This is their newest single board computer to hit the market and theyre, offering two different variants. Really, the only thing that changes between the two is the ram amount. We have four gigs of ram or eight. I opted to pick up the eight gigabyte version, and this is going for ninety dollars over on their website right now. This little board does support an m.2, nvme ssd and you can boot directly from it right out of the box. I was able to boot from that. We also have the option to add an emmc module from hard kernel, or we can always boot from a micro sd card, taking a look at the overall layout of the board, its actually a larger single board computer when you compare it to others. But we have a lot of i o to work with. First up we have the m.2 slot. This does support an nvme ssd its running at pcie, 3×2 speeds, along with the m.2. We also have a sata port here and sata power. You will have to get the sata power cable separately, but they also offer a mounting system to mount. A 2.5 inch drive over top of the board. Weve also got a micro sd card slot, emmc module slot, a 3.5 millimeter audio jack, an ir receiver, and this does have a real time clock built in. So you can use an rtc battery right here. Weve also got access to 40 gpio pins and a dsi connector, so we can do dual displays out one over dsi one over hdmi 2.

0 dsi supports 800 by 600, usb 2.0, 4k. 60.. Moving around to the back side. We have our power input and this supports 12 volts im going to be using a 12 volt 2 amp power supply thats. What they suggest. Weve got two usb 3.0 ports, two full size, usb 2.0 ports plus micro, usb 2.0, full size, hdmi 2.0. This will do 4k, 60 out and gigabit ethernet. As you can see, this does have a pre installed, heatsink its pretty massive and i havent had to add a fan to it. You could always add a fan. There is a header for 5 volts out. If you want to, but in my test this works passively cool, just fine, no thermal throttling moving over to the specs for the cpu. This is using the rockchip arcade 3568, its a quad core cortex a55 cpu running at 1.99 gigahertz. The gpu is a mali g52 mp2 at 800 megahertz. You can pick this up with either four gigs or eight gigs of ram its using lp, ddr4 storage, weve covered it, but weve got an m.2 slot, sd, emmc and sata, and right now over on their website. Theyre, offering an android, 11 image and ubuntu but im sure well see a lot of stuff coming to this in the near future, its still really early for the m1. In this first look, video were going to be testing out their android 11 build and i will do another video dedicated to ubuntu when it comes to my setup im just going to go ahead and add an rtc battery.

I have a bunch of these laying around and weve got a spot for it. Mine as well. Ive got android 11 installed on that 32 gigabyte, emmc module and ive also installed ubuntu on that m.2 drive well be doing a full video on ubuntu, but i kind of wanted to get android out of the way first and once its set up. It looks something like this uh. The first thing were going to be testing here is android 11., like i mentioned its still really early for the m1, but they do have an image available and the m1 has petite boot built in so ive got both of my drives installed and i can select Which operating system or which drive i want to boot from here im, going to go with that emmc module because thats, where i have android installed, ive, been messing around with android for about 24 hours now, and i mean its actually really snappy. Everything gets done very quickly, but unfortunately, we dont have google play now with the older odroid boards. We have the odroid settings which we could always flash something like gaps, but with this i cant flash gaps right now, im sure this will be fixed in the future. So a lot of the stuff i wanted to test just isnt going to work because we dont have google play services, but we can access third party, app stores and ive installed. App toy got a few games that i wanted to test here and a couple emulators.

But not everything i wanted to test is going to be available because no google play services, so there are games here that i just cant test that i usually do with these single board computers. When it comes to these odroid boards running android, we usually get odroid settings, and from here we can adjust the cpu speed and governor im set at 1.99. Gigahertz ive got the performance governor on and when it comes to the gpu im, obviously at performance at 800, megahertz thats as high as we can go with this rock chip cpu a couple months ago, i actually tested the same chip and another single board. Computer is more like an android tv box, single board computer and when it comes to 4k video playback with this chip, it does a great job. 4K. 60.. I usually like testing with youtube, but, as you saw, we just cant access it. So im going to be running this from an external drive so far so good it does have that hdmi 2.0, so we can do 4k 60. To an external monitor and like i mentioned this, arcade 3568 really does a great job with 4k video playback. So were not going to have any issues there, at least in android Music, now its time to test out a native android game and with a chip like the arcade 3568 youre not going to be doing any of the high end stuff. This isnt going to run ginge and impact, but theres still a lot of games that will be playable on this unit.

You want to do some among us, some minecraft and even real racing 3. Here it does work out pretty decently from what ive found from the arcade 3568, its around the same performance as the s905 x4, its time to check out a little bit of emulation and when it comes to this chipset, its not going to be the best for Emulation at least high end emulation older stuff in 64, at a lower resolution and, as you can see here, dreamcast does work quite well at the native resolution im using redream here with fighting vipers2, not bad, i mean were getting 60fps with it when it comes to Psp the harder to emulate games are kind of going to be out of the question unless you dont mind using frame skip god of war, got midnight club kill zone, but there are easier to emulate games that will work on this at the native red, so im At 1x, here with the vulcan back in using the standalone version of ppsspp its running pretty decently, with this one ive done some more testing with the m1 and android, and going into this i kind of knew what kind of performance i could expect out of this Chipset here, if youre looking for a more powerful board, i would definitely go with the odroid n2 over the m1. I wouldnt choose the m1 for gaming, but we do have a lot of storage options built into this board.

That way, we could build a nice little router or a nice little nas out of it with that m.2 slot, plus we have sata here and the chipsets definitely going to handle that kind of stuff. But when it comes to emulation and gaming, the m1 is definitely not my first option. I would go with something like the n2 if youre looking for a little more power than the raspberry pi 4., but for projects that need these extra storage options, the m1 might be for you now. Like i mentioned, i will have another video coming up. Ive got ubuntu installed on an nvme ssd and so far its been working pretty decently. Their image does have weyland drivers built in for this mali gpu. So i think we can get some pretty decent desktop performance out of this machine. So, if youre interested in seeing a video like that with a bunch of benchmarks and ubuntu with the m1 definitely stay tuned to the channel and itd be really cool. If you could hit that subscribe button and maybe turn notifications on so you know when i post my next one and if theres anything specific you want to see running in linux on the m1.