Now this is a dual boot tablet. That is an 11.6 inch screen on it. Now this isn't a traditional unboxing because I've actually already opened it up. I had a bit of a battle, but the box and it didn't work out too well on my video. So I will do like an unboxing for you, so you can see what is actually in the box, but this is the one that I got off Aliexpress and I found that it had already actually been opened and the unit was put into English for me. So they probably saved me that house little china, you know figure out and fill around mother and put it into English Souls into bear. But here are the specs of the unit. So you can see that it's got the CPU that we have in a lot of tablets like the beyond rv9 one 9 or the tick last 6. 9. 8 ear 3g. So it has that. Is it 37 36? If that has a maximum boost? Speed of 2 point 16 gigahertz, 2 gigabytes of RAM and a 64 gigabyte e MMC, which is great because dual boots, I think, should that size should be the minimum size you get, because if you've got any lower than that I'm 32, you really do run into Space issues – and there is nothing really else on the box, so I'll just get into it here and show you the tablet itself: ok, so it's, quite a large unit being 11.

6. You can have a look that on the bottom. We have the port there for the keyboard. I don't actually have the keyboard. I asked the seller where's the keyboard. I want the keyboard, they could not give me any further information on that. I don't even think under. Has it released yet, or at least it's? Not a shipping out yet, but there is going to be a keyboard for it and hopefully it's a decent one. So you can see that it's, obviously in black finally it's good to have a few tablets in black and not them all in white. On the left side, here we have something that is really one of the big features of this to life. I think, is a full size, USB port, so that's really good. We have the 3.5 millimeter stereo jack speaker on the left and on the right side we have the right speaker. We have a little flap here which hides away a micro, SD card slot and a micro SIM card slot by the looks of it I'm, not having to sing sure that it's a normal size or in my crib and I'm, pretty sure this micro. I will confirm that in the later videos, when I'll do a speed test, so we have a DC jack, have an HDMI mini HDMI that's, not a micro and a mini USB port. We should be able to run OTG on that port as well. So you could do a transfer from one USB drive to the other if you wanted to which might be easier, especially when you've only got a small and a storage onboard these so its front facing camera.

There is a notification light here that comes on red when it's charging, we have a Windows captive button that will work in Android too, at least it should do. I will test that out and the back material. Is this plastic that if you can see in the video it's, very fingerprint magnet material really mm? Hmm, it is everywhere, look it's, very smudgy. It has I like a kind of dotted texture too it's a nice soft matte feel, but maybe not the best material to use, because it's just going to show fingerprints like crazy and it is already and I've only just got my hands on it. Okay, so without adieu let's power it on shoot it be powered on actually well it wasn't, hominid, okay, so I've saved a bit of time here, I've run some tests already. I don't get the stand here. The tablet itself is quite a bit heavier than what I'm used to with a nine point. Seven inch tablets and the weight I think is on the Box should be on the box here. The weight is not actually there, but I think it's about 800 grams, so it's just under a kilo – and these are a couple of the tests here that I ran. This is the internal drive, the sexually a SanDisk, just the SanDisk emmc and those speeds they're respectable they're, not the fastest I've seen but they're. Also not the worst, so they're good, they're kind of a mid range, they're, reasonably good reads: 4k.

Random reads: right: nothing! Special! There, but not too bad; no, it did test the USB port and it maxes out around 40, so it's, only USB 2 and I'll just plug in this is a extreme Sanders. 64 gigabyte here that I've got so. If I plug that in just to show you how handy that is, that's, just like like a surface or actually, the unit is more like a clone of the Dell Venue. 11 Pro to me, it seems to be oh and I forgot to show you in the Box here. Okay, we don't have anything really. You have a charger charge like that, so that the us it's got a USB plug and they gave me an adapter for the EU Ben I'm. Actually in New Zealand, so that's not relevant to me there's a USB cable. They gave me I'm, not too sure whether it will charge from film initially USB port and not the DC jacket has on the side charge. Cable itself is just right here, so you have this little plug that's, really quite long now. The plug itself, I mean, is long, but not the cable. The cable is, if you can see here, it's doubled up, but really it's. Not that long could be a bit longer would be nice but it's not unfortunately, and they're. Having a closer look here at this screen, you see that the brightness of the screens is actually quite low here. If I turn that up, that is just about middle sitting about 50 decreasing they're increasing that to 100, the screen is really bright.

I will test the screen brightness and report those results. Once I do a full written review on this tick tablets. Comm you'll find that tonal in about a week's time. I have a review up for it and if you angles are really good it's an IPS panel, so if you can see there they're the few angles are good. We still have that gap, so you've got the glass and then the IPS panel below that's, normal laminated displays and on the only and premium devices, like your Samsung Note, tab ES and surface for example. So those are the speeds there of the drives there's they're good. The touch sensitivity seems to be really quite good: there's, no problems not having any issues there and windows. Everything seems to be looking quite well know why let's the shoes so far just adjust that brightness there and if I run HW info, just have a look at what temperature's I'm running at the moment. It does seem to get warm just around this area here on the back, so in this area tends to be where I think the chipset it's just behind there. I bring that a little bit closer. You can see my temperatures, so the maximum temperatures have got up to around 68 degrees. 69 focus focus focus there. We go so that's where 60 got up to 74. That is quite warm. I haven't actually really been doing much. I wouldn't hang on this per meter and sing running here.

Maintenance in progress, it's gon na be slowing things down and there's a beam means stop maintenance. I don't know why that has actually started so that's, probably what's, causing the temperature there and closing at 7. Probably be a little bit slow, ok, so this is just the website here. Tic telecom, not exactly the lightest website, but it seems to be running fine, see in, taking a little while to load, not sure why that is maybe something you don't know. Internet connection it's not the fastest, those images, haven't loaded and yet and just to compare the size next to the surface. Three Pro you'll see here, but this is the surface right here. Well, excuse all the smudges on the screen, but you can see here that screen needs clean. You can see the size difference is actually probably about the whip. Actually they under V one one. Six is wider. Just a little bit than my surface three here and I've. Seen the thickness there we go quite similar in thickness. Just have a look there. You can see round about the same thickness to the surface three Pro Plus, both very different screens and against the tick last it's nine, eight ear. You can see there the size that the tickle has will fit into that, so a lot smaller. So it is a big tablet for some reason that hasn't actually loaded in probably that page. Okay, sorry, I didn't see this down here the script.

If something's played up there with a script, that's doctor page low – probably there we go it's better so now, if it does have a keyboard that is similar to this one here. This is the surface type cover. It obviously have something like that from it. A similar size you're. Looking at the tablet, probably looking a bit like this, so little almost like a almost like a surface to slash Dell Venue 11 Pro slash surface 3 because that's not gon na fit or work, they do get the idea. Maybe it'll look something like that. Hopefully, I'm just gon na make a quality keyboard for it, but we'll just have to wait and see what on to have for us, and hopefully I can get my hands on the keyboard now I haven't had any chance do any gaming on it. I will do some of that later, so please do subscribe and you'll get a message coming up. Well, if you subscribe, you see my videos that I'll do on this and it's too early to establish any battery life, but according to Betty bar Pro we're, looking at 6 hours, 20 minutes the battery size. There is just shy of it's around 8 thousand milliamp hours around the size of the tick glass, x98 ear, 3g and depending on what brightness on the screen, your one of course kept the button works. I will quickly show you the device manager before heading into Android. I have not actually wanted to Android it.

You can see the Play Store, works, so we'll try that so I would some of the device manager just to confirm what's on board. Okay, so have a look under the disk drives. Sorry hi inks HCG 8e. That is the internal e MMC drive at 64 gigabyte, one that I've used and let's have a look under network, probably be real tick, everything to be real. Here we go it's the same real tick, adapter that it's very common in these tablets, so real tick, Wireless and Bluetooth, and the display of course, is 1080p 1080p and if refresh rate should be 60 Hertz, that's, good, okay, so let's swap over now into Android same Setup as the dual boot v9 19 switch over to Android now let's have a look how long this will take. I will not cut the video or trim it. Okay. This is taking an awfully long time, so looks like I'm gon na have to pause the video and then resume once it boots up otherwise it's just too long to sit through this. I don't know what's happening, maybe it's the Windows updates or something that's running it's. Just taking off a long time to shut down okay, so it's funny rebooting, now into Android a hope as suspected it was doing a Windows Update so that took some time. Peace keep Windows Update there; okay, so they bloggers come up in green, so looks like Android. I hope see how long this takes there we go.

So this is the Android. Rom looks to be a couple of likely applications there, but typical under there is hardly any bloat, so it's, quite a I wouldn't, say stuff experience. The launcher, of course, is their own launcher, but there just seems to be this up here, which looks like some sort of store and what else not much more Game Center, of course that I think that's all in Chinese everything else here to see how it runs. I find the under Android wants to be actually quite good, much better than tick last ones, so maybe there's a few updates here I can run so. If you do check back or subscribe to my videos, I'll have some more up and coming what I will actually connect up. The 3G and I'll get onto PI store to stack up a game, see how that goes seems to be fast enough. Does the home button work? Yes, it does that's good. So, overall it seems to be just fine, so this Android 4.4.4 kitkat and I'll need to connect onto the internet. Everything Cosmo shall sit all of that up, so that's to switch there back into windows, click that and there we go so that's the under v1 one 6w dual boot. Thanks for watching this video, if you did like it, please give me a thumbs up.