This Chase one gx1 pro version – has beat the specs over the predecessor and I will leave the specs and for both in the comments section or the main important specs. In the comment section now, while Ive said this is the best made um hhpc on the market. Uh this one now that I have it is the best one ever made because of the beef toast specs and because of the and the main beat the spec is the processor. This has a 11th generation, uh Intel processor, its the 1160 G7, and this has a 10th Generation. I believe its a 1035. um the stickers on the bottom of the machine. I cant check it right now because it has some stuff going on. However, as far as the gx1 pro is concerned, because of the better specs youll get better performance out of this over this one um Weight Wise, pretty much the same um. You can put detachable controllers on this one and this one as well pretty much the same computer like I said just different guts because of the different guts and mainly the processor. You can play certain games on this, one that you cant play on this one uh, for example. There are some AAA games that I can never play on this, but I can now play on this because of the Visa processor, and we let us work well on both of these. However, the uh real jinx or the Yuzu emulator, which plays Nintendo switch games, works a lot better on the B3 processor or the gs1 pro than the gx1 barely runs anything on this one, but this one pretty much every game runs.

Now. When I say one, I mean playable speed: Im, not looking at the exact fpf Im, not looking to see if its gon na play it 40 FPS 50 RPS, 54 FPS as long as its playable or I can get from start to end Im good playable. For me, 30 FPS, I would say, 25 FPS and up I mean 25 – is kind of pushing it, its a slightly slower than 30, but thats still kind of playable. So as long as its 25 ish and up Im good, so I dont really care if a game is running at 60 FPS so long as its running, I can get from beginning to end without a lot of stuttering, Im good to go. So when a lot of people put the FPS on there lets find a Dandy, but at the end of the day, and if you really think about it for those who are old heads like me, when youre playing your Sega Genesis games, did you really care about Fes nope you just care about how fun the game was. So when I was playing Ultra beast on the Sega Genesis, I just cared about getting the orbs turn into the Beast and fighting the boss. I didnt care about the FPS as long as the game ran and it ran at a good speed. I was good to go so whenever, whenever Im doing um gaming reviews or reviews on PCS, what not Im not I was gon na put up the.

What do you call it Ill have to say the FPS display and and the other information temperature speed or temperature uh gosh or whatever Im not going to do all that as long as it runs well, Im good to go and whats good about either. One of these um if the computer does run too hot, you do have adjustable fan speed. So if you press the function button and this one right here, this runs the van low. If you press this one over here its very end, it runs a high, so function. Listen here again the fan kicked on. So I was born right here in and out and now its running on low thats whats up. So you can control the fan, speed so swell fast. I said just two speeds: thats, all you get still thats better than nothing, especially if youre playing in bed and you have a significant other and you dont want the fan, speed or the fan noise to uh disturb the person thats in the bed with you. So again beat the specs better gameplay on a lot of games. So oh, the PS3 emulator runs very well on here, not so well on. Here um there were some games. I was not able to play, but that might be compatibility issues with the emulator but Dragons Quest that ran Heavenly sword. I believe that ran on Dragon Guard 3 that ran great um started off. Not so, okay, um Graphics were a little off, but, as you play the game yeah, it was too bad.

I think was running at between 20 and 30 frames per second, but, like I said not too worried about the frames per second, unless its too low, where I cant play it, but other than that ran pretty uh. Ps3 emulator ran pretty well on the gx1 pro. They both have 12 000 milliamp batteries, so these will last a while I mean especially if youre running it on low TDP or low wattage. These will last for a good while so, if youre playing a low end, emulators Nintendo uh NES emulator Super Nintendo. Emulator put this on low wattage. I believe the lowest you can get is five, but if you tweak it a little bit, if you run Intels XTU, you can get it to run at Three Watts. You can get it to run at one Watt. Um dont know how safe that is, but Ive ran this one at three Watts: never count that on me. So pretty sure you can run this at three Watts too. If you um tweak it um, I never messed with the buyers on this one, so I cant really say that Ive uh tested the uh TDP on this one. I do have some apps that allow you to change TDP as well, but, like I said, Im pretty sure this is going to run a three Watts or even one watt, if you wanted to now. As far as thanks for the gs1 pro um yeah, the specs boost gives get, is it definitely thumbs up? Um, like I said, a lot more games, you can play on this one um thats pretty much it because its pretty much the same device.

So, with the Beast of processor, yeah uh, who wouldnt choose this one over this one uh, because you can play uh more games on it. Oh yeah Stylus is stainless, but you do have a battery in look at this and check it out. Watch on this one too – and this is the one made by one Netbook – I dont know any other side of that works with these two that are active, styluses, meaning they have to take battery doesnt need to emulate a finger on the screen. So this has 1024 pressure sensitivity so boom there you go so this works on both um PCS. I also told you in the preview video that some models have a modem built in, so this has a motor built in and its a 4G modem. So I can put a SIM card in and get 4G speeds on here to have any time I want, which is awesome. So if you dont have Wi Fi signal go to Cellular youre good to go. So if your phone works, this will work the 5G variant. Oh, my God, the price is astronomical. Im talking 1700 slightly over 1700 Im talking like 1720 Bubba 1730, depending on the website that you look at but man that 5g1, oh, the specs are up and theres no other hhpc that I know of that can run at cellular at 5G. Even the gpd14 that has a 4G modem cool but 5G youre actually going to pay a pretty penny for it.

But if you get it, oh man, the speed is going to be impeccable dislikes about this first thing: um the price, if you buy any retail price, is still up there, prices, Im, gon na believe what 1350 or blah blah and up like I said, the 5G Variant. 1700. So price bet. I got this one um the seller on eBay said it was open box. I showed you in the preview. Definitely was an open box. This is used so the seven I had it for a thousand. I got it for 600. thats a steal for the gx1 pro cant lie. No one else on the history of this planet has sold it for that low. Not that I believe, but if someone got one for lower than that and can show that you did in the receipt, I believe every word to say it, but other than that I got the receipt for this I mean I swaggle 600, like I said happy with It, but not completely happy because, like I said when youre getting something used on eBay, you dont know what youre getting you dont know if its uh 100 or even 90 working. So after testing this uh, this wasnt working so well, it was glitching very, very bad. This morning, Im talking little blips and bleeps of the screen that youre on, but it was on like this side and its only only like popping up on about right here. It was glitching so bad and I think its the display cable now usually have a display problem with a with a clamshell um, with the GPD win too.

That one had a very terrible display problem, because the Rhythm, the ribbon cable, was wrapped around the hinge to open and close the um clamshell, the lid and it came off, and that was bad. So with this one, I dont know where the ribbon cable is for this one, but I believe it might be in the same area because, like I said its just glitching and I think its loose now, I dont want to take this apart to try to fix It so thats, just my thats, my biggest wipe of this plus um the first day that Ive used it the keyboard completely shut down completely I mean I was trying to type. Nothing was registering. I reset it didnt work, but after about 10 minutes shut down again, I cannot work with a computer like that, especially when Im at work. So, if Im teaching from this at work, I dont want this to break down or to glitch, because thatll deter my teaching at work. So I need to make sure I have one that works properly. I can work for years. So while I got this for 600, maybe thats why I got officially gon na turn it 100., because the seller did not mention any of the things I just mentioned to you in the description. Dont know if its a simple photo now I dont know if this ever actually knew have no idea, but it should have been. This should have been tested before being shipped out so, like I said, maybe thats why I got it for 600, because maybe the seller knew but didnt put it in the description, so this will be going back and I will be looking for another one like I Said there is one more on eBay that has an OBO or or best offer um.

The price I said at is 1200, though so I dont think Im gon na get it for a half price. I completely doubt it from that particular seller, but if I can then Ill probably get this again other than that can use this, and I can use parsec to play. Uh beat up games or the switch emulator from my computer that has project on it. In my man cave downstairs so other than that find computer dont get me wrong its absolutely great, comparing it to the hhpcs that are coming out this year from GPD one netbook and Aya, and those will be again for my preview, video gbd14 uh One X player. Two with a detachable controller and the eye and neo2 um if thats disappeared. If I had to um steer you on which one to get and dont get this, because you wont probably be able to find this at 600, if you finally 600 hands down, get that great price, because the gameplay or just just the performance will be equivalent to Any of the hhpcs that has the Intel 1165 G7 processor very close to that number so expect performance to be close to that. Well, it depends on the company. They may tweak some things in the Bios, but again expect the performance of the 11 compared to the 1165 G7 dont forget this: has an 1160 G7 processor Intel inside but again the comparing it to the newer ones, um retail price 13.

50 or more? No, you can get the dpd when four base model uh, seven or eight hundred dollars – yeah much better price than 1300., but the keyboard is to die for this. Keyboard were going to circle around any keyboard, thats on any HPC kitchen light, except for this one, because its the same these Keys feel like butter. I mean: listen, they sound so delicious and they feel great on the fingers. Excellent fantastic hands down best keyboard on the market for any hhpc, so one Netbook keep doing what youre doing with this keyboard, the one you got for the 1X player, oh my God, no one explainer two, which is the same keyboard for the 1X player one. Oh, my God, no, this keyboard right here! Yes, yes, keep making that please and give you a review unit of the one explainer too. Let me review that, so I can give you my unbiased, honest opinions about that. So thats the end of this review again, I would not recommend this at retail price. Try to Swagger somebody on eBay, yes get it, but other than that. I will not recommend this when theres other hhpcs that will run circles around this particular one. However, keyboard youre not going to find again on any other hhpc unless, on that book that reads this or cant copy it, but again thats the end of this review, and I hope you liked it if you did hit that thumbs up subscribe to my channel.