Here i did an unboxing of a couple days ago. I got it propped up on this little stand here and i’m using uh this app. I believe it’s called let’s view to go through and show it on my screen here: um. It actually works with ios and android devices, it’s pretty cool, because before i was using the lonely screen uh, but now i’m going to be trying this one out there um. I haven’t fully tested out everything with like the sounds and how well it does um. Let me see turn up some of the sounds here and whatnot. So in terms of like how this little device is going for so far, i enjoy the only problems. I really run into is stuff where um, i believe, it’s only on android 8.0 it’s on 10.0. So some of the things that i would enjoy on terms like the app store uh just just won’t – be there essentially because they’re not up to date, um, which is a little annoying there. The screen does look a little blurry, probably for you guys, but i think it might be the resolution um of how it’s showing it on the screen there by the way. So i have to deal with um that one there kind of getting it like propped up and set up other than that. Sorry and i do apologize if, like i sound awful i’m still under the weather uh, but i wanted to put on a video for you guys to give an update on this nifty little device that’s, showing you guys some of the things uh first off here.

I do want to really applaud this device here for uh. It makes like a like a really good art tablet, too i’m, a horrible artist. I got ta figure out where this thing is at it’s on the side on the top. Here you can probably see the little silver outlining there of the actual stylus there i showed off earlier um in the like uh video i did for i don’t remember these guys are popping up there on the video uh like the other unboxing, but here it is Right there, if you guys, can see it a little bit better and i just go here and just go like smiley face it’ll do with some hair and then like let’s finish off here and then so and do like a little lightning bolt there. I am tada a little triangle: nose really looking eyes pop up. I don’t know what’s going on there and then see. If i can drag these things over here, then i have some trouble with these dragging these over. I don’t know why, usually with the ones on the left, i have to uh use my own finger on that one. It doesn’t really work too much on the stylus there, but this thing is actually really cool. You can even do stuff with like, like water, water painting here, um i’m, not too much of an artist there. But maybe i’ll have declan on here and he’ll kind of show me how that stuff is really done and we’ll have like an art challenge or he’ll teach me how to do art or something like drawing something from memory and whatnot that’d be kind of cool wouldn’t.

It guys so let’s try to go, maybe blue and then blue little nose. There. We go i’m, mostly showing off like the art stuff here with this device, but i didn’t want to do that. Is there Music undo there we go so that is like the one. Little annoying thing there is, i don’t want to use it whenever i’m like swiping, to get to this part here for the canvas up there. So let’s see any notifications here clear off it. Doesn’T, kick me out there on that one, but um i’m going to go to show off some of the emulators here. Uh the psp emulator and the ds1 work phenomenal, absolutely love them. I will say: they’re really good um for the pps uh spp and the drastic ones were great i’ve had a lot of problems with the daemon ps2 uh. So much so i actually refunded it. I just i was having a horrible time getting that thing to work. Um so it’s like i’m, not gon na bother with that uh, but the psp one phenomenal um and you can get it working with like the bluetooth controller and get their setup um. And then we have drastic for the ds stuff there. So that’s pretty cool. Also, like wrestling empire like i’ve, been enjoying playing that there so uh some takeaways there is that i actually uh. This thing, like i said, has the hdmi on the side it’s like a mini hdmi, though so i was looking at my normal hdi hdmi cable.

So it wasn’t working to plug it into the tv there, like i said, if you can like screen share, it has like a cast feature there too. I believe if we go down here, i can see um, so it has let’s view there got auto, rotate location. All that the battery on this thing, pretty darn good, i will say a hot spot – a hot spot here, oh yeah, because this one this one for the 32 gigabyte one um by default for the storage size instead of 16 gigabyte uh, you can put like a Cellular card in there i think there’s, actually one in here um by default, when i was checking for like the sim cards um, i don’t know how well that is, if you guys, can use it for that feature there. But that is very interesting. I did um want to comment on that one. There honestly, like i said the battery is doing pretty good so far. I think i let this thing just sit for hours on end and it didn’t didn’t kill itself. I can’t do that with my iphone nowadays. It just and that thing’s supposed to be better than this, essentially because it’s, newer but um. I know which is the battery on that thing’s just awful and dying way quicker than this one uh, which i will say like i said i bought this um for 110. On ebay says it was used, but it was completely new in the packaging.

It seemed like in everything uh being put together, so you guys, probably dying to see me play a game, so we’ll go to the ppsspp and click here. Uh stay tuned for more videos and whatnot we’ll. Just do um we’ll do narito, i haven’t done the naruto one yet so i’m excited to do that. There i’m really loving the stylus. Whenever i pull the stylus out, i just don’t want to put it like. Take it away because it’s so like it just feels right to use i’m, not an artist um, so for me to say that i’m kind of curious, how, like actual like people who have styluses and art pens how they would feel on this one too. So i don’t know if you guys can hear the sound on this one. I don’t think so at the moment. I can hear it through here, but it’s, probably not loud enough or it’s, not emulating, there’s, probably a sound. I can mess with their new game. Here. I’M, always using the touchscreen for it now is a great time, while we’re doing things to actually go and try out our uh ps4 controller for the bluetooth and everything there. So let’s try her out here. There we go um. I noticed a good bit of lag honestly. I don’t know if it was from my connection or whatever i’m. I have this thing right up next to it: uh, but look i’m doing a video on this thing and it’s casting there and it’s actually doing really good right now.

So i will say that so we’ll just do dom and then i think start button finisher up there install game data. Free space is required, yeah sure. Why not saw that game data? I don’t know what game day has got to be installed here. I just think this is naruto ultimate ninja um heroes, three yeah. This was one of my favorite games to play on the psp, so it was very much like the transition period from uh ultimate ninja to ultra ninja heroes and then, of course, the storm series and everything there. So i will go down to free battle uh if it’s gon na. Let me i feel like i have to like hold it. I feel like you have to hold it like pointing there at it to get it to work, sometimes so it’s funny. Looking at the roster here, because as a kid i was like there’s, so many people uh but now i’m, looking at it now and i’m, like oh man, i’m like where are my people at and you see, some people are like missing: you’re like where’s sasuke, jiha Um stuff, like that, you guys can see i’m i’m moving i’m clicking stuff on my controller and moving it around and it’s, not necessarily like picking it up all the time. So i don’t know i don’t think it’s the because, like if i just go here, um yeah, the the emulator and everything it just. It goes it’s going fast now, so i don’t know if it’s just the bluetooth, the like there’s, like a lag input or what um i want to try it out when i get some batteries on my xbox controller also, i was also looking around for maybe a Fix um changing from 5g to normal, and one thing i saw was try out the steam controller, which i have also so that would be an interesting one there to try out.

Let me keep on holding this towards the good old screen and just keep keep hitting this. You guys can hear me smashing the button there. Yeah everyone’s ready 18b team c team d team i’m still hitting that. So i might have to pick this up like i said and just play there that way, but i don’t know it might it’s just one of those things like getting used to. I feel, like you know, figuring out how everything works there i’m getting beat up no 10 10 rock lead i’m getting different. Both sides, you know who’s not doing any damage sakura what’s going on what am i doing yeah i can’t do anything with that. Can i pause this i don’t think so. Let me turn off my bluetooth there to turn off the controller and then i’m just going to pick up this bad boy here and um i’ll show you guys so i can. I can get moving. Give me give me chakra. Oh i did my ultimate let’s go circle. Circle circle. Triangle triangle, triangle, triangle, triangle square, oh my gosh! I missed it. I got some support there. So yeah graphics on this thing. Look drop dead gorgeous for a tablet. Might not look like it when i’m screen sharing here, but when i’m actually holding this thing it is, it is beautiful. It very much reminds me of you know when i first picked up the uh the switch there, and it was just like this.

This is beautiful. Seeing this handheld and it’s not like compressed everything graphics on everything, especially because i’m playing an older game um, but seeing it just like this – is pretty nice, maybe a little bit of nostalgia. Factor too, but everything plays nice, which is really really appreciated um. It might be just this, you know with the the emulator and everything also, but i think, having the oh what’s he doing. Is he doing an ultimate or he’s doing opening it might just be the um. You know the fact that there has the built in what’s. It called, i know, it’s a gpu. I had the box still here. Actually the 192 core kepler gpu that’s, what it’s called the uh? The tiger k 1 there. So um stay tuned for some more stuff there with this nifty little device – uh, oh! No! I give it a thumbs up, definitely pick it up. If you want a great gaming tablet, i would say definitely uh take this one into consideration for you guys there um yeah. With that one being said, i will see you next time. Hopefully i get feeling better.