It is dom here back once again this time, we’re going to be going and opening up the nvidia shield tab but i’m pretty excited to try out this nice little nifty device um here for gaming and whatnot. So let’s talk about the specs here we got the nvidia tegra k1 mobile processor uh with the gpu in this thing, which is going to be the very interesting part to see how it uh performs with games and whatnot. I really am interested in seeing how well it does for on the side of like emulation for like psps and dss and game boys, and all that stuff um other than that we got the 8 inch full hd lcd 2 gigabytes of ram 32 gigabytes, plus the Micro sd 802.11 avgn mio, wi, fi, everything, 5 megapixel, autofocus, hdr, rear camera and auto, or if i may pick five megapixel user face, face user facing hdr camera yeah. They got the uh 3g and 4g lte and it says there’s a t already there on the side, for you guys, if you guys, can even read all the specs there, where it’s going to floor like clear it’s going to be sort of like the shiny side. There, video on the top so yeah and then on the back here. It’S got some stuff here, saying: hey uh, buyer cover and uh controller. There uh, i don’t know where i got this off of ebay. By the way, i should say that for uh roughly, i think like a hundred and like ten dollars, so i got for a pretty good deal there trying to get this thing uh open here there we go added some stuff there pop it off the open boom.

There we are, you guys saw before i saw it. Nvidia shield ultimate tablet for gamers out of the way and let’s just pop this off right here, get the tablet itself, all right, there’s, that what does this come with? It comes with the uh charger base. Here it says nvidia on it, that’s pretty hot. It comes with the uh little usb cable here to micro, hdmi, a little mini html there, pretty cool. Looking with the green, you guys can see that got some user manuals here. How to use the thing i got another thing here, for i guess this is also for uh travel, a little adapter here for travel. If you’re going to a different country there, it tells you yeah – and this is a little – enjoy the power of the att. 4G lte network talking about a sim card, has been inserted into your shield lte tablet at the factory, and then you can set up for uh att mobile broadband services start with the wi fi get everything started up there, so it’s pretty cool anything else in the Uh the box here i don’t think so i think that’s pretty much everything else pop out wait for it, yeah nothing, nothing in the box there, so let’s uh see how long it takes for something to boot up here more of an in depth. Video on this little nifty little device here, um throughout the coming days and whatnot, so i will say for uh.

I think when it first came out about 300 now they’re sitting at about 200 on the nvidia website. I believe, but i got like set off on ebay for about 110 um. It says it was used, but it doesn’t really feel like it right now, stop look at me. I have a dog down here. That’S i’m, crazy. This thing actually uh – i get out of here – look at that got a little stylus on there that’s pretty cool. I don’t know how you guys can see with the lighting, though let’s try that one out tablet has a little thing on the back of it. Serial number everything got some things on the side here got even a little part for uh hdmi hooking up to a tv there. You guys can kind of see it right there. A little dark like i said, for you guys to see on the sides. I see the part where i can put in the uh sim card and the ss or the uh micro sd’s, so yeah rear facing microphones or audio. There was a microphone, but i think it might have probably a little microphone in there part for your uh headphone jack, so yeah pretty cool little nifty device here. Let’S see watch it’s. Finally, even powered oh wait is it nvidia? I wish it made that little sound when i booted it up nvidia powered by android, so yeah get this thing all set up and i’ll show you guys in the uh.

In a few, i learned that nice little device here um – you know i can’t say anything like how it’s performing or specs or not, because i literally just started with you guys um, but in terms of like presentation, pretty nice there um so yeah we’ll try this Out i’ll give you guys my uh my thoughts there android is starting. You see that i don’t have the wrong way. I’Ll go so that being said, everybody i’ll see you all the next video on this little device here. I’Ll, give you guys more thoughts there.