This is the under v. 9 19 3d corium in front of me here now I'm having a few problems, but their displays scaling and I've been trying to run some steam games and anything. But the native resolution results in this horrible yeah, look at it horrible resolution it's just squeezing it down or funny now being trying to adjust to this and play some games and steam and I'm running the default drivers. Here. This is from the official on the drivers. Pack that I installed now the problem is, the scaling is just all messed up here with these drivers. I don't know who's at fault here Intel I don't know, but it's it's just a mess, and I found out what I need to select is this maintain display scaling, maintain display? No, I need to get rid of that and I'm having trouble trying to do that and any of the games i run at the moment. So if i try and run I've just been trying to run, this head native resolution is going to look fine, but I need this. I need to scale the full screen now it's going to work there and that's, not the correct aspect ratio. So it looks horrible it's all stretched out and I'm having a lot of trouble here, just trying to run what's going to try and run counter strike and slow that bottom there – and this is the result – I'm, just having so much difficulty here, trying to get it To work correctly and tainting the video resolution, I can't actually hit apply so I'm trying to lower that down and yeah just ah loads of issues as you can see.

So if I try and kiss completely closed this off and see if I can go back to the desktop, if I can close it and then try and run it again, but then back to this horrible, this horrible resolution again, if I just go hang on – where Is it need to get rid of counter strike? Okay, i think as clear as I was that window back to this horrible resolution. Now, if I change back to I was it changing the actual scaling as well back to 106, I thought that might have been causing issues there, but as soon into a real nightmare, I've tried the latest winter. Sorry intel drivers to and no luck, you know, it's just a real problem here: they've changed the depth of properties now where's the resolution it's not even actually it's, not even going to. Let me change the resolution here. I don't know what is going on i'm going to have to go through the intel, graphics, drivers here and then change it. So i go back to the native resolution like that. I gave in start up normal again yeah, try and run the game and pull back to that same problem again and it's. Just a continuous loop I've spent too much time wasted, trying to fix this. So if anyone's got any solutions for us, please let me know I have tried running lower resolutions. Then the games always come out. Then I do have the correct drivers are installed from, as I said from under so, and I try the Intel update so I'm.

Out of ideas now, so you must got any ideas. Please leave a comment and thank you for watching the video. Hopefully I can get this sorted out, so I can actually do some proper gaming tests and grand varicella applications and things that might need the display to be scaling correctly.