? What do we want? Cheap tablets? Yeah.? No, you dont buying your grandparents.. A bad tablet is borderline elder abuse.. So when Anthony told us his dad needed a new tablet, I did what any tech nerd would do and said Just get him an iPad. Thats too expensive.. It has to be less than 250. Thats a little tougher.. The budget tablet market is an absolute minefield of low spec and ad infested. Junk., Not wanting Anthonys dad to suffer.. I did the next thing that I know how to do.. I paid someone else to go and find the best tablet for 250 or less. Just like how MSI paid me for this sponsor spot. MSI optic, MPG, 3, 21 QRF QD Is a 32 inch. 1440, P quantum monitor with up to a 175 Hertz refresh rate., Learn more at the link down below. upbeat techno music. We ended up with five budget tablets, some new some refurbished, some surprisingly good, and some surprisingly bad, regardless of our conclusions., Were gon na have all of them linked down below. If you think one of them might be right for you. Lets start with the 98. On 10.1 inch tablet, or as I call it, the e waste special. Walmart, you truly spared every expense here.. For starters, this is the only tablet in our roundup that actually has a plastic screen.. The two megapixel shooter takes photos like a 2006 flip phone and the selfie camera. EEHHH. You look so pale.

. Have you been eating Honestly? I think itll make your grandmother cry when she sees your on a video call., My boy.. It makes weird noises when you hold it like it. cracking noises Kinda creek sometimes, but as Lenox has shown, us. Garbage hardware can be redeemed by good software., And this is the only tablet of the bunch that runs the very lightweight Android Go OS.. Unfortunately, it still chugs even just swiping through the homepages., You also cant split screen 2 apps. And while it does come with an interesting feature, called Google Entertainment Space that provides recommendations for things to watch, read, listen to or play on your tablet.. They well maybe its better to just show you.. This movie, for instance, is clearly missed labeled. If youve listened to the There Just Movies podcast episode on Licorice Pizza. I think youll know that this aint it. And we could play games like Twerk Race, 3d. laughing. In background, Oh my goodness. Theres, broccoli and burgers and. What the So I avoid. Broccoli. Got to size up your badonkadonk., I dont understand.. I got a new skin. That would be horrible, even if it was running smoothly.. Thankfully, it runs the one thing that matters. LTT store.com. New couch, ripper, pillows, swacket, restock hot flannel.. Oh and weve got a new feature where you can mouse over to see the size, the models wearing. Super cool.. Of course many people buy tablets purely for watching videos. On the go.

, So hows the media experience tropical music. All Ill say is your 2 year old probably wont care, but I think Anthonys dad deserves better.. Thankfully, a 50 jump in price brings us to the significantly better. Amazon Fire. Hd 10. Amazons tablets have long dominated the budget segment and for good reason.. This one is reasonably rugged.. Despite its plastic chassis, the full HD display manages to avoid actively harming the content.. The speakers sound good up to about 50 volume. tropical music And the SOC can handle some light multitasking, especially if you stick to the lightweight integrated apps., The big gotcha., The penis rocket billionaires, ecosystem. Amazon uses Fire OS a fork of Android and they absolutely hate Google.. So that means youre stuck with the Amazon app store, rather than the play store. And its got about 1 7th, the number of apps. Not only that., But Google apps Nah uh., Not even YouTube or Gmail. Only WebApp versions are available and its even missing popular games. Like Genshin Impact and Pokemon Go., The thing is to help these tablets punch above their price. Class., Amazon, subsidizes the hardware by cutting out Googles, 30 cut on app revenue and replacing it with their own., And they also push the user hard to subscribe to their services.. You can install the Google play store and enable Google services by downloading the relevant APKs. And for the sake of testing. We did do that, but it is a major inconvenience, especially if youre, not that tech, savvy and especialer or if youre, moving from an older Android tablet like Anthonys dad.

, Stepping up to the 200 price range, then and not being impressed by the big manufacturers.. We found this promising little bundle called the Kingpad K10 Pro. electric guitar Sup Vast King. The pro moniker might be a little optimistic, but I guess Vast Kings point is, then they mean business with the keyboard, folio and active stylist. All included.. You will be business chic on the cheap, with this entire package costing just 40 more than Apples, standalone, Smart, Keyboard. And shockingly this keyboard is actually better than the Apple one.. The included stylist, though, is pretty mediocre.. It has pressure sensitivity, but no angle. Detection., Though it does come with an easily replaceable quadruple A battery and it glides nicely across the screen without bumps or grinding., Speaking, of which Twerk Race 3d runs like a dream on this bad boy., The Unisoc T 6 18 chip set proves to be adequately capable. To actually the same chip Samsung is using in their brand new A8 series tablets. And the full HD display is sharp, but only manages dim washed out colors compared to our other competitors. tropical music And the speakers are disappointingly tinny. Also to save money. The devs have skipped out on wide vine, DRM certification., Meaning that you wont be able to stream an HD from services like Netflix and battery life is pretty underwhelming., So media consumption, aint, great and the Kings pads productivity aspirations get hamstrung somewhat by its bare bones. Android 10 operating system.

, At least it can open two apps simultaneously though, but compared to the multitasking capabilities of tablets from the likes of Samsung and Apple. It falls well short.. Now, beyond the 200 mark, we are getting dangerously near the edge of what we can safely call budget but. harp music, Oh whats, this, My God, its iPad, the Gray, the Clean X of tablets and at just 230. Apple, makes up 58 of the worldwide tablet. Market. And thats for good reason.. This right here is a refurbished 6 generation unit from 2018 sporting Apples, A 10 SOC.. And what is there for me to say Even as a PC, Android kind of guy.? I recognize that the iPad is just plain better than the competition. But hold on a second.. Is this 4 year old 32 gigabyte model the right deal at 230? Only you can answer that.. Our other honorable mention is the base model, 9th Gen iPad for just a 100 more.. Its gon na have software support for much longer., Its got better. Well. Everything. And if it holds its value nearly as well as the 6th Gen model did., You should be able to flip it for a decent price when you feel like upgrading., Also without expandable storage. This 32 gigs is gon na fill up pretty fast.. Every other tablet we looked at has expandable storage but Apples too good for that.. Finally, at the top of our budget, we have the Galaxy Tab S Six Light which, while it is listed at 279.

99 on Samsungs website, has been going for 250, pretty frequently these days at retailers like Amazon., And you can probably expect prices to drop a bit more. As Samsung rolls out its new 8 Series tablet, lineup, bundled with Samsungs excellent Spen. You get the best screen out of the bunch, the best speakers second best software and the best build quality out of the lot. And with a 13 hour battery a number it very. Nearly achieved in our battery test., This tablet is a great deal at 250 bucks.. Yes, the device is coming on 2 years old at this point, and design doesnt have the best track record for software support, but this is such a good piece of hardware., Its at least worth giving a second look to.. Some things to note, though, is that, even though this is a pricier tablet, Samsung has long struggled with GPU performance on their EXOS chips and that shows here. The gaming performance on this thing. Doesnt keep up with even the 4 year old iPad and in Geekbench it was only slightly better than the King pad.. So there you go. Anthonys, dad thats our rundown., Which one will you buy Realistically theres, no way you were gon na. Take the ONN thing right, Not at all. Yeah., I didnt think so., Okay, so which one do you think is the best fit for you For me. I would have to settle for the Samsung 6 Light.. Well, Ive got a little surprised for you.

. We are actually going to just send this one to you.. You dont have to worry about the budget for it at all., Its yours. Seriously. Oh sweet., You gave us Anthony., So I feel like its the least. We can do. Thats very Thats, very nice of you.. Thank you very much., No no. Thank our sponsor. Manscaped. Menscaped. Ultra premium collection is an all in one skin and hair care kit for the everyday man and covers you from head to toe. Its all new. Theres, the two in one shampoo and conditioner., Their body wash with cologne scent., Their hydrating body, spray. Their deodorant. And a Free gift, moisturizing lip balm, your man, maintenance, just got easier. And best of all all of Menscaps products in the ultra premium. Collection are cruelty, free Paran, free and vegan. Visit, manscape.comtech or click the link down below for 20 off and free shipping.. So what do you guys think Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments, if you like this video youll, probably like our video on the cheapest tablet on the market., It literally fell apart in my hands., Go check it out.