But i wanted to take a quick look at the out of the box experience if you try alternate operating systems like ubuntu, so i’ve got it running from a usb flash drive and i’ve already gone ahead and booted up here, and this is basically what you’ll see The first time that you load the operating system, which is it seems to be running fine but it’s, sideways and there’s, a relatively uh simple fix for that, but it’s sort of a temporary fix, which is you open up a terminal window? You type x, render x r, a n d, r, hyphen o and then normal and that’ll rotate the screen correctly. It’S, not a perfect fix and i’ll show you why, in a couple of minutes, but first i just wanted to show you that most of the basic functionality does seem to be working. Audio is recognized. Screen brightness can be adjusted i’m able to connect to my wi fi network, go ahead and brighten that screen just so. You see a little bit less of my reflection. Um and the keyboard shortcuts seem to work. I can enable or disable the backlight. I can adjust volume, brightness and so forth. So for the most part, it seems to work just fine as a laptop and you can go ahead and you know run your linux commands use the keyboard fire up. A web browser do a little web surfing and even the touch screen, as you can see, is supported here.

We’Ve got an on screen keyboard that you could use, or you can use the physical keyboard, audio playback and video playback. So, like i said, most basic functionality seems to work just fine. I haven’t tested pen input. I haven’t tested battery life because again i’m just running it from a flash drive here, but out of the box. Basically, it seems to work fine in laptop mode. Things get a little bit trickier if you want to use it as a tablet and i’ll show you why that is. We’Ve got a 360 degree display here, but if i try to rotate it into portrait orientation, it stays here in in landscape. If i try to switch it to landscape mode, it’s actually going to change to portrait and for some reason it thinks that the t button is being pressed down which didn’t happen. The last time i tried this um it’s kind of usable but it’s a little bit trickier to use when the automatic screen rotation does rotate the screen, but it rotates it in the wrong direction. So, overall, i would say that it’s probably going to be more usable. If you’re just sticking with a laptop experience, now again, this is the out of the box. Experience um and i can just go back to the terminal and x render normal uh. So this is the out of the box experience if you uh spend some more time. Tinkering know a little bit more about linux than i do.

You might have a better experience. Other operating systems might work better, but uh overall that’s what happens when you try to run ubuntu uh 20 point uh 21.04 on the um, this little device actually ubuntu 20.04.2 lts is what i’m running right now uh that’s. What i thought i had downloaded. I just forgot so uh check out lillapeting.com for more details about the one mix. Four, you can find more uh links in the description of this video as well and um yeah. This is the one mix. Four, with a 10.1 inch, 2560 by 1600 pixel display a intel core i5 1130 g7 processor.