please check out our website for much more detailed, look into the Neo 17. and please consider subscribing to the channel and liking the video thanks, a ton for watching guys. My name is Alex. You have been absolutely amazing and I cant wait to see you all in the next one.