This has caused all the planets elite to be re baked, but they did come with a rather serious flaw. Today’S video is sponsored by secret lab. We all strive for the best possible gaming experience, but the importance of a good quality chair is often underestimated. Secret lab produces some of the most comfortable and high quality gaming chairs. You can get so upgrade your commander chair today and fly in style and comfort. Follow the link in the video description to their store type in your height, your weight, and it will tell you which chairs fit you for the best possible seating experience. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to elite dangerous. Today, i want to talk about an issue with the plan attack in elite, dangerous odyssey that has caused quite a stir in the exploration community and to kind of get things started i’m out here in the middle of nowhere um i was out on expiration alt and I was in a system um, not the first to discover you’re going to see some gandalf has been here before, but the specific munamon has not been scanned before i’m. The first one ever to scan this planet no one’s been here before and i was flying over. The planet nice little icy moon, looks relatively pretty, was looking for some plants and was flying over this crater, and if you can look at this, it kind of looks off to me. It kind of looks like a repeating pattern and upon further investigation you can see that little ridge there right in front of us now look at that rich center screen.

There look at those toes those two ridges next to each other. You can see them. As you begin to look around multiple sp places all same alignment exactly the same little ridge scattered across the planet’s surface, and this has been documented by multiple people where they have spotted the same exact. Same geological features copy pasted across a planet surface, often in a very repeating pattern, and this is not just on a small scale like this. This is on all scales from the smaller fine details as we’re looking at here. All the way up to big scales, um like planet size features, are also being reused across the same planet all over again. Now this specific planet is a minor thing. This is a small thing. You don’t really notice a lot of the patterns from orbit. You only notice that once you get down close to that range, but as i mentioned, this is happening on all scales and when i see screenshots like this pop up, which is from uh in saint golgoth, one of the in house explorers on my discord server, i Mean it is so clear here on this screenshot that the same patterns are being reused over and over again, i just stretched across the planet surface on the forum. There is a wonderful thread by black maze where he highlights the same things here, for instance, you can see where he highlighted the same features being used in this case six times on the same planet and on that just that side of the planet just stretched and Rotated in different directions – and here we can see a feature that’s not too dissimilar to the features we found here there here – that just stretch out to be much much larger to a much bigger scale, and you can also see in a screenshots like this, where you Can see the same geological features reused on the different planets now, so what does this tell us? Well, it tells me that the planets are not just randomly generated from noise from just pure randomness.

They are randomized by having a number of handcrafted features that are then randomly placed and for some reason the same features are being reused too often on the same planet. I don’t know why that is, but it seems there is some kind of bug that causes the same geological features to be reused in a repeating pattern across the planets. Now this is a huge issue, because this is not something frontier can just fix by flipping a switch, because, as i mentioned the beginning, the planets are what frucia called baked. I don’t know what this baking process exactly includes and if there’s someone out there who is more proficient as a game developer than me comment section is down below. Please explain but the way i understand this, this baking process means they are doing some kind of pre calculation to all the planets to kind of generate these maps of the surface of the planet. If this is just all the existing planets that they are remodeling, um i’m, not sure, but it it means that there is some kind of process that they’re doing to the planets before they put them in game, and that process is something that they run once. I guess and that’s kind of the baking process, and once that is done, the planet is then finished and that’s the way it’s going to look. Of course, it will then be procedurally generated as you fly, but it’s going to be procedurally generated by basically taking lego bricks and just placing them around and for some reason, some planets just takes a lot of yellow bricks and used them in a repeating pattern.

Now, with the risk of sounding like a broken record, stuff like this is why we needed an extended beta test before odyssey was launched. Not only would stuff like this probably been discovered before the launch, but a lot of the other box and performance issues that we saw would probably also have been able to be fixed before the actual launch. However, i don’t necessarily see this as being a massive issue. I mean it’s, not game, breaking it’s immersion breaking for sure, but it’s not game breaking. The problem is that for the exploration community, i think the immersion is a huge part for players who play maybe for the exploration side of it. They want to have that feeling that they’re out there in the black on their own, discovering new worlds that nobody has ever seen before and when you then come across a planet that looks like this. It kind of breaks that feeling and that’s why it’s it’s so detrimental, i think, for a lot of explorers and why it’s caused such a stir as it helps now. I just wanted to draw some attention this, hoping that this is something we’re gon na see fixed in the future. I really hope that i’m wrong and that this is something francia can fix relatively easily without having to regenerate every single planet in elite. But i guess only time will tell, but regardless i would love to hear your opinion in the comment section.

Do you think this is a non issue, it’s, just a small visual glitch, or do you think this is absolutely game breaking for you post it in the comment section but that’s gon na be it for today, thanks for watching, please do consider subscribing to the channel.