Isn’T much difference between this one and the one they released. A year ago, it’s cheaper it’s, 100 less expensive. They took some things out of it, so there’s no stylus in here anymore. They also took out the charger. So if you want to charge it you’re going to need an old phone charger or something like that, it does use a standard micro, USB, cable here so chances are. You probably have something that can charge this device, but no charger, no stylus, and that was how they were able to get that price point down to a hundred bucks but it’s the same specifications as we have before so. A k1 processor, 2 gigabytes of RAM 16 gigabytes of internal storage are really nice. Looking 1920 by 1200 display so a little bit different orientation than 1080p, but you can plug it into your TV or monitor here with the HDMI connector. It is 4k capable. So you can get it hooked up to your 4k television in its native resolution for apps that won’t tax it too much front facing stereo speakers here which sound very nice, and you also have the memory card slot here for augmenting some of that storage, because 16 Gigs is not a lot for a gaming tablet, but I did find that a lot of games are letting me install onto the SD card, so we’re able to do that so performance wise. This really is the same. As we saw last year, our 3dmark benchmark came in at 29000 561 that compares just almost identically to where we were last year, it’s a little bit slower, and I think it might just be due to the fact that maybe the 5.

1 Android operating system that’s installed On here might have a little bit more overhead, so it’s a negligible difference in performance a little bit slower, but nothing that I think anyone’s really going to notice and compare that to the score that we saw on the iPad air 2, which is still kind of The current consumer flagship on the Apple side, 21000 703 – I think you’ll see probably similar scores out of the new iPad Mini 4 and 27000 192 for the iPhone 6s, which is still the fastest phone we’ve tested here on the channel so far this year. But look at the Nvidia shield TV, which is their flagship television device, forty seven thousand seven, twenty eight with the x1 processors. This has the prior generation chip, but this chip is still pretty much where most phones are, and most tablets are right now, if not better. So they really were well ahead of the game a year and a half ago, so that video that I did last year, which I’m going to link above, I tested a lot of the native Android performance and I think, and just from using it today, it’s still Very much the same tablet from NAT standpoint, so check out that video. If you want to see how a lot of things perform, I covered gaming emulation a lot of basic tablet functions and in this video, what we’re going to do is talk more about the things I didn’t cover back then so we’re gon na look at how the Shield controller connects with it we’re going to look at how we can stream games from my gaming PC we’re, also going to look at game recording and capturing with the video camera on here, as well as streaming to twitch.

There are a lot of things that we didn’t cover before that we are going to cover now all right. So the first thing we’re going to do here is attach the optional cover to this device. There is a specialized cover for it. It is magnetic, as you can see, and what this does is it acts like a cover like you’d, have on an iPad or something, but it also works to prop the device up very similar to how the Apple Smart Cover works. To so that you can get a better angle on it here, so that’s a 40 option, the controller, which is something you definitely want to get if you’re going to be doing some serious gaming is another 50 or 60 dollars. So there is some some cost escalation here, but the entry level is still less than it was a year and a half ago. So that is a good thing but I’m going to do real, quick cuz. It slowed up the shield hub and I’ve got my PC games. Loaded up here. You’Ve got some other options here, so we can go into the GeForce now service, which is in videos over the internet game streaming service. I covered that in my Android TV review. It does work pretty nicely on here, too there’s. Also, a native Android games too that you can find through the hub, but what I’m going to do is actually connect to my gaming rig, which is right next to me here and we’re, going to load up the new Star Wars Battlefront on that computer right now.

It takes a second for it to load, but as its loading, what you can do, basically, is. If you have a gaming computer that has an Nvidia, I think it’s a 650 or 660 GPU or better. You can stream games over your local network to the device and I’ve covered game streaming and how it works in a video that I’m linking above. So you have questions about some of the mechanics of that you can check out that video. What I have found is that streaming over Wi Fi actually works really nicely on here better than I saw with some of the steam stuff. So they’ve really got a good protocol working here. So here you go. We’Ve got battlefront loaded up I’m going to go pop into a quick mission, real quick and you can see how this performs alright. Here we are playing Star Wars Battlefront. This is streaming over from my gaming PC, which is actually right behind me, but the wireless signal is coming up from my basement, so this is coming up from two floors over my home network here and it seems to be working pretty well so decent looking image, Quality here good frame rates – you can see here the latency. If I can just keep it my d pad there a couple times you get a feel for how fast everything responds so pretty much on par with every streaming solution. I’Ve tried maybe a little bit better over Wi Fi than I typically see, so this is actually working quite nicely, and this is probably a good.

You know kind of test case for having a Wi Fi access point at a pretty good distance away. Now it doesn’t support wireless AC, it’s, just Wireless n. It does have a 2 by 2 radio on board. If you really want to get the best performance, they do recommend connecting the tablet via ethernet, and if you do that and you’re connected via HDMI, you can get 1080p 60 performance out of this, which will look really really nicely now. Another thing you can do while you’re playing here is pull down the back arrow on the controller, and you can set this to record your gameplay footage and that’s, not just for streaming games from your PC, it’ll record anything going on on the tablet. You can record both of the internal memory or to a memory card, so that was a actually playing around with it a little earlier tonight, while I was playing battlefront streaming for my gaming, PC looks like I’m doing now. You can see some footage as to how that looks, so I did a little bit of that and then you can also overlay the webcam on the front of the camera to of the device to so you can do some game commentary, while you’re playing and while You’Re recording, if you do a lower quality setting, you can also stream it over to twitch as well, which we’re going to do in a second now you’re, going to notice when you’re.

Looking at some of this gameplay footage that the footage is not actually filling the screen and that’s, because right now this is set to the display that’s built into the tablet, which is a 1920 by 1200 display. Most HD televisions are 1920 by 1080. So if you want to get a recording that fills the screen, you should connect to via HDMI and turn off the mirroring, because if you mirror it’s going to give you that weird look and the other video, I covered. That example as to how it looks when you do the mirroring versus the regular 1080 connections, so when you do connect it up, you definitely want to turn off mirroring if you want to fill screen all right, so let’s check out switch I’ve already started my broadcast Here you just invoke it the same way. You record, I can record here at the same time, if I want to do that, to get it recording locally, as well as sending off into the twitch ecosystem there. So what I’m going to do now is just unpause. My game here and start playing once again and I am playing the PSP emulator. This is a game called cyanide in metal. Jesus rocks who’s, one of my favorite retro gamers on YouTube, was recommending this the other day. So I figured I would check it out and what I’ll do here is show you what we’re getting on Twitch right now, so it actually is broadcasting quite nicely here.

Maybe I’ll go fullscreen on my computer here, so you get a better feel for the quality of the broadcast, so we’ll switch over to camera 3, which is our computers and get a feel for that. So we’re emulating an Android PSP game on Android and streaming that over to twitch right now. I believe also that there are ways to pull up the chat overlay also, while we’re doing that. So I can hit this button there and I believe we should be able to see our chat stream the up down there at the bottom. Although nobody’s chatting with me at the moment, I don’t do much on twitch, so I don’t get too much traffic on there, but I could do that and I can also go back into here. Pull this menu back up again, and also I get that webcam going at the same time, so I can have myself overlaid on there with my chat window, that’s visible to me and pretty soon we should see both of those things on the live stream as we’re Playing here once it catches up, so you can see now that that chat window is down there at the lower left hand corner of the screen. So people can see that and there we go it’s a little bit of the latest which to get my camera up, but now I’ve got my live camera going. While we are streaming to twitch from our tablet running a PSP game in emulation, so there’s a lot of a lot of capability and a little tablet here, what’s amazing again, is that you know a year and a half ago.

This was really ahead of its time and it still is very competitive and well ahead of its time, and now it costs a little bit less to so. Battery life on here is not going to be the best when you’re really pushing the hardware, so I would say you probably get three to five hours of active gameplay, depending on what you’re doing, if you’re, just kind of tooling around doing you know kind of tablet. Ii, kind of stuff you’re, looking at maybe six to eight hours, so you know it is going to consume some power while you’re gaming heavily on it. So you definitely want to you know, keep some battery. You know maybe one of those big external batteries or something nearby to keep it charged up. So that is the new Nvidia shield k1 tablet. It was a good product a year ago, still a great product now I can definitely recommend it to gamers who want to do the sorts of things that you just saw in this video. I definitely do check out the video I did a year and a half ago, because that one really does show you a lot of the native Android performance, but as I always like to do on this channel, if there are things that I missed or things that You want to see, please leave me some comments below and if I get a little time or in the holidays rush right now, but I should have some time to do some follow ups in the not too distant future.

So I definitely want to start getting some of your suggestions. So definitely leave me some comments below of things to try out that I didn’t cover in this video or the one we did earlier. This is LAN Simon thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by the generosity of my patreon supporters.