I bought this on amazon, so the price is 59.95, so it says one by waco graphic drawing tablet for beginners small. So let me tell you why i bought this first since of cover i do virtual. I need to do some assignments, um that i need but write. My prompts, such as 365 divided by three, which i don’t know. The answer is when i need to solve my problem: the numbers come all wobbly and it’s, not good, better worse than you know, drawing it on a whiteboard or paper and then taking a picture of it and uploading i’m going to do that. I can adjust my handwriting, but with this i think, it’ll be easier, uh no battery required for the pen uh, it can connect to windows or a mac os yeah let’s open it. I guess let’s put my fingers through atmega. Okay, let’s do the same packages: okay, let’s, see. If i open this thing looks like it opens this way. Let’S first take this thing off: there’s some pads here to make it you know kind of stay here like that looks like it. Doesn’T really connect to anything. So it doesn’t draw it on now and here’s the usb that you connect to your computer and then you’re gon na start boom you’re drawing. So this is great for comic makers or people who draw for books or anything it’s, because when they try to do it on like a drawing website with the mouse or touchpad it’s gon na turn out horrible, i mean like wiggly and squiggly, and especially when you Draw the eyes the round part i do i draw the circles well, but not so good, but with this there’s, even little dots here that, let me see if you guys can see it there’s some dots here.

So you can you make straight lines straight down. Let’S see here’s the instructions there’s one tablet check one pen check: oh you’re, going nowhere right now stay there, you go uh in the package, there’s a little ringy thing and three of these little poles, the instruction which i’m holding right now and one usb check, which Means all of them are there, so it says to put the usb let’s receive this wrapper, so it says, to put: is there a hole somewhere, oh there’s, a hole right right there. So it says to connect one part of the usb, the small one right there. There you go, and then this probably will go to somewhere of a computer so i’m on this little website, where i’m going to be showing you how this tablet works. The tablet is right here. This is my computer, where i do my school work on hello. This cursor little cross thing is moving up and down because i’m hovering the pen over here. Okay, so i’m gon na solve some math problem. I believe you guys will not like it, but i like math myself. So what problem should i solve? Let’S do 287. I’M. Sure, it’s probably a diagonal, so you can also use this as a mouse hovering over it scratching on my tablet in order to make it erase or you can use these sparkle pens where i can you know kind of when i draw it these little nice sparkly Little waves that go up here, um i on my pen, if you see here i’m, not sure if you guys can see it, my father programmed this part the for example.

If i hold it like this way, the lower button to be you don’t hold the pen like this way right, so this little chip thingy to go downward. So this lower button is an undo button. So since i drew this little jelly thingy right here, if i press the lower button where my cursor boop yeah, it disappears – and this is a right click like on a mouse. The left click is, you know, kind of dragging things around and doing other things. Right click is, you know, kind of if you click it, you know the spelling or define the word or emojis so i’m going to draw something so let’s draw some numbers. One two three four five works: well because if you’re doing a mouse, first i’m doing touch pad right now, so let’s do one two three: if i do it, you know one move over two move over three, which one is better. Obviously, this one is way better. It’S, like you’re literally writing a pencil, though you’re doing on a tablet. Now i’m gon na undo button undo with my cursor anyway that’s what i’m looking for. Oh there, it is undo undo i’m doing doing doing doing. Do there you go well that’s really it for today subscribe subscribe, just a little shorter version and then i’ll see you guys soon bye, Music and literally dream, while i’m singing. I never knew. I could do it so pretty huh. This website is awesome.