This is their latest tablet from them., So it’s running, Android 6. Unfortunately not the version 7. The latest Android version I’ve seen no tablets yet out of China running that it’s got 4 gigabytes of RAM 64 gigabytes of internal storage and a 10.1 inch screen with a 2560 by 1600 resolution, which is the same resolution as the chewy High Book Pro. If you remember that, when I reviewed that one still boot this one isn’t, so the chip sets a MediaTek, 6170, three let’s say: quad core it’s got to a 53 cortex CPUs and then to a 72 ones and their maximum turbo 2 gigahertz, and it also has Phoenix are with so this one. I got from banggood and they’ve used that super bubble wrap, so it should be in perfect condition. Came with post in also took about two and a half weeks to arrive so a little slow and I’ve included there. You can see a u.s. to EU power adaptor, alright, so there’s the tablet. Hopefully, that screen is fully laminated on check in just a second just some user manual, even though it is in fact all in Chinese and right here we have hopefully it’ll be all the cables and everything so DC charging. I can see already a microUSB cable and this charger is rated to 5 volts 3 amps and it looks to be the 2 millimeter plug there. So it weighs in at 585 grams – and it looks like that screen is fully laminated, which is great to see because we do not have many tablets at all we’re fully laminated displays on them so on the bottom Pogo port.

I did not actually expect to see this and slots there for probably a type cover style keyboard, although I don’t have it with me. I didn’t see any keyboard listed on there, so I have to hunt around and find out if I can get hold of that. So the design of it on the back actually looks a lot like the Chewie or cube tablets that I’ve seen recently for middle rare housing on here, and you can see there’s the autofocus camera and on the left side decian for charging. What looks to be either a status LED or microphone there, a micro, USB port and then HDMI out, which is another bonus good to see that on there too, on the top here, the power buttons. Now those are made out of plastic size, this whole top half. Here for the antenna reception, but you can see it’s quite thin, how they’ve slim that down just a little bit and on the left, hand, side 3.5, millimeter, headphone, jack, speaker, grille here and then a micro SD card slot up the front here and ambient light sensor. 2 megapixel front facing webcam and we do have a home button, which is a click, end style, and that also doubles as a fingerprint reader for your security there. So our thickness comes in to be nine point: five, five millimeters, which is really quite good and overall the build quality of it doesn’t feel too bad. I mean it’s, not perfect.

You can see along the top here with a plastic. It doesn’t quite have the same line to it: DC it’s, not exactly a perfect fit, but there’s, no flex or creaks or anything. I can feel and so far feels really solid. Alright, so it powered up very quick. Now I hit ran out of battery. It only had one percent, so I charged it. It took two hours to go from 1 to about 58 percent that I have now now. Looking at the display fully laminated looks very sharp. It’S got a pixel density of 300 PPI or 299. I think it is and that’s full brightness there, which is current overpowering, my camera settings and the Dulles sitting there, but reasonably good viewing angles. Well what you to expect for a fully laminated IPS, of course, I’ve still got the screen protector on there. Removing that you’ll find that the glass underneath probably will not be scratch resistant, so I wouldn’t risk it unless of course, you’re going to be using a case on it all the time and you won’t be scratching the screen. So Phoenix OS is very similar to remix. As you can see here, you’ve got the Start, menu and various applications. You can launch and run in a windowed mode, which is basically like having a five inch mobile phone screen on the desktop. So you can put things up side by side, but only applications that support it. So here, I’ve, just loaded up, Chrome and that performance seems ok, it’s a little sluggish the touch response as well as in as good as I would like, maybe it’s a screen protector but I’m, not too sure I think it just might be down to the settings.

I’Ve used now there was a firmware update that I downloaded for Phoenix OS. They did mention touch response. There touch sensitivity to increase that, so hopefully it was going to help out so full screening that now has gone into the website in full screen mode. Of course, a 1600 P display here their performance actually seems alright, it’s, not perfect. You can see there’s a little bit of stuff there and see how quick it’s going to load in this page. Now, the wireless it has onboard is apparently wireless, AC or wireless. In its dual band, definitely because they connect up to most five gigahertz network here, that’s, not too bad a little leggy and slow there Chrome. Now I wanted to show you just a couple of sample images here on my micro SD card and we’ll see you can see that’s a bit of multitasking now so I’ve got the windows up here. I could make chrome again small and bring this up drag, that around so handy it’s, more like a desktop environment but, of course running Android. Now the option to switch here OS, which will bring me into stock Android, which honestly I prefer. I find it just to be a little bit faster. Let’S have a look through these images. That’S a little slow. You can see loading that urn, but overall, the quality of the screen looks very good. Nice and sharp we’ve got 299 pixels per inch of that 2560.

By 1600 resolution idea that sliding look at that that’s laggy very slow, not as smooth as I would like for 4 gigabytes of RAM. Now these are, I think, 16, though 12 megapixel images, so it should be able to handle them just fine and not be so slow there. Now there are a few bloatware applications here. You can see this so whoo TV looks almost like a YouTube logo. Can’T uninstall. It so there’s going to be some apps. You cannot remove this one up here as well. I wonder if that can be removed. Uninstall knows blocked to me, so you’re going to need, of course, root access to be able to remove those bloatware applications. You’Ll see that they’ve partitions the 64 gigabytes of internal storage. We have a little different here: you’ve got one partition, Android system with 32 gigabytes and the other with almost 24 that’s called personal space, and that is my microSD card there. Of course, now just go through now and do the skin switch, which they call OS, which I’m going to go from the Phoenix OS over to stock Android didn’t reach the touch just then so it’s going to close all the apps and reload the skin, which would Be stock Android 6 we’ll see how long that takes super quick and you keep all your existing applications. You don’t need to reinstall everything else. I’Ve still got access to everything, and this, hopefully, is going to feel a bit quicker.

The touch – and I can see already know that performance little slow, but slightly better, I feel than the Phoenix I wish we had on there just before recently before switching over. This is yet definitely an improvement there and we’ll see now how it handles images. This is the stock gallery and you can see that as so much quicker a lot better, so Phoenix OS, very laggy. I just stick to stock Android on this. One here is the antutu score, so you can see it’s a lot better than those previous Android six tablets that I looked at like the cube t10 and the teclast octa core 98 optical. Sorry, those ones only got around 38 or 37. Thousands. This is about twice the power of those ones, mainly because of the GPU it’s, a lot more powerful than the Mallee 720. So if you’re wondering if it supports GPS – sadly no it does in which is a shame, because it would have been nice. You could have set this up as a fully laminated super large GPS unit for a car with Android Drive so scrolling performance. Has it improved in stock Android, six and the touchscreen response to me. It definitely feels a lot better, a lot faster than Phoenix OS. So I won’t be running Felix scenic honest. I don’t think ever I’ll just keep the stock Android, because the performance is a lot better. So the loudspeaker, just one single loudspeaker right here – sounds not really that good at all there’s crackle to it at 100 volume and, of course only one speaker means no stereo separation and only half as loud as it could be if it had two of them.

So, quite poor in the sound Department, now the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack sounds okay. I wish it had a little bit more volume to it. There’S, the faintest tiniest hint of static or interference coming through the line as well, which isn’t great just finished, running speed tests here’s a very good result. This is a lot faster than other tablets. I looked at so like the cube t10 that only had Wireless n 5 gigahertz band. This is getting the full proper speeds here now, with other good, really good, laptops and tablets. I can get around 300 megabits per second, which is my full fiber line speeds here, but this isn’t bad. I feel for this type of tablet now the range on it isn’t too good. If I go down to the other end of the studio here, those speeds will then haves down to around 110 upload and download. So I really do wish that the range was a little bit better there, but if you’re close enough to a router you’ll get excellent speeds out of it front facing camera, you can see the quality as vga it’s square, but it’s, okay. I believe this is going to be acceptable for skype. The framerate doesn’t look a full 30 frames per second, however, though, when you’re recording it’s, probably around something like 15 or 20, so i mean it’s, not a wonderful quality, but i have definitely seen worse than this. So i’ll fingerprint security at the bottom is hitting a mess at the moment.

It’S not working altogether, it’s just not scanning at all, so it was working before a little slow to unlock, but for some unknown reason it has completely stopped on me now. If you reboot the whole tablet, it will work again, but this isn’t good look it’s, not even registering anything, completely stopped working there, which is very poor so on to a little bit of gaming. Now the first game I’m going to test out here. This is a clash of Clan, so quite a light game. You can remember this is running at quite a high resolution, so the performance I feel is adequate. This is fine here, it’s, going to have a look at what it’s like now in a battle and if it’s going to get slowed down, doesn’t seem to be too bad. In fact, this game, you know, is perfectly playable. So what about a more demanding game? This is modern, combat 5, which, on those other tablets I tested out, was super laggy. This seems to be doing. Ok, as you can see, I mean sure. It’S got a few little stutters if they’re looking around, but I roll so much better and that 4 gigabytes of RAM on be helping to, and even out here with more action going on and a lot more to to display on screen. This is, I feel, playable sure it’s not the fastest, but I think most people would be happy with this performance. At least I am it’s it’s acceptable, now a swelled extreme another demanding game that has playable framerates.

Now this one surprised me: I thought it might be a little bit laggy er than this, but okay it’s, not perfect. You can see a few little stutters, but you’ve got to remember that it’s being displayed at that 2560 by 1600 resolution. So really it’s not doing bad at all and Mortal Kombat X, another game with yet again playable framerates. I thought this one might be a slide show but I’m happily surprised to see No so good performance here so far, so after that bit of gaming here I’m fitting quite a bit of heat around this area, it’s definitely heating up around 37 degrees, almost 38 there. So the longer your game on this, they do believe, is probably gon na get up to about ‘ degrees, which is hot to the touch okay. So what about multitasking performance? Now I’ve got a lot of apps running here and I can see that has become a little bit sluggish and a little slow as expected. The touch isn’t so responsive and quick. Now you can see I’m, sometimes struggling a little bit there to get it to just even scroll up and down between the apps, but switching between the apps and notice that these speed is okay, considering the hardware. But you can definitely see that it’s starting to to lag definitely now. I would expect this to happen on a quad core MediaTek, quite so that is the under 10 Pro, which starts at around 100 and a us for the 32 gigabyte version and then about 210.

For this model here, which is the 64 gigabyte one with 4 gigabytes of RAM, now the performance of it in general and stock Android, I find as okay. Now you would have noticed that sometimes the a touch input isn’t reaches, and that happens more so in Phoenix OS Phoenix OS performance. I found to be really quite bad. I just don’t, like it it’s a lot more Legia a lot of the times you tap on the screen. It just doesn’t even register at all. However, when you in stock Android, it improves, but it’s still not perfect. Now what surprised me is their performance here. I thought that Mortal Kombat X, which is running in the native screen resolution of 2560 by 1600, would be an utter mess. It would be a slide show, but happily there was performing well, it was perfectly playable. The device does heat up now. The screen on it is very nice it’s, sharp, it’s, bright and big thumbs up here fully laminated I’d love to see a lot more fully laminated tablets out of China, because really there are not a lot of them out there only a handful, which is a real Shame wireless AC performance is good as long as you’re in the same room or closer to the router as close as possible. Then it can get some really good speeds they’re very fast, for this kind of tablet. However, from the other side of the studio, I’ve got a couple of big, huge, thick stone walls that the signal has to pass by.

It does have the speed. So the range doesn’t feel to me as good as it should be, because we’ve got that plastic on the back there for the antenna reception. Now the build of it overall for onder is quite good, but there is a problem with the fingerprint reader that it’ll just stop working sometimes and when it does work, it’s incredibly slow to unlock the device. Now, battery life you’re looking around 5 to 6 hours, depending on what you’re doing and the screen brightness, if it’s just straight out gaming, then you look in about two and a half to three hours and it does yeah get hot too, as mentioned so better kind Of cons in mind, but I do feel that if the price is lowering down a little bit, you know if you could pick this up for about 160 us for the 32 gigabyte version or 170 it’s, not bad as they can improve the ROM there, because the Screen itself is good and the performance as you’ve seen there with gaming. I thought to be acceptable, especially when, compared to the cube t10 that I looked at and a teclast octa core. The 98 optical sorry, which was super lagging gaming, was dis, so poor that it was frustrating and it did not like it at all.