There are still some manufacturers in China that are producing them. This one right here is the mix 2s, not to be confused with Xiaomi's mobile phone, with the exact same name, so not exactly an original name. Neither is this design completely original it's from the same odium that we see with GPD. Now I did review some time ago the GPD win, which is very similar, but that only had an atom chipset hernia. Now this one and why it interests me, is because it packs quite a bit of power, considering just how small doses, so it has an eighth generation core m3 8100 whi with a maximum tuber of 3.4 gigahertz, now that's a dual core chip, and it also has Paired up with 8 gigabytes of double data rate 3 RAM that runs at 1600, megahertz it's, not the fastest Ram. We do have a PCIe SSD in here, it's, 256 gigabytes. You get about 200 free on first boot, and certainly when I opened this up to see. If I could upgrade any components inside no upgrades whatsoever so that PCIe SSD is actually part of the motherboard, just like the RAM – and you kind of expect this with something so small, you can see the cram everything in there. The battery size is 6500 milliamp hours and the battery life, and this is then not very good it's one of the cons of this. It only lasts for about three and a half to four hours maximum in my testing and use of this over two weeks and not great the charge times: okay, it's just over 2 hours and 20 minutes or so to fully charge this by that type C.

Port – and you see, we do have active cooling, so this does have a fan and another con there. Because of that fan. It can get a little bit irritating at times using this when, especially when it ramps up to 100 it's a little noisy fan that is in this, so the build quality is excellent. The screen is a fully laminated IPS screen with maximum brightness of 540 Lux approximately. So that's very good, and it also does support a stylus and touch now the stylus. Sadly, I don't have because it just. I ordered this at the same time and it still hasn't even shipped out and I'm done, waiting around for that and you'll notice that we do have large bezels either side. Now the reason they've done this is to fit more of their keyboard in for us, but it's, very interesting to note that they didn't place a webcam in there, which I thought would have made use of that space and have been such a portable device. It should really have a webcam that's lacking that, which is a little bit unfortunate there. So the screen itself is alloy on the top of it very good, build all around it's, very solid, and when you flip it around, you can see it goes 180 degrees and also right back it's, quite stiff that hinge to 360 degrees. So that converts it then into a mini 7 inch tablet, which is a rather handy and useful to do this.

Of course you get the presentation modes, then you can prop it up like this. You can flip it over it into tip mode because it does have an accelerometer on this, so the screen will flip around now. The back. You can see right here, there's an exhaust fit so that's where the hot air is going to come out, and you do actually feel that little fan pushing air through that and, as you see later on in this review, that this little tiny PC does get quite Hot, so there's no ports on the left hand side on the right hand, side you can see. We have a USB type, a port that's, USB 3 spec. Then we have an HDMI out on this one. Now, unfortunately, no HDMI 4k 60 Hertz support this one. Outputs. Only 4k at 30 Hertz same for the type C port. Now I thought this type C port. They may full at USB 3.1 spec that we'll be able to get at least 60 Hertz out of this, but I couldn't do it with the Intel drivers. Now. The reason I say with the Intel drivers is, when I understand, install those drivers for a brief moment before we get drivers automatically installing with Windows. I do gain 4k 60 Hertz, which is really odd, so the Intel driver is limiting that for some reason. Now we have a little dot there, which is a microphone now. This might picks up a lot of noise from that fan.

So it's not very good, and the other thing too is a microSD card slot on here, it's only USB to spec, unfortunately it's a just a real tick card reader. There would have been great if it was an ultra high speed one. So they've got a few ports on there across 3.5 when we hit phone jack with mic support at least that's another way getting a mic. Without that fan noise. Now the keyboard you can see yeah it's, crammed it's small, and this is always going to happen on some that's. Only 7 inches it's all about compromises with these devices here, but I do believe that they've done a really good job with this one. Considering the space and the amount that they've taken advantage of this, I mean they've got on here: a fingerprint reader from focal tech. Now, they're switz, okay works with Windows, hello, so you can get quick entry without having to key in a passport. Just swipe your finger on that – and there is an optical Trek point here, so a little similar to the likes of those I'm hardware. Once you get the rubber tips on them, like the ones from the old IBM ThinkPads or the no Novo's but it's optical, so it's not really that good. In my experience, you need to swipe probably about two or three times to go from one side of the screen to the other, with a mouse pointer which is a little irritating, and if you do double tap on it at least it does support double tap, but That said, it's not a physical press in one it's, just optical for that, and we do have mouse buttons down there as well.

As you can see no backlit keyboard on this, but still great to see. We do have some controls there for the screen brightness and the Handy Print Screen button that I always like to have so they key travel on this as well is about one point: six millimeters. It is good and there is no keyboard flick. So, overall, considering the space the restrictions they've had on this they've done a good job with this keyboard. Now, taking a look at the benchmarks: I'm, just gon na show you a couple here: I'm, not big on benchmarks, synthetic ones, letters. So you can see a Geekbench, for we get a very decent score, considering that this can turbo up to three point: four, when the thermals permit on this and in the multi core score there of 6500 again, this is really good, considering it's only a dual core It'S doing pretty well to get a score like that. The same goes for OpenCL. This is the graphics core and that integrated in Tower 615 scores not too bad here as well. Pretty good performance from this it's all, depending of course, on those thermals now just to mention this at the towards the start of the video, so most are quite bad on this being so small, even though it does have the active fan before the phone ramps up To a hundred percent, it will run into some thermal throttling. You can see of hot temperatures here exceeding 90 degrees.

The back of it will get hot to the touch. So when you're doing something really demanding for about an hour now, this little laptop ships with Windows, 10 home it's version 1803, so it's, not the latest. You will have to run Windows Update now with the default Windows, 10 scaling. You will run into this problem now and then, with certain applications. You can see I'm about to install Adobe Premiere Pro CC, but I don't actually have the full screen here: it's right at the top there and there's no way even using the mouse cursor to bring this whole thing down, and that, of course, is because of the Windows, 10 scaling that's the culprit there. Now, if you set the scaling on 100, everything will show up but it'll be super tiny and really hard to make out. So you could edit 4k video on this 1080p, but it is very painful because everything is so small. Now, if you connect it up to an external monitor, then you'll be able to do this. I feel now set this getting to 100. You have to do this with Adobe Premiere Pro otherwise everything's just not going to be able to fit in there, and I did get some lock ups and some slowdowns where the app was not responding to at times. I just wanted to show you very quickly. The general performance you can expect from this so I'm just going to load up randomly here a whole bunch of pages in Chrome, so I just searched cars and we load some videos and whatever websites here that I can find just to give you an idea now.

I'Ve never done this before so. None of this is going to be cached in the browser. Performance is really good, so you're editing, Docs, Excel spreadsheets things like that you're not going to have an issue with this. This is very quick. I mean it feels like an. I 5 in i3 the performance of this and swapping between those tabs. As you know that so comment, the scrolling speed is good scrolling with touch also excellent here in chrome. You can see that that is smooth, and I will just tap on one of these links here and note that when you tap on the screen that, if you press a little too hard, you will have this effect here. You can see how it does rocks so. It'S very easy to end up tipping the the whole laptop here right back, so go over to some of those other tabs there and you'll see that's all loading and really quick. The performance will probably surprise a lot of you now. Our bias is completely locked out to us, so you cannot adjust at least hear the power limits that you can do it with Intel's XTU and on to gaming. So this integrated graphics that it has on here isn't actually too bad it's a lot more powerful than the likes of what you get, of course on the Gemini lake or the Apollo Lake, and this is on the low settings. 720P Counter Strike global Offensive and it hovers most of the time over 60 frames per second.

So this is really good and even sooner 720p, as you can see on the screen, it looks sharp enough windows games like ash, felt nine legends here they are working fine and you can use it in the tablet mode. I one thing: i have notice that when you flip the screen around, it does not disable the keyboards and it should actually do that. So will stream 4k and youtube with this hardware perfectly fine vp9 codecs a TVC for K, 100 megabits per second there's – no point in showing this because it does. It will find this hardware is quite powerful that's in here. So what about the audio? So the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack that I showed you at the start down here. It has microphone and support the quality out of it. I find to be ok, it's, decent it's, fine, there's, no static or interference. Nothing like that bothersome. Now the speaker there's just one inside so it's right in the middle here, and it just sort of resonates through the keyboard and comes out that way there but I'll give you a sample of it. But what sometimes does happen? Is you get a little bit of vibration coming through this, especially it will tracks that you're. Just listening to someone talk, for example, I store it will then install that and you can see it's running fine. I haven't had any problems with it. It is very fast. The performance, okay, so linux does boot up, it runs and even touch works now, because that this display really is like a seven inch tablet display its default orientation is portrait.

It comes out like this now, if i go through the settings in linux here and try to rotate it, i can't seem to do that. It doesn't. Let me so that's one hurdle you have to go around, but otherwise the wireless is working and everything so far seems to be working. Alright, guys so i'm glad that someone is still making these ultra mobile pcs, because someone has to otherwise really we're gon na. Have none of these around and this is one of the most powerful ones you can find so seven inch laptop packing. This kind of power is really good. Now the build quality is excellent. The keyboard it has its compromises. Long term use on this, like if you're going to type out a full massive essay or something on this keyboard, it will get frustrating and you're going to be longing for a full sized keyboard. But considering that, with these size constraints, they've had they've done a really good job, squeezing so much into it. So the fingerprint reader on there well got the mouse left and right. Okay, the TrackPoint, the optical one, it's, not brilliant, but it is better than nothing. We'Ve got a print screen struck out on here, and the keys. The feedback from them is good, it's, not backlit. I thought it was going to be backlit, but for some reason it's not with this one. Here i think on other models from GPD. They are. They have used the backlit keyboard, so we get a fair amount of ports on here, which is good saving the type c port and the hdmi do not support 4k 60 Hertz, which is bothersome to me, it's, something I wanted to run.

I don't like running my desktops in 4k at 30 Hertz it's too laggy, and I was hoping that this was going to be able to do it and it seems it's the Intel drivers limiting that. Okay, so we know the build is good. What about the performance that is also excellent, really for what it is. I find it's got a nice amount of power in here so for your office tasks medium to light computing needs. This is going to be really good. Now I do have a slight issue with the wireless, so the range of this is not the best, so the throughput you get depending on how far you are from your router really does suffer and drop off. I mean this is the Intel wireless AC, 31. 65 chip that it hasn't it's, not a two by two antenna setup, so not as good compared to say the 9000 or even older 8000 series of wireless AC chips from Intel you've got the Bluetooth 4.1. I think it is on this, which works, ok, that's, fine! It doesn't lag out and and drop off the wireless connection, at least when you're, using both of them so fan noise. It is very irritating once this thing gets hot and it does peak at around 93 degrees. It does run into thermal throttling, so that's going to happen, no matter what I think, because sometimes that fans just a little bit too slow to ramp up and when it does and know how to you, certainly hear it other people around.

You will hear it and it's a little bit irritating now I've been running this a lot of the time as a desktop PC because had it plugged into an external monitor and on and off that battery of the battery. Sorry, the fan is cycling, and it brings me to the battery life also really bad on this. You only get three to four and a half four hours. Even four and a half hours is very hard to get on this, going to turn that brightness right down and trying to do anything too demanding use the Windows 10 hour power saving modes too, as well. To get that to achieve that charge. Time is fine. It'S about two and a half hours with the built in little 30 watt power, delivery, charger so overall, plenty of compromises, as it expect for a PC of this size lacking a webcam, which is something I feel that should really have on this microphone is also quite Bad because it picks up all of that phone noise, so really need to think long and hard about. Do you really need a PC, this small with so many compromises and for the price of this is selling for around 600 u.s. it's expensive. But yes, it is powerful. So if you want that power pocketable, then maybe it is worth a look.