. This is the koi limited edition. It comes in this new red color and it now has a faster processor over the mix. 4 model, the one mix – 4. The original model has a core i5, and this now has the core: i7. 1160 g7, with the iris xc, graphics, 96 executional units. It comes with 16 gigabytes of ram, but it is the very fast lp ddr4 x. This model does come with 512 gigabytes of storage, which is pci 3 spec. It has two thunderbolt 4 ports, a third type c port micro sd card support, and the screen is a 10.1 inch one with a 2560 by 1600 resolution. It also does support a stylus. Its a sharp screen and a good one, but it does have this like the original one – makes for a 360 degree hinge means that you can use it if you wanted to as a tablet or somewhere in between this laptop comes with a limited edition box. With the catfish on it, we get a user guide which is in both chinese and english, for the limited edition, a type c to type c, cable and then a 55 watt type c charger. But the charging rate is a maximum of 45 watts power delivery. On the laptop itself, looking at our lid now of the one mix 4, this is the special edition, its called the limited edition koi, and it does have these two catfish. You can see in the logo on the top now this is actually recessed its in the lid and its made out of this alloy, which is a 6 000 grade one, so its very high quality and the red finish is unique to this limited edition model too.

So the hinge on it is very stiff, its good and, of course, its a convertible, its 360 degrees. You can flip it right around and i do find that it feels very good the keyboard on this one. It has a reasonably good layout, considering its only a 10.1 inch laptop. We still have plenty of room here, theres, just a slight minor adjustment. I have found to my typing – sometimes ive gone, for example, to hit p and accidentally hit the backspace key here. So with function and tab we have a high fan or a superfan mode. Then the normal fan mode. So you can control it here and if you do want the maximum performance using function and then tab will put it into that, but it does get a little bit loud. That is, of course, the trade off with it. We have up and down arrow keys that are only half size now i wish they were full size ones, but there are a few compromises with the size overall good keyboard. There is no real flex at all with this pressing and using it. It is a backlit keyboard too, so this is what it looks like with the lights out, its just a single on and off, and the keys themselves have about 1.5 millimeters, 1.6 millimeters of travel, and they are high quality, keycaps and plastics. They have used on it. The touchpad, while it is small, it is a glass touchpad, supports full gestures and even finer movements are quite accurate overall, its a very good touchpad, the palm rest, all this part, is made out of alloy 2, like the whole build of it.

I do really like the compact small size of this particular laptop, because its just 10.1 inches so very portable, but only about 18 millimeters thick and then it weighs about 790 grams, which is excellent, very very light, and here youll see weve got a status led two Thunderbolt 4s or usb 4.0 and then a micro sd card reader. This is on the left side on the right. Youll find our power button here. That is a capacitive, always on fingerprint reader, a type c port. This is data only this one, so the other two ports support power, delivery up to 45 watts and video out thunderbolt four ports. But this one isnt its just simply data, and then we have a 3.5 millimeter headphone out with microphone support and then the back of it. What looks like two exit vents is, in fact just one, so the cold air has been sucked underneath and it has blown. Then out the back of this laptop, so laptop comes with an excellent screen, 10.1 inches and because of the 360 degree hinge, it can be used in presentation mode. As you see now, or you can use it in what is called the tint mode and use it as a tablet, then as a normal laptop, so it has 10 touch points. The accuracy of the touch i do find to be excellent, its very good, and it responds to touch straight away. There is no lag, of course, that core i7 is helping images, look excellent on the screen.

Maximum brightness does top out at knits of 372.00, which i find to be ideal, so it can be made out in direct sunlight, but it is very reflective now its covered with glass, this ips panel and its fully laminated, so theres no ugly gap behind it. But what about the actual coverage of the screen here so weve got a 96 srgb color gamut here. Ntsc is 72 percent adobe rgb, 74 and p3. That is 78 all up an excellent screen. Now it does support styluses, but unfortunately they did not send me. The stylus, which supports 2048 pressure levels – i didnt, get it so i cannot cover it in this review. Unfortunately, i have moved over to screen capturing now, just so we can see things a little clearer and it dont beat on that tiny screen, especially with the 25.6 resolution. Now the chipset on this one is very good. It is the core i7. 1160. G7. So its not quite as fast as the 1165 g7, which is very common and ive reviewed it in a lot of other tech, it doesnt clock quite as high so 4.4 gigahertz, but for this smaller little chassis we have and the cooling that it has. I think its more of an appropriate chip, so it does ship with a 15 watt power limit thats a stock, but you can change it in the bios to 20. If you want increased performance, but of course there is a trade off, it generates more heat and you need to really use the superfan or the fan boost mode to get that performance out of the 20 watts.

Now it has iris xc graphics and it does have two thunderbolt ports on this thunderbolt, 4 spec and 96 executional units as well, so its quite a powerful, integrated gpu. Looking at benchmarks, you see here that the single core score – this was using the increased fan mode by the way to get this. Otherwise, the score is normally about 1300. You can achieve some very good results here and quick. You see that when you use the system, it feels very fast, so just over 1400 there for single core score, and just over 4 000 for a quad core with the eight threads is a good result. What is great is the integrated graphics performance, so iris xc is a big step up over what we had before with the uhd graphics. Graphic scores now, with fire strike over 4 000 for integrated graphics is really good. Physics, physics score there of almost 9 000. However, thats the 15 watts standard power limit power of it level, one power limit, one. Sorry, if you increase it to 20 watts, you can really boost the performance, not only the graphics but also the physics scores there too, so that enables extra performance again, as i mentioned, the trade off being the heat, and you have to use the faster fan speed There to really get that performance out of it. Now, looking at what we have with the internal storage speeds, you see that its not a bad pci 3 drive the 512 gigabytes plenty of free space and for pci 3 spec.

Those speeds are good, but they certainly arent the fastest that you can get now. If you want better, you can upgrade it. You could put something like a samsung 970 evo in there and get over 3 000 sequential reads and writes the micro sd card. Slot is not fast at all. It maxes out about 25 megabytes per second cinebench r23 scores they arent too bad. We get a single core score. This is at the stock 15 watts 2 by the way of just over 1200 points and then nearing towards 4 000 points is possible if you use the high fan speed mode, which i didnt right here. This was all stock, so thats, the kind of scores you can expect out of it, which i dont think is bad, considering how small this laptop is our fingerprint reader, which is on the right side. It does also act as a power button, its from focal tech. It works well its accurate and you can use it to log into the system as windows, hello. If you didnt, want to enter passwords, it is a bit quicker than that wireless, its on board, as i showed you, its, not upgradable. So the only thing that you can upgrade, as i pointed out when we looked at the internals, is just the ssd thats it. So you cannot touch the ram. You cannot upgrade the ram its all soldered on part of the motherboard and then the wireless card, which is the ax 201.

It is a very good wireless card, though its very fast. I can get over 1.3 gigabit transfers with this, so faster than the gigabit lan port. It does also have incorporated with it is bluetooth 5.2 youll see that the processor is listed eight times, because it does have eight threads, its a quad core, and it does of course have this, which we need for windows 11, which it is running. Windows 11. Home is tpm 2.0. Then the sensor on board is a bosch accelerometer. Now this accelerometer is used when you rotate it, so it will then rotate the screen around accordingly, if you decide to use it in tent mode or as a tablet and flip it around. Now we do have the native vp9 and he vc playback, with the ir60 graphics its been around since the 7th gen, the native decoding. So a demanding video file like this one right here, the jellyfish test file. It plays fine. Now, initially, you see a little bit of stutter, just when you open it, and then it is very smooth now. This is 4k 10 bit hevc with a 140 megabit bitrate and it plays it. Just fine, no problems at all video editing is possible with this. With this spec in the 16 gigabytes of ram, which is very fast ram, you are able to edit 4k video. So what ive got here is my test clip that i always test out, and these files are 100 megabit ones, 4k from a sony, a 6300.

The timeline seems relatively quick. It can occasionally be a little bit of lag that you do notice come through when you go through it, and i just have our preview here set to quarter playback resolution, which i think is best now normally. I would have the scaling set to 100, so i can fit a little bit more in most importantly, what about the export times? So one minute of footage. I will test that out now with the 4k youtube preset. Okay, so it has just finished up and about two minutes and 20 seconds thats a lot slower than i thought. It has, however, run into some thermal throttling and i felt the system getting a little bit slow. So when you do anything demanding ill show you the thermals that it does run into this problem right here, youll see that its gotten up to 101 degrees, and that does then trigger thermal throttling, which you see there at the top, where my mouse cursor is its Triggered there triggered that thermal throttling and thats lowered those cores down, so the clock speed really does drop down when it gets very hot, and that really is the weakness of having a powerful chip like this in such a small laptop that, if you intend to press The system push the system really hard. You will run into thermal throttling with demanding tasks like gaming and encoding video. So this laptop just has the single speaker inside.

How exactly does it sound? Well, its not the greatest, but at least it does have a speaker heres a sample of it at 100 volume Applause. Hopefully you heard from that. It doesnt sound too bad for just a single speaker. There is a tiny hint of bass to it and the volume its okay, its not the loudest, however, over to gaming performance, what im playing right now is cyberpunk 2077.. Most of you will probably know that this is a super demanding game, and yet the iris xc, with its 96 execution cores, is able to really give us an almost playable frame rate. You can see right now that, yes, it does get down to about 25 frames. Per second 21 is about the last. I see it and in some areas currently im running it at 720p and on the low preset, of course, but in some areas it will be up around 30 32 33, even that ive seen it. So if i get on them off the motorbike here, that frame rate is going to improve now because it doesnt have to render it. You see around 31 frames per second for such a demanding game like this on a tiny slim convertible laptop like this and only 10.1 inches. I really am impressed that its able to do this. However, you do need to run that fan, boost option, so maximum fan rpms to try and keep it as cool as possible. It will eventually reach sometimes up to 99 degrees celsius.

It will thermal throttle and then it does drop down the performance there when it happens. So its going to get a little hot doing this, but again its really impressive to see such a tiny laptop playing a demanding game like this now gta 5. So this one i have set to 1080p on what is really the middle setting for graphics, so normal pedestrian density and the view distance its running reasonably well here, so just over 50 frames per second, its often up to even ive, seen it peak at around 80. But thats only when its a little bit cooler right here, but this is still great performance, considering its integrated graphics, how small this is ill quickly, just jump into this car and show you that when you drive around, you probably get a lower frame rate here. This is dropping a little, its still very playable, and if you wanted to play this game on the go on a tiny little laptop youre able to do it. If you just stick to, of course, older, lighter titles, you will get very respectable frame rates at 1080p. With medium to low settings, okay, so what about my final verdict on this? I do think this is an excellent laptop if youre after something that is portable, thats, very small. That can also be used as a tablet, and not only just a laptop youve got quite a bit of flexibility, the versatility of just flipping that screen around converting it then into a windows.

11 tablet. Now the battery life. I wanted to mention isnt super strong on a laptop like this. With only a 38 watt hour battery, it will run for around four four and a half hours at only 30 brightness, with just light tasks. Now they do claim up to eight hours, and that is simply just video playback and that would be in flight mode, not even connected up to the internet. If you do anything more demanding, then that battery life really does start to drop down, if you use a higher brightness of about 50 percent, you really are only looking then at about three hours or just over, so not amazing battery life. The other trade with this trade off definitely was have having such a thin laptop with. So much power is, of course, that it is going to get hot. As i pointed out, i showed you that it got up to 101 degrees celsius. It did trigger thermal throttling, so it has a lot of power on here, but really, if youre going to be pushing it, saying coding, video or you do intend to do a little bit of light gaming which it can handle quite well thanks to the iris, xc Graphics and that very fast ram, you do really need to use the function and tab key to turn on that fan. Boost mode increases the fan noise, but then drops the thermals down to about 90 degrees and it wont hit the 101 which it got up to there.

Build quality is excellent. It has a very good keyboard, considering the size of it. The touchpad is good and i really like the touch response and the accuracy of that screen, which does have a good color gamut, good, color coverage, and then the 10 touch points and overall, its a very nice screen. Now, sadly, i couldnt test out the stylus, because i didnt get sent one, but it should hopefully work well. It does have 2048 levels of pressure pressure sensitivity. So, if youre, really after a powerful laptop thats, not big its lightweight its small, its portable and a convertible, i do think this is one of the best options out there.