Yeah, like i said, cost around about 21 pounds, something like that and yeah the wireless, so we are going to be testing it and hopefully hopefully they will be all right right. So this is it keyboard and mouse, as you can see from there gon na, have a quick look around the box, nothing to see much technical specifications and manufacturers model number. So this is the cs3600 that’s about it. Really so let’s have a look. Don’T expect it to be fantastic, because it’s not going to be not for that sort of money. I wouldn’t thought so anyway, but we’re going to take a look at it, give it a full test and see how we get all of it. So there’s the mouse i’ll tell you what i’ll get everything out first, so that is everything you get in the box. So you get the instructions you get a mouse and a keyboard. I said: don’t expect it to be anything fantastic, but look at that. It doesn’t look too bad it’s quite light, but not too light, so it falls out your hand and the keys actually feel quite nice. Hopefully they’ll work. Fine, it takes double a batteries. It takes aaa batteries, not double a and looks like two of them. So i will need to get some of them in a second first impression: yeah, it looks okay, like i said i wasn’t, expecting it to be fantastic, but hopefully it’s good enough, my phone, oh, that, might take a battery as well yeah again.

Oh, that takes a double a, so it takes a big bigger battery. Yes, not ideal for me, because i’ve quite began, so i need a big mouth normally, but i want to do a review on this and yeah we’re going to give it a go. So what i want to do i’m, going to have quick, read the instructions. Hopefully there won’t be too complicated and we’re going to give her a test right. I’Ve had a quick rid of the instructions, and i thought well where’s the receiver then it’s in the mouse. In it, let me just quickly show you so undo that battery cover yeah this little baby usb, that is it so it’s stored in the mouse, which is a good idea by the way it’s a brilliant idea, so there’s, the receiver. All you have to do is plug that into your device that you want these two to work on and it should just work straight away. So we’ll be testing that right now, so, first of all i’m going to put the battery i’ll turn it off for now. We’Ll turn it on in a minute: let’s get the cover on turn this baby over and switch on. So it’s shown we have power, which is a good thing right then let’s plug her into a computer and see if she works right. Mouse works. Fine, no issues. Uh let’s get some text up, shall we which text open them up over there and let’s do a bit of typing? Oh, it works, number lock and it’s very quiet as well.

Caps, lock lights up as well. I, like the blue color, see that yeah blue led. It looks very nice. Actually, it does say: we’ll go into sleep mode, if not used for more than eight minutes, which is a very handy because you know not wasting battery scrolling scroll let’s have a quick guys. Scroll wheel, shall we let’s go youtube, so it’s got on youtube, so scroll, wheel, yeah, it works fine don’t forget you can go into your windows operating system or whatever one you’re using and you can adjust how fast or how slow you want the math to move. I mean that’s not too bad, actually that’s quite reasonable, but i’ve been playing about it for a few weeks now and yeah very pleased with the amount of money it cost. I wasn’t expecting it to be fantastic, it’s quite flexible, as you can probably see. So. Try not to flex it too much. You might end up breaking it. It’S ergonomically designed and you have this little lamp or reach whatever you want to call it like that to give it a tilt. So that is how you get your tilt. You can’t adjust the tilt it’s a fixed tilt, so it might not suit everyone. There’S no wrist support, neither it is just a wireless keyboard and it apparently it does up to about 30 to 33 foot distance. I have it sitting over there on that desk over there with the mouse and by the way it’s.

Quite a nice melted will quite blue for that it’s, a little bit small for my hands. Like i said earlier, i have quite big hands, but it does work very well and it’d be ideal for sitting in the bedroom as well. If you’re in bed or something and you’ve got a computer up there, you can just sit on the bed or in the bed and once you’ve got something flat, you can use a mouth on it. Yeah very nice well worth the amount of money it cost to buy this. I think it’s 21 pounds something like that. So yeah well worth the money and it is connected to that little tiny pc over here so yeah well worth it, and it just works that white mass left mass white mess, so it definitely works, definitely gets my thumbs up if you’re looking for cheap, no frills Wireless keyboard and mouse this might be the baby for you, it works. Does everything it’s supposed to do and yeah like? I said it just sits over there i’ll, let actually what i’ll do i’ll quickly show you. So basically, i would have it sitting there like so and that there or when my grandson comes around he likes to play things like that. He’S left handed so they move the mouse over to the left hand side. So with that, if you have any comments, please post them below and i will read them and uh. If you have any questions, i will try and answer them for you and, if you like, this video give me a thumbs up.