Calm just got in front of me here, the on the v 9 19. A 3g dual boot tablet just have a few minor annoyances with this tablet that I've been reviewing at the moment now. I'Ve found that I've been having connection issues with the wireless now and then that it would pop up saying that my that my wireless is limited, that there is no internet connection. Although it's connected there is no connection and it was sometimes will be disconnecting. So that has been a little bit of an issue. I roll the performance running. Everything has been quite good. I'Ve had no real issues there, but i have had also problems with store windows, store, I've been trying and trying and trying to install asheville eight to test that against rival tablets. The x 98 air 3g from tech class – and I mean I haven't – had any luck. Trying to install that I'm, not too sure whether thats related to my connection issues. I have updated the driver with a realtek wireless, the latest driver for it, and i think well, i haven't had any limited connection issues anymore, but it just seems to take it forever and resulting in ear is often to download ash felt a so once i get That running, i will have more videos of some gaming's gaming on this device, so please do subscribe to my channel and any other little problems. I'Ve been having have been well minor, but well, no, actually not minor the available space on Windows.

Once I first got, the system was around nine point: well, nine and a half gigabytes, and that was actually slowly being eaten up, not sure the culprit was windows update, but it just went right down. I ain't only having about 700 megabytes free and I was really not sure what was causing that I did try to install, as I said dash. So I don't know whether that was that had something to do with it. But I ran out of free space on the disk on the c drive, so i had to perform a windows reset now once they did that I lost the duel switching Android here we have the possibility to switch over to Android, as it comes out sides going To switch to the operating system, now, when I reset the whole computer, that was missing well, the link was still there, but it was missing. So I couldn't swap over to android now they're managed to fix that there is effects to download a file that is linked in the description here to install the program. To do that. So there have been a few minor annoyances with this tablet. Program is actually right here, so you install that and that will come back. You will be able to switch and the emmc drivers squad rapid, it's, quite a fast I've benchmark data that 160 read and eighty right sequential right, which isn't bad at all for a tablet. Labor sits a high inks, emmc drive, so brand name drive it's, not too bad at all, and I will just show you a little bit of YouTube again that the speaker, volume and windows is higher than it as an Android.

So I will just find a video here on YouTube and, unlike android touching, the screen does not turn on the light behind the captive windows button. So we'll just find something here. So you can see. The volume is not extra too bad at all, but there is only one speaker in here. I did see some images of the internals of this tablet and there's only one speaker in there they're, not two speakers, even though there are two speaker grills under have been a little cheeky and just put one in there thinking that no one would notice well now I would notice if they hadn't opened it up so they're, not actually stereo speakers there, because you do have the headset jack on the top that you can use so that's a little look there at windows and my problems I've been having with this tablet. So, as I said once I can get that game installed, ash felt I will have a comparison to see how it runs against the tick last x98 air 3g see which one is smoother. They both have the same Hardware pota. It might be a slight difference when it comes to drivers and whatnot between the speed of the two thanks for watching my video now please do subscribe, because I will have more videos up and coming of this tablet if you are interested and of more Chinese tablets.