I could run temperature check on both of these systems to see just how hot the onda v1 minus 6w really gets. That'S on my left, of course, of lifted video and on the right as the tech class, x98 ear, 3G. Just to see the difference between these chipsets, which, above the same they're, both apart by the atom z3580 6f, which has a top boost speed of 2.1 6 gigahertz, so just to see which one is hotter. If the under really is as hot as it feels that skidding, because to me it does get quite hot I've seen it get 288 degree. So let's see what the difference is between your two here. So I thought the fair test would be to run 3d mark. I have HW the info running in the background with the temperatures and both of the systems have been idle, so it's not like I've, been benchmarking, whether than this before anything like that, so so the fear as I can possibly get it. So what I do now is just run the benchmark and we'll see the temperatures and I'll run the extreme test. I think no, the unlimited you can see it really seems to be a bit of a speed difference that they take glass seems to be ahead even though random, but at the same time here of the under v11 6w, not really sure why that is, and you Can see the teclast x98 ears actually finished much quicker and the unders should be finishing up at any moment now, which it has.

So you can see there's a quite a bit of a score difference there too, which is surprising because my first original test, I managed to get 14000, which they teclast got a little bit the schools here. That is, fourteen thousand and three versus nine thousand. Three hundred. Ninety eight, which is interesting, would seem that the honor has throttled in this case, why I don't know because it wasn't actually running anything beforehand. So if I go back onto the desktop here, we'll have all the temperatures. So what temperature did the under manage to get on? They actually mixed out at 88 degrees, so it got very hot and the maximum temperature we see on the two clusters: 51, so that's, a huge difference, there's. Definitely a thermal issue with the onder v11. 6W I'll. Just zoom in here, so you can see those temperatures there, so you can see that it got up to 88 degrees which for me, is really that's just too hot, and if I now go over to the tick last x98 EF 3G, you can see they're both The same CPU, but look at that difference, 51 degrees max, which is quite a good temperature and it's planes. The performance to was a much better because it didn't throttle audience Ronald as much. Perhaps it did throttle, but I think it's 51 degrees it would be threatening at all so that's, actually not a bad request here. Someone asked me to do that.

I didn't think to compare the two temperatures, but the Honda is differently very hot and touching the back of it. It is quite warm just in this area right here. There is that differently, a little bit of heat there it's not too much but prolonged gaming. That will get quite warm and I've noticed it does get quite hot, so onda have perhaps a little design issue there. I do have a video up of the internals of the andar and it seems to have heat shielding around the the RAM and the CPU. Perhaps the thermal pads are using a not very good purposes. Poor contact well that's, causing heat buildup inside there, but it's not really an acceptable temperature. I'D say it's not damaging, but it does cause throttling, which in turn causes a performance issue causing the table to be slower than what it should be because it's throttling anyway, that see the video. If you did like this, if this was helpful, maybe helpful in your decision on buying one of these tablets here, please do give me a thumbs up. It really does help out and also do subscribe to. My videos.