So at this time there isn't actually any official information. This video is based on my own thoughts, opinions and essentially best guesses. When Nvidia has launched desktop graphics in the past, laptops would soon follow, but even once the laptop graphics have become available, there are usually only a limited number of models featuring them immediately available. It will, of course, vary between vendor, but some may simply take longer to refresh their lineups with the newer GPUs. While the past is by no means an indication of the future, it can help us gain an understanding of how Nvidia works. We know that the r tx twenty eighty and twenty atti cards are scheduled for launch on the 20th of september this year, with the twenty seven taeju later with nothing else officially confirmed yet for reference here are the launch dates for the desktop and laptop ten series. Graphics, the differences vary quite a bit between card. For instance, the gtx 1066 gig was launched on july 19, 2016, but the laptop 1060 was launched on august 16, 2016 around a month later, but the 1050 in 1050 t I didn't, get laptop launches until three months. After their desktop counterparts, and some of the others also had a similar three month gap so based on this we'll, probably still have some months to go after September. What about performance boosts? Many people have been speculating that as Nvidia didn't actually show the gaming performance of these new RT X cards that there may not be much of an improvement.

Instead, the main focus has been around ray tracing, hence the rebranding from GTX tarty X. While there is interesting technology in these cards, until games are updated to take advantage of it, there may not be much of a performance difference in most titles, but we'll have to wait for the benchmarks before we can really know for sure. Although we can take educated guesses based on things like the cuticles and clock speeds, power is another important factor. For instance, if we compare the new desktop GPUs with their ten series counterparts, we can see that the new 20 series has a higher TDP. This is quite a big deal when it comes to moving things over into a laptop as you've got to consider things like power drawer battery size and cooling it'll be interesting to see if these will be cut down at all when the laptop models come around. Let'S move on to pricing. If the high end desktop models are an indication of overall generation pricing, then we're probably going to be looking at higher cost laptop options too, but that could vary depending on how much they cut them down. I'Ll skip the 20 atti as we never had laptops with the 1080 TI, so let's just assume that we'll have laptops with the 20 70 and possibly 20 80 in the higher end laptops for argument's sake. The differences in desktop parts are Launcher around 100. So there would probably be a similar increase to laptops featuring these GPUs to some degree.

It may not even be the case that we see r tx graphics in laptops at all and instead to also get some kind of upgraded GTX series without the ray tracing components. We'Ll just have to wait and see I'm just guessing here, but I wouldn't be surprised if we only see our TX versions of these higher end cards and then just get a GTX, 20 50 and 2060 options further down the line for laptops assuming the performance in Games isn't actually that different. Then it really comes down to whether or not you'll benefit from ray tracing, and I think we've still got some time to go before. Games really start taking advantage of that anyway, with this new first gen hardware. So should you wait for these new r, tx graphics options before buying a new laptop or by now, to be honest, it really depends how badly you need a new laptop and whether you'd think you'd actually benefit from the ray tracing capabilities of these new options. As that seems to be where the biggest gains will be, if you need a laptop today, then I'd say just buy now. It doesn't seem like they'll, be that much of a game if and when these finally come to laptops. Otherwise, if you can wait a few months then might as well. If there are new laptops, even if you don't buy one, maybe you can get a nice deal on the 10 series, which will probably still be a great option for a while.

Yet, in my opinion, despite already being a couple of years old now, hopefully this video has been useful. Why I'm interested in these new graphics cards and can't wait to benchmark them and compare them with the 10 series I don't plan on boarding the hype train. I just wanted to give you my thoughts on the topic, as quite a few of you asked me about Nvidia r tx laptops in recent comments. Let me know what you guys think will be saying with regards to new 20 series laptops in the comments and don't forget to subscribe for future tech.