This is project spc and today we’re going to do an unboxing and first impressions for the one netbook one mix four. This is the latest two in one device from the company. It features the largest display on a device they have released to date and an intel tiger like cpu, which gives this thing an awesome, graphics performance boost. This is a multi part, video series we’re also going to do some gaming benchmarks, regular benchmarks, egpu performance and some thermal tests to see how the fan cooling system does so stay tuned for those videos getting back to the box. We have the device itself more on that in a moment: Music. Some instructions you’re definitely going to want to take a look at this there’s. Some information in here about fan mode shortcuts and, lastly, we have the charger. It comes with a usb c to c cable, a power delivery adapter. Now, unfortunately, this has a plug that’s meant for, i believe, a china outlet on it in the bag that came with this box. I got one of these adapters i’m. Not a fan of this setup i’m going to use my own usb c power. Delivery adapter, but i do like this cable here, let’s go over the device itself. We have a 10.1 inch touchscreen display with 1900 by 1200 resolution, a 16 by 10 aspect ratio that gives it these nice narrow, bezels on the side, and i think it makes the display look amazing on the bottom.

Here we have a keyboard and it almost feels full size. I’Ll go over my opinion on that a little bit later, it is backlit and you can toggle that by using this keyboard shortcut down below, we have a trackpad on the side. Here we have a power button with a built in fingerprint sensor, a usb 4.0 port, non thunderbolt headphone jack. On the other side, we have two thunderbolt 4 ports. Both of them accept a egpu and a microsd card slot on the bottom. Here we have the intake and if we get just the right angle, you can see the fan there. It is on the other side, when i was playing music. I did hear some sound coming through this grill. I think the speakers are located somewhere in here and on the back side, we have the exhaust for the fan and another grille for the speakers. Now. What makes this a two and one is the ability to fold it back over on itself into a tablet mode. Like so going over, the specs i’ll leave a full list on the side of this screen, but i have the i5 1130 g7. It has intel iris, xc, graphics, there’s, a couple different configurations you can get. I chose the 16 gigabyte version with one terabyte solid state drive there’s a couple, different versions you can get. The i5 comes in an 8 gig or a 16 gig configuration with varying solid state drive sizes, there’s also a platinum version, which is the i7 1160 g7, and you can get that in 512 or 1 terabyte solid state drive sizes doing a quick size comparison.

I had the gpd one max with this eight inch touchscreen over here and the one mix over here. With this 10.1 inch, touchscreen you’ll see the gpd win max is a little bit smaller, but because i got rid of the bezels on the one mix. Four, the screen looks so much better and that extra little space allows to get a little bit more comfortable keyboard in here. It actually feels pretty comfortable to type so let’s go over my general first impression of this device. I think it’s amazing, if you’re looking for something that’s 10.1 inch and you love the little netbook form factor. I know there’s a whole bunch of people that love this form factor and you want something with some power. The intel tiger lake cpu delivers uh one netbook really delivered on this device. It has a nice solid feel i feel like i’m, not gon na break it easily. The hinge is very um. It’S got resistance, it feels like it’s, not gon na flop around it. Doesn’T feel like it’s gon na break like it wobbles um the keyboard. When i put my fingers down on it, i feel like i’m, putting my fingers on a full size keyboard. I did do a little bit of typing on this and it felt very comfortable, unlike the gpd win max, where my fingers were a little bit more cramped. There is some positioning on the keyboard which you won’t be quite used to right away, and you will find that out as you go along, but otherwise this keyboard is very functional and would definitely work for writing long emails.

Dare i say essays on this, the trackpad is very responsive. The only problem i had with the trackpad down here was that it was disabled as a shortcut right here. It was disabled when i first turned it on the touchscreen worked. Fine trackpad did not work. I thought maybe it was missing a driver or something nope. It was installed. It was just disabled with this keyboard shortcut let’s talk about the fan on this there’s, actually, a couple different keyboard shortcuts to control the fan on this, and at first i thought, oh, my god, it’s gpd win1 with the manual switch. No, it is not there’s. Two different modes, there’s silent mode and then there’s max fan spin mode in silent mode. I was running heaven benchmark when the cpu hit 70 degrees celsius. The fan kicked on and low perfectly reasonable noise level. It brought the temperature back down to 58 and continue to stay in low mode while running heaven. Now, if i wanted to do the high spin mode and i’m going to point my microphone at the thing here for a moment, that was a taste of the sound difference between when it’s off and when it’s on. So it puts the fan on full speed and i don’t think there’s any kind of control over. I think that’s for when you’re going to be doing something heavy like gaming or i don’t know rendering a video and you want to make sure the thing doesn’t throttle.

That’S the mode for you, but for the most part, you’re going to keep it in the quiet mode, so i did test it out with an egpu like i said earlier, both of these ports work. I have it plugged in my gtx 1650 in my aorus gaming box and, as you can see here, it is recognized on the desktop so i’m really happy with this. This is going to make a great little gaming setup on my tv upstairs and, dare i say if you wanted to make like a portable setup to go, you could do something like that as well. So, overall, my first impression of this device is, i love it. The form factor is amazing: 10.1 inch display um it flips around into a tablet. Thunderbolt 4 port put your graphics card in there. I mean i keep this on my tv stand and with one cable i can hook up my laptop here. You do some gaming on the tv with my son, 1080p 60 frames per second for everything that we would play keyboards comfortable i’m, going to do some programming on this see how that feels. I’Ve used big laptops, all my life. I have a 15.6 inch work. Laptop um i’ve got another 15 inch laptop floating around upstairs a 14 inch one. I like this small form factor i’m gon na design. Some joy con mounts for the side of this, so that you can uh. You know play some games with it um kind of make it feel like a nintendo switch um.

I got a lot in store for this, so i don’t have a fully formulated opinion. Yet this is just my first few hours with it i’m going to do some more benchmarks. Tests use it a bit after a week. I’Ll do a more thorough review on this device, so please stay tuned for those videos. So if you like this video, please hit the like button, maybe even subscribe.