Let you know my thoughts on the tablet. I'Ve been using it now for 13 days, so just shy of two weeks and their performance of the quorum is good, quite a good processor. I do like that processor and it's nice and fast for doing all your activities and things you would do on a tableau life and open up websites like videos all that stuff works really well. The internal SSD speed is quite quick. These are these speeds, hear of it, so you get 455 read and 150 approximately right, sequential those speeds are really good. What I do also liked about the tablet is that it has good port placements, so we have a micro, no micro, USB ports. We have full size USB ports on here, so we've got a full size. Usb 3, we have a power port here, microsd hdmi and the sim card slot, all in a really good position. It'S one of the positive things about this tablet. I do like the port placement it's quite good there, so we can use full normal USB peripherals to plug on. We don't have to use near those adapters in it. So this is the USB to put on the side. I can plug that in and that's great. I can load files up from that it's really nice to be able to do that. It'S, a couple of status LEDs on the side here, but mostly my time where this tablet has not been entirely positive.

Now I'll just go over, the the positives are pretty much almost covered here. The other positive is the screen or to show the brightness here is extremely bright, and this daylight at the moment coming in and this screen is really good, is in fact the brightest screen. I have tested on a tablet to date on the website, so very good, bright, brilliant display, good viewing angles, as you can see. Hopefully here that is all fine, but then this is when the negative start to come in here I found the touch response of the screen is not what I would expect, at least for a five hundred dollar tablet that this cost first off. I just do a quick demonstration, what happens sometimes, that there's not always happening, but just now and then it's, maybe a firmware with the touch driver with the digitizer glass on it. But if I just try and scroll around and move along here, some areas of the panel just aren't, that you see I'm having trouble scrolling there, that's sensitive, so try and drawing boxes here and now and then it's not actually it's, not working that bad. At the moment, but I think it happens more when the tablet is actually dot, so they dock it here and now go to you see what's happening. I can't seem to draw a full box and if I try and direct, I want to drag this image here over to here, for example, okay, that's going to work.

So if I want to drag her over this way, it's fine but now and then is just it's, not the most sensitive screen. I think the sensitivity should be a lot better than what it is. I kind of finally have to push a little harder, so it's not like an iPad or a galaxy cab there when it comes to using the screen there. Is you see what just need to be certain areas of the screen aren't as sensitive as others to the touch there, which are isn't one for all now another one of the negatives of this tablet is the cameras on them. The front camera is ok, but you notice that there's no rear camera. Now the the build quality itself of the tablet is good it's, not too bad. I mean it's, not wonderful. The Q by seven has a metallic banging metallic housing on it and if fuels are not a lot better than it's, actually thinner, it's, quite a thick tableau, but not not too bad the thickness and overall the build is good. But there is a bit of flexing in the case where the the front glass panel of meeting up with the rear plastic. There is a few little noises there in flexors, but I mean it could be worse. It could be likely under the 116 w, which had a very flimsy backing on it. There was just a fingerprint magnet. This is a little bit more resistant to fingerprints.

Hopefully you can. You can see their semi things, although that it's not actually showing up that bad they're, not like the big one 16 W the Bay trial version. Another issue is the the doc. The doc is, to be honest, very poor quality. It is not good. You might have seen some other videos if you have been interested in the tablet. The dock itself is very thin, flimsy in plastic it's, just all plastic keys have very poor travel. There is flicks and bounce you can see here. If I start to simulate talking here. Hopefully, you can pick that up that there's, a bit a lot of flex head, is about some of the keys. Another slide ef 1. If key here, doesn't really sit in nice and really the treble and the flex, it's just it's shocking, really it's, not a good keyboard at all. You think, on a tablet of this. What they're trying to create a quality tablet here on der that they would at least use a better keyboard like the cube. I seven keyboard is definitely much better than this I mean typing is fine. You can type on it. I'Ve done a bit of typing on it and I've been addicted. To talk about the whole review of this tablet, which you can find in tic tablets. Calm the written review with lots of photos benchmarks, you name it that's there, but yeah, not a good there's. This keyboard is not good at all, and the other thing is that I noticed it sometimes disconnects which I'll try and simulate here, sometimes just using it the slightest movement.

You hear that the keyboard just disconnected and reconnected. Just from that slight movement, there, it it's done that which is again poor, very poor. Often when i was typing writing a review, the keyboard would just suddenly stopped for a split second and then start up again. Why that's something i don't know but it's quite annoying to be going through that experience all right, and, as i mentioned, the performance of the tablet is good. There'S no complaints there, but when you do push it – and i was gaming on it for a little while it does get hot, it gets higher than hot, very hot ninety degrees, hot. It got higher than the QI seven that i've been testing that got up to around maybe 81 degrees. This is almost 10 degrees higher. In fact, I remember seeing 91, which is quite warm. It does throttle a little bit, probably something to do with the plastic backing. On the cube, 07 is metal and this one is plastic. So what I mean to say was the metal backing sorry on the q by seven and they'll probably dissipate the heat a little bit better. So this has been all plastic it's, not as good, probably at getting rid of some of that heat there. Now the headphone jack, which is just down the bottom here like in headphones here now. This port has interference over it, there's a buzz on there. That is not good at all there's, a slight buzz and a little not really has it's more of an interference.

That'S been caused, maybe it's been caused by the USB port. I don't be too sure, but again on a tablet, that's going to cost around 500 us. You don't want that you don't, want to have a buzzing noise over that port. There that's just not good at all so that's another negative towards the v1 16 W corium here from under now. The wireless reception on the tablet is fine, but what I have noticed they weren't using the wireless that often I've been getting it disconnecting on me – will come up right here with an asterisk. Seeing limited connection for no apparent reason. I'D have to turn the wireless off back on again and then I'm up and running. What also happened to me was I completely lost wireless, the driver just uninstalled itself or something went wrong deleted. I don't know anyway what I had to do with reboot the system. Reinstall the driver, and then I had one us up and running again so there's some kind of wireless issues there, which onda had the same problem. I remember on the v1 at the v 9 19 dual boot, a bit that I tested probably about three months, get it had the kind of same issues there so I'll to have a bit of a wireless issue problem with drivers something's going on there that they Do need to sort out, then. I think also that I noticed it was quite odd about the tablet that, when I use the on screen keyboard, do you see how it has the borders either side it's not stretching out to the full size of the screen, and I don't know why that is It'S not like I haven't selected to maximize it here, which I haves.

You can see there that that's the tablet and the smaller form that you can move around and when I want the full sized on screen keyboard there that it it is not stretching up properly. So you're not getting the full size there. I don't know why and I've done that and there's some kind of issue there with the the windows image that they've use the build I'm, not too sure, but yeah I mean this is the minor thing maybe, but it does kind of annoy me that too, when Using the tablet and in hand it's a little heavy, but the tablet itself is fine. What it's, really let down by what I feel is: okay, the wireless issues which have propped up now, men, but really it's this. This keyboard here is the ultimate thing. If onda can come out with an improved keyboard, I mean you can probably see on the camera here that all that looks like a nice keyboard, but I mean it's not look at it. It'S flexing their and those disconnections there and make it so frustrating annoying to type on and those USB ports and the port placement on the tablet. It'S fantastic. I like that it's really good as well thought out a lot better than the Q by seven, and I do have a comparison, video of both of those tablets that i'll put a link in this video off. So you can check that after you are interested, but i definitely recommend yet the cube I servant is a lot better core intel.

If you looking at koriians from china but i'll, be honest here and say i don't think you should look at Corrin. Tell us from China because look at the price you looking around movie 500 600 us you're better off getting yourself a dell venue 11 pro. I had one of those they're really good and there's a few other options out there as well there's. The Zeus you x, 305, if you don't, have to have a tool in one tablet: notebook laptop combo, then that is also a really good notebook to look at and there's a lot of options out there. I wouldn't bother getting a tablet at this price range from China because I mean I'm quite frustrated with this under here. I think that for the money you know it's too much of a risk. Maybe I got a dodgy unit, but everyone's going to have the same flimsy keyboard and this keyboard yeah is a big problem and it's not like you can use the quality, more quality, high quality keyboard from the cube I 7, that keyboard has the same docking port Book with Q, they have these points here which latch on they're a little further spaced out, so I can't use that keyboard on the under. So to sum it up, the tablet is good, but it's got some flaws there. That really do need to be addressed and I do recommend you look at other tablets out there. So if you liked this video, please do give me a light.

That'S helpful, and hopefully I may be saved you a bit of money from not buying this tablet, because i honestly i don't, i don't recommend it. The last lot of owners i've been looking at just haven't, really been up to quality, especially compared to the likes of tech last pepo or cube. There seem to be a lot better and if you want to see benchmarks on this tablet and find the details, please do check out the review on my site: tick tablets, calm. I go into quite a bit of detail there, so you can check through that. If you are considering this tablet still even after this video, then you've got a lot more information there. Thank you for watching the video and I will hopefully catch you in my next one do subscribe to my channel.