. Today I received a package right in the morning when it was opened. Turns out. It was another package from cuy. It looks like this has been the umpteenth time. I have tweeted sending our package from abroad and, yes, this is cuy you book x pro What seems to be their new product, judging by the shape of the packaging. It looks like its no longer a tablet like the one we used to test or maybe theres a laptop like this.. Please show off your teeth and, as usual for those who havent started Sasuke, yet Sanjis file is heavy, so it turns out that the exploit is a tablet PC, so its called a tablet because it uses a touchscreen, but the operating system is already on plus and Theres also a keyboard that can be removed and plugged in like this lets, try to open it from the box and then Hi. So this is the unit from the tablet itself. On the outside, there is a screen g removable upper uard Which at a glance, tells us the specifications that he has and theres a charger unit. The plug is almost the same as the usual laptop plug. Then we juice the other one. We open it and its inside yes, thats right. This is the keyboard and keep On this theres. Already a trackpad there in the park again theres a box thats the smallest, and we can estimate its confusing It s a stylus pen so from the purchase package itself.

Actually, we can choose whether we want a tablet or want to buy a complete set with a keyboard and stylus. Each one is a little different later. We will civilize you how much it costs. Okay now lets. Look at the tablet unit first lets open the top plastic layer, okay sip, So here honestly stupid it s really late, even though he looks slim like this, but when he lifts it feels awkward because of its weight itself is a 925 G. The back is finished with silver color continues, there is the Cui logo and there is an Intel Core, i7 hologram sticker on the edges. It is designed to be slightly curved typical of todays tablets.. On the left side, there is a 3.5 mm audio jack and below it. There is a USB 3.0 port and it keeps charging. Otherwise, there is a pot for the charger hole. Below that there is a micro USB port. Then there is another USB 3.0 and below it. There is a USB Type C port.. So here the tweet gives two options. Yes, we can use the opposite adapter or we can also use the USB type c, which turns out to also support fast charging, then fill it in front. There is a two megapixel camera that we can use for Zoom meetings, video calls and so on. Then, on the bottom side there is a keyboard connector PIN and on both sides is a bank for the lock of the keyboard itself.

Hi. On the top left side, there is a power button and volume up and down button and on the right there is a slot for micro SD. If we want to add the default storage capacity Now lets try to install the keyboard first. So this is enough to install its easy. It uses a magnetic system, so once its in the right position, the keyboard will go straight into the lock and its quite strong and doesnt come off easily. Okay, now lets try to turn on the tablet first and prepare everything first. So this is a tablet like we said it already has a default OS and it turns out that the default OS is the original Windows 11. While preparing everything lets first review, the complete specifications of this tablet, PC Hi, this tablet thats, why the processor from Intel Core i7, 7 y75 with a bus clock of 1.3 GHz and the maximum bus reaching 3.6 GHz. This 7th generation Intel processor was released for the car segment. If you want to look for a fairly equivalent performance is the Core i5 72 00u. Both of them have dual core and four reads: continuously 6 of this tablet is already pretty good, namely 8 GB.. As for the ig itself, it is a graphic intellectual, 6, 15 filled with storage. This tablet already uses a 256 GB SSD. If we feel it is not difficult enough, we can add a micro sd card up to 1 terabyte for the screen.

This tablet is already IPS with a size of 13 inches. The resolution itself is steady with 2160 times 1440 or the screen is honest. It feels really cool in the eyes. The colors produced are also quite balanced and seen from any point of view, the picture doesnt disappear at all. The screen with this quality really makes the audience feel at home for long hours or used overtime. Office work for long hours is also still very comfortable. As a tablet, the screen can also adapt its position to a horizontal or vertical position.. Then, if we order the keyboard, we can switch to notebook mode. We can drag events that are on the body. The blet is backwards, and the file looks like this when using the keyboard, its also okay., Almost the same as when typing using a standard 13in laptop keyboard. The trackpad is also very responsive and not too loud. Adele. So this afternoon the filmatic keyboard and trackpad were really good.. The speakers are, as we listen to the following Hi, so theres, nothing special and it sounds normal for women. The voice from the speakers Then, for the quality of the camera captures are as follows. Here we are colleagues in a low light room. The recording is still clearly visible and its enough for Summit remembers or other similar activities. Now lets try using the paint stylus h 7 by default.. We want this to be able to be used for various purposes.

It can be used for browsing and, of course, it can really be used to draw here Ill, try to test pictures and color an object., But first sorry. just Yes, I dont think so. For the size of a tablet PC which is 5000mh. We tested it by playing YouTube non, stop with 30 reckless and 80 volume.. The result is that this tablet can last up to six hours and forty nine minutes. For the test. We try to run several editing. Applications on this tablet for two dimensional graphic design with Photoshop cc 2017. This tablet can still give good performance., Okay, dirty pictures or working with multilayers are still safe, normal and I dont feel like Lex. Then we try to use a video editing application like Filmora 9. Here we can send videos by cutting and giving effects its still smooth lets just keep trying to render the video with full HD quality with a duration of 10 minutes. The result is a cool video in 10 minutes 29. The SpongeBob Now for gaming use. I dont really expect much from a tablet with specifications like this, especially if the operating system is Windows. 11. I dare to try playing some casual games like Lego, Marvel, Roblox and Minecraft, all three of which are still running Okay, even though it doesnt really run smooth and stable the FPS. Maybe if this tablet is given an Android OS, it will feel better and food has more options to play games on this tablet or try it tomorrow tomorrow.

If we have time, we try to change the OS micro SD or Android x86. Yes, the last high review is the price of this tablet, PC at the official store cuy. It is priced at 7776563 for the tablet unit, while if we want it complete with a keyboard and stylus, the price goes up a little only at 8102018, 551 rupiah. So the conclusion is that This tablet, PC is suitable for your productivity who works in a doctor or field who need high mobility and are more comfortable with Windows based Devils, for example, or also for content creators who need two dimensional design or standard video editing with Editing applications., The memory class is also very suitable. to have this tablet PC once it can also be for entertainment, such as watching movies, with a cool screen or playing casual games, as we have tried in the previous test, so maybe thats all the review of the Cuiu book expro tablet PC this time, hopefully its useful and you like it.