We were all expecting a nintendo switch pro, but it looks like we got a nintendo switch oled model. Now this model you’re not going to see huge leaps in power, because the internal specs are pretty much the same, but it looks like nintendo focused more on some quality of life improvements. First biggest change is like the name implies. We now have an oled screen and if you know anything about screens, oled is typically the best uh in terms of like just the way it looks the jury’s still out on how bright this thing will get. The nintendo switch is a device that you will take outdoors and you go all around with oled isn’t really known to get really really bright. So we’re gon na have to see how it performs in those situations, but hopefully nintendo’s done their homework and they got a good enough panel, where it’ll be bright enough but i’m telling you guys if it’s a nice oled panel, the colors should be great. They should be really nice and vibrant we’re gon na get those deep black, so we’re gon na get. That contrast. So hopefully we get a really nice image and they upped the screen size up to seven inches compared to the 6.2 that the original switch had now. For me, i became a fan of oled displays since the ps vita, when the first ps vita dropped. I think it was the ps vita 1000. It came with a nice, beautiful, oled display and then sony changed it up and then they went to.

I think, an lcd display night and day difference. It was nowhere near as good that’s why i never upgraded my vita. I always kept the 1000 and when i bought a new vita, it was also the 1000 model so that oled display i’m completely in love with, and i think people who have regular switches who upgrade to this will see a really nice difference. Fingers crossed. But i do like the fact that we got a seven inch display here without it becoming a bigger switch. It seems like it’s gon na keep the overall same footprint, but we’re gon na get smaller, bezels so big thumbs up for that now, one of the biggest quality of life changes that they made is we now have a wide adjustable stand. No longer do we have that crummy kickstand that nintendo had before now we have this wide stand, so it takes up the entire body of the screen. Uh, so it’s gon na be really easy to place it down somewhere. Think surface pro the microsoft surface, pro it’s going to be something like that, and that is a tried and true stance. So we’re going to be able to place this thing on pretty much anything even adjust the angle of the screen. So that is a really nice improvement, because the old kickstand was terrible, and did you see how far back that thing can go? It’S gon na be nice and apparently we’re getting enhanced audio so i’m, assuming some better speakers.

I don’t know how different it’ll sound compared to the original, but there was some room for improvement with the original switch. I found myself having to turn up the volume. Quite a lot mostly relied on headphones whenever i was outdoors because you really wouldn’t be able to hear that well, so i can’t wait to try that out but i’m glad to hear that that is coming too and we’ve also got some changes to the dock. Now i don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we don’t have the multi colored switch here. It’S been all white and we’ve also got this white dock, so kind of a page out of the playstation book, where it’s got that black and white color scheme going i’m. Honestly, not mad at all. I think this dock actually looks really clean, not as boxy as the original one looked and they’ve also included a wired lan port. So if you want to go ahead and use an ethernet cable, you can plug it in which is going to be great. If you want to play multiplayer games on your tv, so apex splatoon, you name it you’re, going to have a better connection which i’m personally not mad at, especially since the doc lives. You know near the tv. Probably in the you know, tv console area where you can have an ethernet port connected to it. So when you put it into the dock, you should get an overall, better experience.

You’Re going from 720p on the actual screen to 1080p on the tv people put out. Rumors that it was gon na be a 4k output, but i think that would probably be too much and we’d need a different cpu uh. This one has the same cpu so now putting it into the dock. Gives you a little bit more in terms of a cleaner, better experience and jay? The doc looks a lot better doesn’t it. The doc looks good and it i can’t tell, but it almost looks like they made it seem in the video like the logo, was glowing. Yeah, you see the glow right and when you have it on that, promote like that page, where they’re side by side, i can’t tell i don’t, know if it’s just like a shiny logo uh, but if it’s gl, if it glows that could be kind of cool That would be nice, but yes, i very much like the new look. I’M fine. Moving away from like the red and blue joy cons, listen, keep it clean. I take a page out of sony’s book. I, like it i’m all about it, but here’s the thing, though a lot of the stuff inside of this switch is the same, so we’re getting the same processor. I think the same wireless stats as well. They both have bluetooth 4.1, which i’m assuming will only work for the controllers. The joy cons they didn’t mention anything about being able to connect wireless audio, so we’re still not seeing the kind of bluetooth support for headphones.

That i would really want to see. I don’t know i don’t even know if that could come out with a software update you guys but that’s something nintendo needs to get on like it’s time. This is 2021.. Now this switch model is going to be ever so slightly heavier. But honestly, the numbers are so close that i don’t think anybody’s going to make a big deal about the difference, but i do like the fact that they increased the internal storage from 32 gigs to 64 gigs. So you get a little bit more space. To add more games, which will go a long way, memory cards are super cheap it’s, not a real big deal to get a memory card with a lot of storage uh, but having it internally before having to invest in another card. I think it’s a good move and they also mentioned the battery life, should be exactly the same. If you go on nintendo’s website, it’s still rated, for, i think four and a half to nine hours, depending on whatever it is you’re doing, and it takes three hours to charge so battery life and everything still exactly the same. We’Re not going to see any real benefits, i think from that oled screen. Typically, you would but it’s probably going to be pretty minuscule in terms of how the system actually performs there. I do think the biggest disappointment here is the fact that it’s still going to be the same processor, the same cpu gpu, so we’re not going to see any increased graphics or anything it’s.

Fine. I think nintendo switch games. Look fine enough, especially on that display. I i think it’ll be fine, as nintendo actually showed a couple of cool games. I think they featured breath of the wild too uh. The new pokemon game might have been a splatoon 3, not really sure, but they also showed some new games, but this is exciting. For me, uh, it comes out in october october, 8th and it’s going to go for 350 bucks versus the 300 standard, so i’m, okay, with the 50 buck increase. It is a much nicer display. You get the better kickstand, better audio, all that stuff uh the new dock. I like the new look. What do you guys think of the new nintendo switch? Is it enough to make you want to upgrade? I don’t think a lot of people will be running to upgrade their switches, especially if they already have one it’s, a big investment, but if you don’t have a switch october is going to be that time of the year to do it. Go ahead, pull the trigger. If you can find one, because i know it’s going to be impossible, but we’ll see how it goes. But let me know what you guys think down below in the comment section and i’ll catch you guys in the next one till then it’s, your average consumer peace.