This pandemic, which keeps us glued to our screens for hours and hours, and the blue light on our screen, always affects our eyes, which leads us to not having a good night rest or we getting frequent headaches, which has happened to me a number of times, and I thought it was normal, which is not what is from the hours we have spent looking at our screens on a daily basis, and we look at our screens for long hours, which leads us to having eye problems which might lead to eye surgery. Rather than going for a surgery, why not just buy this anti blue light glasses screen protector for your smartphone or monitor from orkushield, which might be expensive for some people, but it is cheaper than going for an eye surgery, whats up guys its mike here and the Unit of these glasses was provided by the guys overall, occult shield with no strings attached. Unboxing experience for the glasses is pretty simple. We have a thank you card, the case, a piece of clothing to wipe the glasses when dirty and the glasses itself. And yes, the packaging really looks premium and for the screen protector for your smartphone, which this variant is for the iphone level chrome mask inside the box. We have the anti blue light screen protector in this case and the foam to protect it, dust, remover, cleaning cloth and the instruction manual taking out the glasses and using it for the first time.

The design which this specification im using is the carson shining black with no magnification, looks exactly the same from the one that is displayed on their website, and it looks so simple with no stress the frame is very tiny. I like it like that, so it wont be heavy on my eyes, while using the aqua shield anti blue light glasses. I got a bit of pain in this part of my nose. I tried another pair of eyeglasses to see if it was just from oculus shield, but it was constant, even though i tried a lot of glasses and this anti blue light glasses. Has this warm color, which keeps your eye comfortable by limiting the blue light, and this anti blue light glasses makes me fall asleep easier, which makes me sleep comfortably with no worries? And, yes, its prevent me from straining my beautiful lovely eyes. If you are creative and spend lots of your hours on your screen or you are just reading a book on your kindle or ipad, this will be right for you, but if youre a video editor or you color grade, you should take note of the yellowish things On the glasses on the white part of your footage, heres what my fellow creators have to say about the orc shield, anti blue light glasses. My um experience using the orco shield has been well amazing if im permitted to use that word because so far so good. I have been able to it: has okay, the the glasses themselves, theyve been able to reduce the intensity like so much compared to the one i i was using before now.

I was using another one for now and if you are just coming into um, what is it called if youre, just coming into the whole okushi using a blue filter, glasses space? You would notice that the whites are whiter with your eyes that they are a bit warmer with the glasses, which is normal. Its supposed to be like that, because of um, how its supposed to be like that, because its supposed to at least a little bit shoot the direct sunlight, then the whole magic blue thing does its job. And at first i gathered the problem with using davinci. Because i wasnt getting the colors right, i was my eyes were saying: white and the glasses were seeing warmer colors um. It takes a little getting used to, but my experience using this has been great ive, had no complaints so far. I use this to color grid. I use it to do should be told i wear it. Eighty percent of the time and its been its comfortable. It is lightweight its not really its, not its. Not not, but you say really: the glass is not heavy at all its lightweight and i ive enjoyed using this its one of those glasses that looks like a buffing makes. You look like you know like usabi book, like you know what youre doing i honestly have enjoyed using this, and i would highly recommend this to anyone who has the pocket capacity to afford one of this so yeah thats been my experience with the opel shoot for The screen protector on the iphone 11 pro max it doesnt affect the touch on the display.

You can customize the glasses to what is available on their website and you can use the link in the description to do that which they do worldwide shipping. And if you are not impressed, you have 100 days to break their heart and get a refund back dont forget you will still have to send back the classes anytime. Someone makes a purchase of any anti blue light accessories from occlusion. A pound is donated to the royal national institute of blind people. Since most people are now working from home, they really need any of the ansible light accessories. Orchestrate has to offer which you can check out with the link in the description box below and spend more hours in front of your display and drop your thoughts in the comment section below of what you think about these glasses and anti blue light accessories in general.