9. 1. 9. 3 G Core M. Now I've opened this one up because I've bricked to the bit yeah it's, not working at all. I managed to break it and don't really know how but flashing the Kjellberg by BIOS, not virus that I almost should have been a virus because it just rented the tablet deed, completely there's, something wouldn't turn on just a red light on the home button. That'S it and yeah yeah long story short I've got ta open it up. I need to reflash the BIOS chip here, which is a one bond chip with this little gadget right here. So this is the clip and the USB flash connect that up and hopefully bring this thing back to life. Otherwise it's dead and there's gon na be no review whatsoever, but I'm. I thought one might as well record this and show you the internals here that this is the obviously it's D Drive there it's the modem right here now this is replaceable. This is an m2, so 22 by 42 millimeters same as the SSD they're replaceable. You can put like 256 gigabyte one in there if you wanted to. These are be too high in RAM. This, of course, is our corium right there. Now the smaller little die there on the here I'm, pretty sure that is L dual core and over here's the Intel 5300 graphics, which is much larger there correct me if I'm wrong – maybe I am, I think, that's the way it works there.

Now the 3g sim slot here on my one doesn't think be working properly. Well, I can't seem to get it to tick to any. Sometimes I put in there the right way around, of course and it's not working at all there's. The 5 million pixel autofocus camera there like, and then we have the micro SD card reader, headphone jack, HDMI, 3G and Wireless antennas right here. The two battery cells now that doesn't quite a good job really with everything I think it looks pretty good. There was a problem with my microphone, it was working in a ball and it seems to be wide and okay, but I did notice that there's like a little plastic seal around them, probably to stop vibrations or noise or rattling around that. That was covering the front of the microphone probably causing it not to work too well and there's just a small gap in the front of the glass there that allows the sound to get in to record so it's, not working good. Hopefully I have fixed that and just had a lock on okay now the speaker does actually seem to be stereo, but it just has that one slot the bottom there and what else can I show you here? Real tick, chipset right here, that's all Wireless and this little real tick chip said: oh, where is it right here? That'S a sound and not much else, super bored down the bottom. Now the mother will call it seems good.

We have a metal bracket that is going around the outside here, and some of these screws were a little bit loose, so the guys are assembling those as he went careful with that now. The heatsink that they've used is all copper and it has this plastic on the back to stop it from shorting out on him. You think on the sensitive components there below it now, I actually think I've done quite a good job with this and I've also used quite a decent thermal paste there, when normally, when they use like a rough cheap one. But this one actually looks to be quite good. Doesn'T seem that bad at all, and I never had any problems with overheating. Anything like that. I think it's doing quite a good job there. It did not a bad job there and the plug right here is for a battery, so you can completely just remove that which I'm going to have to do when I do the BIOS flash here, which hopefully is gon na work out. Okay for me, and the USB 2 port is a bit of a bummer. Now they put this in here and not a USB 3. They could have probably had room to fit that and then just design the case of it differently, cut the hole out and yeah. I wish had really done that, but never mind and that DC jack up here if they never gets damaged there shouldn't be too hard to replace the mother bottle screwed in here too, so overall, not too bad.

The design of it, I think, is pretty good. The quality of the components I mean you've got high, inks, proper brand stuff, so overall, pretty good. That is the internals there of the Honda v9 193 Jeep Core M. Thank you for watching.