You old, cute computer review, yep kind of feeling it’ll be dead. It looks like we’re gon na try and find um. Music. Music know oh right here, but it will be worth it. I only have 20 minutes to record this video because i’m leaving soon, which means i have like a couple minutes. I have to get this done in a short amount of time, or else i won’t be able to get out this video i’m gon na have to do it later. I don’t want to reschedule this video because it can take a long time. You know that will take long because i’m, not gon na, do it but anyways we’re back Music video, but really i kind of don’t care. I just spent basically two minutes trying to pull out the charger plug it into my power strip. The electricity itself light up. Actually kind of hurt my eyeballs all right, anyways, i plugged it in. Oh, it turns on okay, it uh it turns on pc turns on now. If it has a password, i probably won’t, remember but i’m pretty confident. This doesn’t have a password, no i’m, praying it doesn’t have one well, it works. It turns on it’s way better. The quality is way better from what on you’re seeing. But if you saw from my eyes, it’s, probably yep it just took a little bit. The heck is this curse. Oh yeah, it’s windows, 7.. Welcome. I also haven’t seen the screen in like forever.

Oh okay, that’s, like the old flashback, music, all right, let’s open up file explorer uneven bro. I don’t even think this is called file explorer. It might not even be called file explorer home network all right, anyways let’s, move that out the way it’s got microsoft. Word look at that. The old microsoft word for 2010. that’s. Actually, the year i was born 2010 nice, so that still works well, that’s nice. Does it close, though, all right let’s go to google chrome, i don’t even know what background this is, but it is kind of cool all right. Oh wait. I wonder if it still is adobe flash all right, we’re gon na try and log into my regular account real quickly. So you guys gon na keep seriously slow. Okay, so far, it’s working, hey! It worked let’s turn on sync and open this bad boy up. Oh, it worked. It brought over stuff. Okay, i’m gon na open up this little classroom. Oh wait! I don’t have any classrooms on here. Let’S, look up roblox there we this go is how my web browser look looks like on that pc. Oh no, don’t! Look at that all right now, let’s see. Did it keep my passwords on. I got ta make sure. Oh it’s, my brother’s account. Oh, it worked. It worked. Okay, where’s my set. I can’t, i think that’s, the right one yeah, i don’t know i haven’t my role. Oh yep, it worked okay, we’re on roblox, i can’t show those friends because they’re, actually it probably doesn’t matter, yeah worked as i expected now let’s look at oh, i did not mean to open up that and internet explorer alright.

What is this called? Let me help over it because explorer it’s called windows explorer so it’s not called file explorer it’s called windows, explorer. Look at my downloads, oh it’s got roblox and then fortnite and that’s pretty much it and it’s got chrome setup. The last time i ever touched this computer was the 14th wait a minute it’s, not right! Oh wait! It is right. The last time i touched, this computer was may 14th 2021., not 2021 2020, because this video is coming out on may 1st 2021 and the last time i ever opened. This was the 5th of 14, the 14th of the 5th on 2021. The first time i ever opened this up was the it was april, 9 2018, which i’m pretty sure it’s, just like a sound sunday or saturday, i’m, pretty sure, it’s a sunday. So this computer is really old, like really old. All right because look at this – this is super old and i might be even posting one of these tech. Another tech review video sometime around – i know i’m – probably not cause i’m, not a daily basis youtuber, but i have another computer i haven’t been on for in a while, actually, multiple computers that i i gave one to my sister but anyways. This is pretty cool to come back and look at this i mean it’s definitely way different. I remember when i used to use this computer. I vaguely remember one of my other computers.

I had like a broken battery, so it it had to be plugged in and i’m pretty sure that’s what happened on this one battery information. You look at this because this couldn’t put yeah. I don’t know if this works or not. I am not positivity on. If this works, oh it does it’ll take five hours to become fully charged mind you. I will be back home in about 24, so i would have like three batteries, no more. It would have around if i estimated it like five batteries, a hundred percent worth like that, because i’ll be gone for like a whole day, pretty much because i’m leaving in seven minutes, i don’t know wait it’s at the right time. Can’T tell yeah it’s the right time: okay, so i’m relieving well now it’s six minutes but i’m leaving and at two o’clock and it’s 1 54. Currently so i have literally six minutes left to create this and to finish off this video before we’re gon na go but we’re, probably gon na leave. We might leave a little bit later, but yeah. This is my computer that i got around when i was seven. Eight years old, maybe – and i never really um looked at this – i never really go on this. Oh my god. I think i remember this. Oh, i know never mind it’s, not what i think i thought it was but yeah i actually didn’t, actually let’s check out to see yeah.

Okay, all right anyways back to my game, all right, let’s see if it actually loads up, roblox or not come on come on. It is really old, so it might take a little bit but come on it isn’t loading. I want to check out if my email still loads, different i’m, guessing yep nope it’s still is the same i’m gon na have to get rid of this, because you guys aren’t allowed to see my email, because that would just be bad hold on.