You can just use an adapter, the society micro USB to normal size, USB adapter here. So using that I can run here a wireless mouse and keyboard and you can pal the device with the DC, like n, now it's, quite a short, cable, so HD for the purposes of this video don't have it plugged in. But if I look how long it is it's not really that long, but I can make sure you connect that and plug that in so I have the device powering using that USB here, which you can run pretty much everything off and then still be able to Use the USB to Jack on the side, so you can just plug this in here now and there we go so using my mouse. I can now access the files on this USB stick here, so it would show up here now there. It is it's just actually a USB windows and still stick that I have, but you can drag files off that, for example, I she pulled the files off my video files of my note 4 and drag them onto the desktop here poked it into the side. Right here and used the mouse still to do everything, so some users might like that it's quite handy its body. Only I don't have an issue come across t know that Chinese tablets that you can do this on yet maybe the pepo w3 or the w3. If thickness a USB to port or USB 3 port that allows you to do something similar, so you can charge and use two USB ports at the same time, which is quite handy thanks for watching this quick little video here, if you did like it, please give Me a thumbs up and do subscribe.

There will be more videos on more Chinese tablets.