However, there are some differences that you can see to start with it's only in this champagne gold, color, a fingerprint reader which works really well. Once you set this up, you can get into windows, really quick, faster than typing a password. You just place your finger on the on there unlocks and reads and go straight into Windows via Windows, hello. I cook an easy SSD slide, so it only requires two screws here: one for the flap on the outside, then one for the SSD itself. So you can insert your own set of three spec 22 by 42, millimeter SSD and then the biggest difference. This is the shoma 31 pro model, they call it which has the pentium in 4200. Now this has a maximum turbo of 2.5 gigahertz, so that is 300 megahertz faster than the typical n 3450 you'll find in the EZ bug. Free Pro it's got 4 gigabytes around so that's 2 gigabytes of RAM less now the GPU on it it's still the same, but it's now labeled as the Intel HD 505, which has 6 executional, cause more on there. So it is slightly faster and 50 megahertz more highest turbo speeds on that GPU clock now the keyboard is basically the same as you'll find on the easy book. 3 Pro. However, it is a very minor difference here and that where we have the button here to disable, the touchpad on the shoma 31 is actually just the scroll lock.

You'Ll see here on the jumper easy book 3 pro that's. The only difference that the keyboard is basically exactly the same it's, not a bad keyboard at all. I find it's good to type on, and we have around 2 1.2 for 2 to 5 millimeters or so of key travel and minimal flex. Here it is really quite solid, so the touch pad while it's in gold, it seems to have the same exact accuracy as the one on the easy book. 3 pro. So it's not really an improvement at all, maybe slightly more sensitive, but there could be down to drivers or something so having that eel and fingerprint reader in there has not actually changed the brand of use, which is unfortunate because the touchpad really is a very average Touchpad and not a precision one, so we don't have full control of the gestures. Poor lout is the same on the left. You have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, USB 3 port, which will power external hard drives and then a micro SD card slot. You can see that the micro SD s they fit in nice and flush, so there's no risk of them popping out inside a bag and you losing that expensive micro SD card on the right, mini HDMI out another USB 3 ports DCN for charging and a status Led and yes, you guess that the same exact matte coated 1080p IPS panel that's in here so the maximum brightness pops out to be approximately 250 lumens, which isn't bad, because it is matte coated.

Now that was a glossy display. I want a little bit more brightness there, so out of the box. The calibration of the screen does definitely lean towards the cool white and you cannotice that, but using the Intel software you're able to at least go in there and you can warm up the screen. A little bit just tweak that via the settings in there, so it's not really an issue there other than that the blacks, they're deep viewing angles are good, not a bad panel it's, certainly not the best, not quite as good as the Chui lat book 14.1 screen. That I looked at, but overall for the price, while at least and the jumper easy bug 3 Pro is a very decent screen and very usable thanks to that anti glare coating. No one does have dual array microphones here. So when you're talking on skype and at least not typing on the keyboard sounds quality is alright from those microphones, as well as the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, no problems with it, it's loud and it's, clear, there's, no interference. That tends to be a problem that experienced on the atoms but, of course, having the microphone so close to the keyboard that if you happen to be typing at the same time, you will get a lot of feedback, and you hear that over those microphones there is A webcam, of course, now it's 2 megapixels 720p and the quality really is nothing special it's below average.

I would say, if you're in good lighting it's. Alright, it does the job and that's really all you can expect in this price range, so that's the maximum that the screen will recline now, the hinge of it is quite stiff, there's, no problems with it and the overall build quality is very good. There'S no flex in the palm rest, the lid is all made out of this alloy and there are magnets that hold the lid down closed here and it is thin and like around 1.3 7 kilos. So when I first powered on the Troma 31, it was in Windows, 10 Chinese and I found absolutely no way like other notebooks I've looked at to install English. The language pack, inspiration just would not work. I could not get it to actually download, so I gave up on that and did a backup of the drivers which you can get from. My website take tablets, calm and I just installed then Windows 10 home in English, and it will activate with the license that and the bias so no problems there as long as you install Windows, 10 home, so a little bit of a hassle, the likes of the Jumper easy book 3 Pro have it already in English and various other European languages as well, so that is good on that model and poor on this one. This is really intended only for the Chinese domestic market, so some benchmarks here this is Geekbench.

For now you see the single core score is faster by 13 than their Polo Lake sauron in 3450. That is because this here to rose up to 2.5 gigahertz and the in 3450. You can see the scores this with the T book, for that has a maximum tuber of 2.2 gigahertz so that's. Why we have that difference there, but the multi core score here: isn't really much faster. Only about 5, which is quite poor there. Now the wireless speeds good speeds, not the fastest. I have seen from the Intel 3165 chipset that's dual band wireless AC and the range reasonably good. In fact, just exactly the same, I feel as the easy book 3 Pro here now. One positive is that the 64 gigabytes of emmc storage we get is even C 5 spec, so that means it's faster than your 4.5 spec. So a sequential right, speed here of 275 megabytes per second it's, very good, the read sorry and then the rate of 75 megabytes per second again that's, not bad for K, reads a little low and the writes they're perfectly fine for this spec of drive – and this Is the end to to benchmark here so it's around 13000 points higher only and most of that boosters, while coming from the higher clocks you get on the cpu? Gpu is a little bit better because it does have those six executional cause more on there versus the n 3450, and it also is 50 megahertz faster, but not really that much of a difference later on in this video we'll check out gaming and we'll.

Take a look if it really makes a noticeable difference or not there. So here is the battery life. This of the tips that I just ran you're looking at approximately seven hours now, if you drop the brightness down of the screen to about 25 internet use, you can probably squeeze about eight hours so it's very similar to that of the easy book. 3 Pro with the cell run in 3450, and as I mentioned in the beginning, the charge times are just under three hours to fully charge. This 12 volts 3 amps, so in real world use here, I've noticed that the pentium n 4200 doesn't really seem to be that much faster, only in benchmarks, that's the only place that's really showing because I'm still able to do the same amount of multitasking. I haven't noticed any speed improvement, so switching between the tabs here in chrome, so I have what is it now about six tabs open here and that's faster scrolling as fast things are still loading in relatively quick? Now it is not as fast as a court in three a lot of people get mistaken and thinking it's about the same kind of performance it's, not even as fast as the first generation ones like the 5y10 it's, still a little bit slower than that, and still A step down, but if you do install an SSD it's, certainly going to help with the multitasking if it is going to be swapping to the SSD, you won't notice it as much as the emmc, so i've got edge here.

In the background, I even have Photoshop here open, so you can do basic, minor, edits and like that, but just don't expect to be editing a two hour, long 4k video and then coding it on a laptop like this I mean it's not designed for that it's. All about battery life – and it is good at that, as you seen before the battery, so you can run this for a while and those chrome, chrome tabs. There are all very quick to swap over to so I'm just going to play now a quick example here of a tracker that I always test, and we have listened to those speakers. So you can hear from that that the speakers I mean they're, okay sounding, but they do vibrate a little at 100 volume. You can hear it's just vibrating in the metal chassis there, which isn't great now they aren't top of the line. Speakers nor you can expect that, for this kind of category of notebook, the kind of straight 800 x, 600 lot of settings very disappointing performance. I did expect a lot better than this from the N 4200, so it's struggling to get 30 frames per second and nothing like the civil top ear which had the power limits disabled that was getting around 40 to 50 frames per second with the exact same settings. So move on now and check out League of Legends and see how that one performs League legions, as you can see, playable frame rates around 56 frames per second now.

This is 1080p on the very low setting so that's great. So this one, I feel, is going to be perfectly fine, no issues with this. So a lot of titles like this one will be playable on this Apolo lake in 4200. So keep that running. In the background and we'll check now on these thermals, I have got HW info here and it has gotten itself up to 72 degrees. Now this is only been running 14 minutes, but I have tested it in the past on this one here and the thermals will not go above 80 degrees and there is no thermal throttling, so no problems there at all. The bias was completely unlocked. So we've got all of the settings be available to us, but we don't have control of the power limits, not that it really matters anymore, because we can of course override that now with that memory eat it. So I have a pin drive stuck in the USB 3 port, which is a Linux Mint. It'S 18.2 is the version of it I'm going to launch it now and see if it will run that ok, alright, so this is as far as it got it. Just jams up with this cursor or underscore here on the screen now I do know from experience that on the easy book 3 Pro and this model here as well will run, Linux Manjaro seems to boot. So try that distro you're going to have to really experiment.

What'S different ones that what is going to run, but it should run Linux without a problem. Ok, so end of the day that on OMA 31 is only faster in benchmarks, and really it is the easy bug. 3, Pro apart from its in a gold color, has a fingerprint reader and that easy access is the flap on the bottom. The slot there so really no point to go and get it go and get this one, which is the easy book 3 Pro. That is still the current king of the Apollo Lake budget laptops selling for around 229 us that makes it about 80 to 70 or it's cheaper than this shoma 31. So make sure you check out the review of this model and I do hope to see you back in the channel soon, with more up and coming reviews, I do have a few more Apollo Lake machines coming and the review. Of course, of that cube, I work.