. Does it live up to the hype lets find out in this review.? Well start with the unboxing and theres not very much inside here. Theres, the handheld itself, a USB A to USB C cable and some instructions.. I got the base model and well talk about why I got that in just a second.. One important point is that there is no wall charger and the manual says it supports Quick Charge. 344. I would definitely be trying to use a strong recent mobile phone charger in the range of 15 20W to get the best charging times. Here. Lets talk about the specs first before we talk about the build quality.. The processor is a Snapdragon 845, which sports 4 Cortex A75 cores up to 2.8ghz and 4 Cortex A75 cores up to 1.7ghz.. The GPU is an Adreno 630 at 787mhz.. The base Odin model comes with 4gb of LPDDR4 ram and 64gb of storage, while the pro model comes with 8gb of LPDDR4 ram and 128gb of storage.. The base was supposed to come with a 5000mah battery, while the pro had a 6000mah battery.. However, because of sourcing issues, they ended up shipping a 6000mah battery for all models. Its possible. They revert back to the 5000mah battery, so just keep that in mind when purchasing. The screen is one of its best features and its a 6 inch. 1080P 169 ratio – IPS screen., Dreamcast PS2 Gamecube games really shine on a screen like this.

. The speakers are amazing and is better than anything. Thats ever been put into a handheld before its loud clear and as good as the audio on more expensive, laptops., Theres, 2.45ghz wifi and well test out moonlight streaming later in the video. Theres, Bluetooth, 5.0 and Mini HDMI out as well. So you can connect an external Bluetooth controller and TV. AYN also sell a s uper dock for the Odin, but its not mandatory for TV out.. Now you can still buy an Odin on Indiegogo and theyre selling by demand.. Their next shipment, I believe, will be in Q2, but you should double check that, with the updates on their indiegogo page.. There are three models available: the Odin Lite, which sports a Dimensity D900 at 199., The Odin Base at 240 and the Odin Pro at 290.. The Super Dock by itself is 50.. There is also an Odin Base, Super Pack, which comes with the handheld and accessories for 300 and the Odin Pro Super Pack for 360. When it comes to choosing the lite base and pro version its difficult to say right now, which option is the best, because the Lite isnt out yet, Theoretically speaking, the Lite has a faster single core score than the base and pro and the multi core scores are very similar.. However, in practice, game performance can vary greatly depending on a number of factors, including the synthetic performance we just talked about. Gpu drivers how well it scales well across multiple cores and threads, and also the thermal performance of the handheld.

, But putting all that aside, if I were to guess, I would say that the snapdragon basepro would have slightly better game performance and there may be some edge Cases where the lite is better. Between the Base and Pro the choice is a little simpler. For Gen 6 emulation and below thats PS2 and below youre, very unlikely to go over 4gb of ram and game performance is the same on the internal storage and micro SD Card slot, so if youre only emulating games on Android the Base can save you some money. For Android games from what Ive seen in videos, it seems to play a vast majority of Android games and you can check AYNs official youtube channel as well.. If you want to use Windows and Android, you may want to consider the Pro model. Right now. You cant partition the storage so its either Windows or Android, but it should be doable later via an update. And 64gb of storage isnt very much for both Windows and Android.. While the install size for Windows is about 20GB, Microsoft can push fairly large updates as well. So its going to be a hassle to manage.. This is a graph showing benchmarks and price and, as you can see, the Odin Base is very good value, based on the specs., Its about the same price as an Anbernic RG552 and has a way better processor. And I feel the build quality on the Odin is much better as well.

Compared to the 170 Powkiddy X18S with the Odin Base. You also are getting more power and when it comes to build quality, theres no comparison here, the Odin trounces, the X18S.. That said, the Odin is still not as powerful as some of the higher priced mobile phones out there. So if you want to play an even larger selection of PS2 games, you have to jump to the Poco F3 with the Snapdragon 870, but thats going to cost. You around 400.. As I said, the Odin has superb build quality and materials. So lets take a look at it.. It uses Switch, analog sticks which are now my favourite analog sticks.. The Dpad has a nice feel to it as well, particularly for people who, like it a little bit looser. The face buttons are literally perfect, requiring just the right amount of force.. There are stacked shoulder buttons, which is nice. The L2R2 are analog and feel good to use. However, from a PS2 perspective, it does feel a bit weird, as you have to press a fair way. Down. Theres, also two extra paddle buttons on the back and Im happy that we have extra buttons to customize.. In terms of buttons and ports, theres a power button and volume up and down buttons on the top, as well as SD card and HDMI port., The 3.5mm headphone jack, is on the bottom, as well as a USB C charging port.. I do think the 3.

5mm port should have been at the top, so its not blocked when using the dock. Theres been some controversy surrounding the L1R1. So lets talk about it briefly here and Ill be doing a separate video on this going into more detail.. So this is an issue that AYN picked up and has been discussing with the community via updates.. The L1R1 buttons when pushed down, has a force reacting at the impact point and theres potential for the L1R1 to break. If too much force is applied., Now AYNs update says that it can sustain 5kg. So you would think that would be enough for most play styles.. I also did a teardown of the Nintendo Switch Lite, just to show you what it looks like here and you can see. The L1R1 is protected by a spring and also plastic thats part of the shell casing.. So what this seems to me is that the Switch is a better design and AYN should have just copied this design. Right now. We dont know how serious this is. So I think we need to wait a few months for user feedback.. Now AYN has mentioned the following in a recent QA session on discord.. First, the issue is mostly limited to backers for the first 1200 orders from orders. Since then, theyve made quality control improvements such as higher quality control on rubber pads.. Secondly, for the second batch of orders, which are the in demand, orders theyve made design changes and Ill go through these in a separate video.

. Ayn is also supplying L1R1 repair kits for users that need to repair their buttons as well., Personally speaking, its kind of hard to say if this is a deal breaker and it depends on your own play style and if you think you can manage the issue.. For me, having used it for the past week or so, I think you would have to apply some serious force to break it. So I think I can manage the issue ok. Now for people who have ordered the handheld already. You really only have two choices. You can either send it back or manage it yourself by not using so much force. And for people interested in ordering youll be in the second batch of orders and theres going to be some design improvements. So hopefully, thats going to make it a little bit better. In terms of size. This is very similar to the Switch Lite, but it is a little bit heavier weighing in at ‘9g.. The Switch Lite is 280g and you can definitely feel the difference in terms of materials used and finish.. The Odin is very comfortable to hold too, especially when using the left, analog, stick and face buttons. Its molded on the back of the device to make it easier to hold. It helps a little but is not essential.. I actually find the Gamesir X2 fits the shape of my hands more while the molded areas on the Odin are a little small.

. The screen is one of the best parts about the Odin. Like the Anbernic RG552. This is simply one of the best screens on a retro handheld.. I find the Anbernic RG552 great though it can be a little bit red at times, but Im really happy about the colors on the Odin.. One thing that really surprised me was the battery life.. Firstly, it rarely drops charge overnight, maybe losing 1 or 2 at most., Its better than most mobile phones.. Secondly, battery performance in emulation gaming is simply excellent. In general play during the week. I got about 7 hours of gaming on one charge. Heres, my Wipeout Pulse PSP test compared to the Powkiddy X18S and the Anbernic RG552. One unique feature the Odin has is that it has really simple overclocking and fan controls. Theres, three modes, Standard Performance and High Performance, Which varies the GPU frequency. On standard mode, the GPU frequency is limited to 710mhz and the processor will throttle after it reaches 48 degrees. On Performance mode. The processor throttles at 75 degrees., Finally, theres also high performance mode and the GPU boosts to 787mhz. But you need fan speed on sport or adaptive mode.. There are four fan modes Off: Quiet, Sport and Adaptive.. Quiet is pretty much inaudible, but you can feel the air coming out the vent at the to. For sport mode. You can hear it in a quiet room, but not with earphones, even with lower volume and adaptive mode adjusts according to the game.

During high performance mode, even at 75 degrees celsius. I never noticed the handheld getting that hot and I would say this stays cooler or as cool as a Nintendo Switch. Odin uses a simple custom, Android OS experience.. The setup is so easy. Now, just download your favourite emulators from the Google Play Store and put your roms on either the internal storage or micro, SD card and thats really about all you have to do. Before I get into game. Emulation lets check out some PC game streaming to the Odin, Handheld and Im using a 5ghz Wifi connection and for the most part it works well.. This is Elden Ring and I got quite a few stutters, even at 5Mbps bitrate, but I cant tell if thats the game or the connection.. Typically, on my RTX 3070 PC, I very rarely get slowdown or stutters in this opening area, so it might be a connection or bandwidth issue.. Next I tested Cyberpunk 2077 and this runs really smooth over streaming, so it might be Elden Ring and streaming. At the same time, that might be causing stutters. With Cyberpunk 2077 Im always blown away by how good it looks, especially after playing older retro games. Lets talk about game emulation and we all know 8 bit and 16 bit games run fine here, so Ill talk a Little bit more on the ergonomics., The Odins priority is definitely games that favour an analog stick as the primary control.

With the D Pad placed below that., I find it most comfortable holding the Odin on the left a little lower.. The only issue might be using the D Pad, and the L1 button together means its a little bit harder to reach than usual.. The most glaring design issue, at least in terms of ergonomics, is the select start button placement. Its not a deal breaker, but youd actually be surprised by how many times select and start is used to get into menus and its just a weird reach for the right. Thumb. Lets talk about PSP and Im. Expecting these games to run great and look great as well, given almost every game is widescreen.. All these games were tested on PPSSPP at 2x. Resolution., God of War Chains of Olympus is a really demanding game, but here on the Odin you can play it on standard mode. There are some dips in framerate, but its a great experience. Turn on Performance mode and almost all the dips are gone. Its a similar story with Ghost of Sparta and the opening section plays even better than Chains of Olympus.. Outrun 2006 has some framerate drops as it loads in new areas or traffic. On stronger hardware like the Odin or the Poco F3. The frame drop moments are reduced, significantly., Syphon, Filter, Dark Mirror still looks great to this day.. While it has problems on the Anbernic RG552. With the framerate, it runs without issues here.. The next four games are Dreamcast games, running on the redream emulator and Im testing these at 1x resolution.

Crazy Taxi runs perfectly and the colours really pops on this screen. Dead or Alive 2 is a favourite of mine and is a tricky one to emulate. But it runs without issue here.. This is Gigawing and I didnt encounter any slowdown even during the most demanding scenes. Tennis. 2K2 plays great as well, and I havent shown it here, but Virtua Tennis, World Tour on PSP plays great too and plays in widescreen.. Gamecube games were all played on the performance. Setting., Given the Poco F3 with a Snapdragon 870 doesnt work well on F Zero GX I wasnt expecting much here and on the Odin, its unplayable, ranging from 30 50fps. Even after trying all the Odin performance modes. Resident, Evil 4 is pretty good. Theres some stutters here and there, but the performance is much improved over the Powkiddy X18S, where there was a lot of slowdown. Super Mario Sunshine had issues on the X18S. However, it works really well here.. This plays at a locked 30fps.. Tony Hawk 3 had trouble on the X18S with missing textures and slowdown, but here it runs. Trouble free., Like Gamecube, PS2 emulation requires the performance setting and its possible. You may even need to use the high performance setting for best results. Devil May Cry. 3 Special Edition runs superbly on the Odin running at a locked 60fps on the performance setting and quiet fan, option. God of War II. One of the harder games on the PS2 to emulate does not work well.

Even on the high performance setting., You could possibly underclock the EE here, but I think you need to jump up to a Snapdragon 870. If you want to play this smoothly. Gran Turismo 4 runs pretty well. There are some stutters and some sections of slowdown, but on the whole it runs well using the performance setting and quiet fan. Tekken 4 runs great, as does Tekken 6 on PSP.. This is using the performance setting and quiet fan. Over the past 5 to 6 months. Ive been non: stop testing retro handhelds from the Powkiddy X18S to the Anbernic RG552.. The Odin Handheld is easily the best handheld Ive tested in that time.. There isnt another dedicated handheld. That gives you this much power, and if you want more power, you have to jump up to a mobile phone like a Poco F3 and it wouldnt be cheap either.. The L1R1 issue is probably the most glaring problem for users whove purchased already, but if you havent ordered yet there are design improvements for the second batch of orders that will hopefully make it a little bettter.. Otherwise, the only other negative I can think of is the start and select buttons being hard to reach and, if Im being really picky, I wish the Odin base was 200 shipped. At 240. It is starting to get expensive, so perhaps wait and see if the Odin Lite has comparable performance at 200..