This is the one netbook one mix, four or sometimes just called the one netbook four or four platinum. If you get the higher end configuration. So this is a 10 inch, 360 degree. Convertible laptop with intel 11th generation tiger, like u lower power, cpus inside so 10, inches pretty weird right. This is the same company that’s made other miniaturized laptops, some of them in practically small, like seven inch size laptops. They didn’t make this particular one, but they made ones like this, and the name is unfortunate, really in english. One netbook because it brings to mind netbooks from circuits 2007 to 2010 to 2011, which were those plasticky, affordable, 10 inch screen windows, laptops that at the time seemed pretty cool, but then tablets came out later chromebooks and surpassed them, but this is no netbook. This is not plasticky, and this is not underpowered. This is 6000 series aluminum with the cnc chassis and a nice qhd ips display supporting pen and touch we’re going to look at it now so clearly, not a plasticky netbook. This is a premium device just miniaturized, but to my mind, miniaturize the right amount for people who want something really portable. When you think you might need a laptop with you, but you’re, not 100 sure you want to commit to carrying that weight because you might not need it versus say the seven inch and even the eight point, four inch models where the usability is really hard and One’S this small, this one feels pretty much more like a laptop and thanks to the fact that component miniaturization has gone so far and bezels are so small it’s, pretty darn, light 769 grams, which is 1.

7 ish pounds or so and it’s pretty slim. As you can see so an easy carry, i don’t think this is going to be a primary laptop for most people unless you use a keyboard and mouse on an external monitor on a desktop, because we’re still talking a 10 inch display and with that qhd plus Resolution, because this is 16 by 10 aspect – ratio to hit all the things that people like these days right. It ships out of the box with 250 scaling for windows, interface and you’re, going to want to drop that down to like 200 it’s, still very readable and seeable, but at 250 zoom. Some things just go off the screen like some dialog boxes and it’s awkward. The horsepower on this is pretty impressive. Let’S put it this way. This is the same cpu that we’ve seen used in other recent reviews. We’Ve done of the lenovo thinkpad x1 nano, the x1 titanium yoga and the x12 tablet pc. So that’s no slouch you got core i5 and core i7 options on board with intel iris, xe graphics, in other words, it’s fast enough to be used as your main computer, assuming you don’t need mobile, workstation level performance if a regular ultrabook will do it for you. This one’s pretty good, you might say what about thermals. Yes, it does have a fan and pretty much the same size fan. We would see in your usual 13 inch ultrabook, so you’ll hear it come on it’s, not loud and screaming, but it’ll come on.

I for extended workloads, you’re doing a video export that goes on for 10 minutes or something like that. You’Ll see the cpu clocks drop some, so it’s not meant to sustain maximum performance for half an hour at a time, but again it’s not really performing worse than the lenovo thinkpad x1 titanium yoga. So it sounds pretty premium right, which is cool and the price is pretty premium too, though it starts at around a thousand dollars for the core i5 version, with eight gigs of ram and a 256 gig nvme ssd that’s m.2 by the way, there’s a full size Slot for ssd in here and we have the higher end version, which they sometimes call the one netbook for platinum instead of the mix. Four like i said, and that one is a 512 gig ssd and a core i7 inside and 16 gigs of dual channel ram. So that one’s about 1500 – so this is certainly probably a luxury purchase for most people, especially if you’re buying it as a second laptop but it’s a fascinating product. So i just really wanted to cover for the fact that you see they don’t have to be underpowered and cheap and cheesy, just because they’re small in that way, it’s pretty neat in terms of the keyboard and the trackpad on this 10 inches again, like the netbooks Of old, although they were a little bit bigger chassis, they had more room to work with it’s, not bad.

Actually, you get used to it. It’S not absurd, like a seven inch version of one of these sorts of things is the keys require a good, deep press. They actually are pretty firm and tactile. The key travel is not that bad on them, better than say a dell xps 13, but you really have to hit until it hits the bottom of the key. So you got to get used to that. I found that a little weird at first i was missing some keystrokes until i adjusted it’s backlit and white hit fn plus spacebar to turn on the white backlighting. The trackpad is microsoft. Precision it’s on the small side, though so yeah i found that sometimes gestures, weren’t, the easiest thing. If you’re doing a two finger scroll, you really have to keep your fingers parallel and not off at an angle or it won’t pick up on them. Otherwise they work. Fine, given how compact the keyboard is, a few keys like some of the punctuation keys, like the the quote mark and the colon, are in a different row than normal they’ve been shifted one row from where they normally would be down so that’s. Another thing to get used to there are some accommodations in terms of connectivity. This has two usbc four ports. Now they didn’t pay for the thunderbolt certification and given the price of this i’m kind of surprised, maybe they should have, but they say it’s 40 gigabit per second and even supports egpu.

Those are on the left side and on the right side: there’s usbc, 3.0 port. You have a headphone jack and a micro sd card slot. We can forgive a bit of dongle life here and you’ll need a usbc, the usb, a adapter for usb a peripherals, because the thing is so darn small. The display quality on this is quite good. Actually, it gets reasonably bright. You can see. The display metrics on screen has good contrast and near full srgb coverage and experientially speaking it’s, just it’s nice. When you look at it, it seems actually brighter than it is uh. The calibration out of the box is there’s too much blue and you can tell that when you look at it it seems a little bit harsher because of that. So you can adjust those settings yourself in windows, color settings or if you have a colorimeter, you can adjust that as well, but it’s nice, obviously it’s glossy it’s a touch screen which is perfect for something this small and it supports pen. They didn’t send us their pen but it’s your basic older entry technology that supports 2048 pressure levels, not 4, 000 and 96, like newer machines like say surface pro or something like that and it’s decent enough it’s. Fine for note taking and all that sort of thing you could use it for sketching too um. You know it’s, not the highest n pen experience but it’s, certainly adequate and again, given the fact that it’s about the size of a notepad it’s, pretty natural use case for it, as is ebook reading as a matter of fact, it’s really good at that or for Well, looking at comics the speaker on this it’s, a mono speaker, it’s, not so great it’s, small we’re, not surprised it does have a microphone, but there is no webcam, so you’ll need to buy an accessory webcam.

If you need that there is a fingerprint scanner embedded in the home button, which is on the side it’s a fairly decent sized one, it works most of the time intel wi fi, six ax201. So everything you would expect to see on a big name laptop. Obviously, one netbook is not a household name, and speaking of that, where do you buy one of these? Well, if you’re in japan, you can buy one on amazon, i’m sure because other of their products have been on amazon us you’ll be able to buy in the united states too. This thing is just supposed to be shipping in may, to give you an idea. Otherwise, chinese import export sites like geek, buying and aliexpress are other sources for it, so it’s sounding other than well. You know: it’s, a nice product and a price tag that matches an expensive nice product sort of thing, pretty good right. What about battery life? We have a 38.5 watt hour battery and a 45 watt compact charger, not much bigger than a lot of cell phone chargers: uh that’s, not a bad battery capacity, actually it’s at the lower end of what you see on 13 inch ultrabooks give you an idea now. This display gets pretty bright, but we set the brightness down to 200 nits when we test our usual test of mixed productivity work with ms office doing some video streaming on either netflix or amazon. Prime and doing a few photoshop edits on this.

Although the screen’s a little smaller for a whole lot going crazy with photoshop and it lasted about six hours run time, so it’s not amazing, but it’s not terrible. Now, if you drop the brightness down, if you’re more careful about managing your battery power settings, we leave it on the balance setting. You could probably get about seven hours on this, maybe even a little bit more so it’s decent it’s, not amazing, all right to open this up to get inside first off boy. Does this finish? Show fingerprints it’s very pretty dark blue we’ve got ventilation here, there’s, also ventilation out the rear. Just like well gee, a real laptop you unscrew little teeny, tiny, phillips head screws boy. These are small, like jewelry sized or if you have an ifixit tool, kit or something you’ll be all set, and then you just lift it off it’s easy to grab it from the hinge and take that off and there we have the internal. So you see what i mean about the ultra book. Size fan that’s about the same size fan heat pipe running here. Underneath here is the heat sink area. There really isn’t anything to see here. I have pulled this up so i’m, not even going to bother tearing that off again. This is the battery right here. So if you need to replace that you could here’s our m.2 ssd, so that’s upgradable, perfectly normal size, style, ssd and the wi fi card is soldered on board here.

So, like many of today’s ultrabooks it’s, no different, pretty much other than swapping the battery or re pasting it. If you wanted to pull the whole thing apart or replacing your ssd that’s about all you’re going to do, ram is soldered on board. You can get it with either 8 or 16 gigs of ddr4 ram, so there it is the one netbook one mix 4 or just the one netbook four, depending on they use the name, both ways right and it’s, a fascinating little product and it’s. The kind of thing you just want one, but you know you probably in most cases don’t need one, but you just want it because it’s so well done it’s nicely built. It has a great screen. The performance on this is probably suitable for a lot of people to be well their main ultrabook uh interesting right. What do you think? Let me know in the comments i’m lisa from mobile tech review be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel for more cool tech.