I am playing fortnite on a 1.6 gigahertz, two gigabytes of ram 384 megabyte video card macbook air from 2011, with all the graphic options set to epic. This is a machine that honestly should have been, should be having trouble playing solitaire and if this isn’t amazing to you you’re, not paying attention Music. So something else you might be wondering is what is an old fart like you doing, playing fortnite Music well, i’m winning, but even more amazing than me. Occasionally winning a game of fortnight is what’s happening on this particular computer right now. Uh. If i do about this mac you’ll be able to see that it’s at 1.6 gigahertz 2 gigabytes of ram. So it has an intel, hd integrated graphics card that’s. Oh, i bespoke 288 megabytes of memory. I thought it was 384. My mistake, it is a mid 2011 model. This machine has never been known as a gaming workhorse back in the day, there may have been a few games for it. The macintosh platform in general is not really looked upon as something that a lot of gaming happens on, and yet i was running fortnite on this machine at 100 frames per second average speed with everything turned on and also by the way, i’m running, a version of Fortnite, that is not supposed to run on a macintosh it’s the fortnight, that connects with the whole rest of the world, as opposed to this kind of a weird um uh jail that they put all the other mac users and ios users into while this frivolous lawsuit Works its way through the to the courts.

So now the question becomes. How am i doing this? How is fortnite playing on this machine, a machine that is basically a computing potato, a machine that in no way meets the requirements that epic is laid out to run? Fortnite, and even if it did, this is a version that it shouldn’t even be running on this particular machine anyway. Well, basically, what we’re seeing here is an example of cloud computing, and i believe strongly that this is where our future lies. I really think that this is the first step of something that later on is going to become more and more common, and that is to completely reduce the end machine on this end into nothing more really than a dumb terminal. That has a monitor and a keyboard and an import source input, source and uh speakers and the other things that you need, but the processing power, the computing power i strongly feel is eventually going to move up to the web, where you can’t possibly compete on a Desktop machine with what someone can put into a warehouse full of servers and that’s. Basically, what’s happened with nvidia they’ve, taken a whole bunch of machines, put them all together and when you’re running for tonight, i’m, not well. I say running i’m playing fortnite on this machine. I’M actually running for tonight on a machine or group of machines or possibly some sort of virtual machine somewhere else in the country. That’S hooked up to some sort of a massive pipe that um that basically is generating effectively sort of a um netflix film, they’re, generating all the all the application is running there.

The video is being generated there. The video is, the game itself is being rendered there. It’S being sent back to this laptop and then my keyboard commands are being sent back to nvidia that then on the machine that is running. This interprets that sends that to epic servers. The epic server, then tells you know the the nvidia servers. What is happening next, as far as where i’m moving or what’s happening to me, or if i’ve shot somebody or a bin shot or whatever, and then that sends this thing back to me so quickly that there is literally no lag. I am not seeing any even a hint of lag. This is crisp the uh the gameplay on this thing is nothing short of instantaneous. When i push a button that happens, there is absolutely no uh example of lag there’s no example of me falling behind something. I i am truly truly amazed by this Music. So back when i got started with computers, uh technology was pretty different back then uh and uh. You know this. I really honestly early 80s. Really it could pretty pretty much trace me back to the late 70s, but in the early 80s is when i started messing with pcs. I had a zx81 and apple ii and it’s one of the very first people to ever have a macintosh, etc, uh, and so a lot of times when i see things like this happen, i’m, seeing it more um from the standpoint of well.

This used to be this way, this used to be that way and it’s kind of amazing if this happens or kind of amazing, if that happens or whatever – and i am often more and more frequently taken completely by surprise by something like this – that actually has truly Truly melted, my brain um, i think everyone has probably seen some kind of an example of cloud storage uh. If you have an iphone an android phone, it’s, probably there’s a likelihood that your photos are when i was being stored on some kind of a nebulous cloud. Server somewhere, some people may have had some exposure to cloud computing. Uh good examples are kind of an example is adobe’s creative suite. So if you’re, a photoshop, uh subscriber or after effects subscribers so on so forth, you can um. You know. The latest version is what you always download you always run, but those applications run locally on your machine uh, your machine is where all the actual processing times takes place. What they’re doing is really storing the um installation of the of the i. I cannot talk and play fortnite at the same time, uh. What what they’re storing is the uh is the application itself and all your data and everything is local to you so on what this is doing is running the application itself in a distance. What i’m seeing here is sort of an interactive movie, where the things that i’m doing and whatnot is interacting with uh.

You know i, when i push a button, something happens, i can swing my axe, i can jump um and you know that’s that that’s talking about the zero lag kind of cycle that they’ve got built into this thing, which is kind of amazing and i’m about to Get shot here because i have absolutely no weapons and i haven’t paying attention to what i’m doing and i’m hearing a bunch of people shooting so um. When i get my tail handed to me here in just a second that’s uh, i guess it’s going to be expected. This is an entirely different level of cloud computing that that i’ve never been exposed to, and the kind of thing that honestly, i never really thought was going to be possible and that is completely running all of the application and the output and the processing and everything Else at a distance and all you’re doing is really kind of got just sort of a little window that you’re looking into to see that this thing goes um in this particular case, it’s pretty cool, because what this lets me do is it lets me run for Tonight, on a machine that should not be running fortnite at all or playing fortnite anyway, and this opens up a whole bunch of new possibilities. For example, one of the interesting things that people look at nowadays just kind of as a benchmark, is how well davinci runs. Video editing, runs on say, for example, one of the modern m1 macs.

Well, i think you’re looking at a situation here where it doesn’t matter anymore um, you could have your machine just becomes irrelevant. Uh i’ll pick up some of this stuff. Here we go let’s say, for example, that i had enough bandwidth to be sending my video back and forth, which i probably do not um, but let’s say. If i did, then i could literally run something like davinci at a machine at a distance that would be able to process the the everything that i’m doing run everything that i’m doing at a rate that is beyond what i could ever possibly pay for on a Desktop uh, uh and, of course, again, i’d have to be able to send the video there and have to send the video back to me. You’Re running into issues with who’s got your access to your data and where’s it being stored and really when it comes down to it are, could we be getting close to an era where the computer itself is not important and let’s? Look at fortnite and other video games as an example now let’s say that i have a machine that’s, several years old, um, the video card’s aging it doesn’t have much ram in it. The hard drives are normal hard drives, not an ssd, etc. Well, uh. I could look into spending five hundred dollars thousand dollars, fifteen hundred dollars to put say a video card in it or maybe an entirely new machine.

Let’S just say: i’m, just gon na upgrade a video card. Let’S say: i’m gon na spend 250 on a video card. Well, uh, one of the things that this particular setup does require. Now somebody shot me let’s, just jump is a. I need to have a decent internet access, so most data rates for homes have caps. This will probably fill that cap up pretty quick. I think in the particular mode that i’m playing right now i’m, using about 10 gigabytes of data per hour, uh in some houses, most households that have about a 50 gigabyte limit you’re going to burn that up. Pretty quick but let’s say that you spent 20 30 extra bucks, let’s say as much as 30 bucks a month uh that you’ve added to add a uh to take the cap away or to add so much cap on to your data rate that it doesn’t really Matter anymore, and then the second thing that you do is um up the speed to make sure the speed is good enough and uh. Then you spend the four dollars a month right now that these guys are charging to run the geforce application and subscription service, and so let’s say you’re talking 34 dollars a month. Well, if you’re going to spend 250 on a video card, you could run a good, seven or eight months on the same amount of money and at all times have access to not only the latest and greatest technology.

That’S running, but i mean this thing runs at its highest level, all the time at the maximum furniture minute. All that makes for frames per second all the time on really crappy hardware uh. So you at that point you have to start to think you go well. Do i maybe i shouldn’t buy any new hardware? Maybe all i need is this particular thing um, i will say in applications like fortnite. This makes more sense to me because i am in a multiplayer situation and i’m playing in in a game where i was going to be online all the time anyway, uh one of the other games that i have which um let’s just get out here. One of the other games that i have is a game called control, uh and control is a game that is often used to sort of benchmark systems. Uh, you know how fastly, how fast will it run control given the um uh different graphics headings? Uh? Well again, i don’t care about it. I just set all the settings all the way up to maximum. I set the ray tracing all the way up. I set everything all the way up and the game plays absolutely like it’s butter on machines on this machine. So why would i spend a bunch of extra money? Oh by the way, control is a pc only game instantly. This is a macintosh um. It seems like to me that there’s almost no sense in purchasing hardware, especially for any kind of a gaming thing when you have this available to you, assuming that your bandwidth is, is there now one of the games? One of the reasons i bring up control is because control is a single player game.

Doesn’T have multiple people online you’re, not playing against multiple players anyway, so you’re not going to be online typically, when you’re playing this. However, to run this on geforce now you are going to have to be online and you will be using up those massive gigabytes of data, regardless of what it is, even though you’re not playing against someone else um. So it may not make so much sense to play single player games that way again, it depends on your access to bandwidth uh. If bandwidth is not an issue for you, this to me is a game changer, and i don’t mean that, as a pun, i, it just seems like to me that you could really really really change the way that you look at hardware when systems like this begin To come online um amazing thing for nvidia uh. I will put links to this down in the bottom and also, i might add, that their monthly subscriptions are basically already filled up uh. They are offering a six month subscription, which i think is twenty four dollars. It’S about four bucks a month. I am not in any way related to nvidia. I am not making any money off them. This is something i accidentally stumbled into and i’m just so astonished by it that i felt like i needed to make a video. I will tell for anybody that’s curious about it. There is no lag. There is no video problems, there is no uh uh.

It seems like to me that this thing is running exactly on whatever it is that i’m, you know it seems like it’s, the latest greatest top and bestest. I feel the need to point out that this is not a 100 perfect system. If, for nothing else, uh, not absolutely everything is available. I’M. I’M. Pretty sure the majority of games from epic is available here, um that’s, not where i needed to look at, and i think the majority of the games from steam are available on here as well. Uh past that i know there has been a couple games that have been taken off. A tomb raider, for example, is uh, something that i know that for some reason they decided to take it off. Apex legends is available. War thunder, i know, is available. Uh there’s a number of games from a variety of different publishers. I don’t know if this is likely to get bigger likely to get smaller. I don’t know. I also know that there was a counter strike is here. I know that google is working on a competing. A competing product called stadia almost said compedia and i don’t know exactly what the status is that right now. My understanding is this, never really worked as well as what they had expected it to uh, although it could be wrong there, uh team fortress 2.. A lot of people playing that nowadays um, so your game may be here. Your game may not be here uh.

If you want to restrict yourself to the games that are available on nvidia’s geforce now service, then you’re probably going to be very happy. If you have something that’s, not on here, you’re, probably not going to be very happy because you’re going to have to spend the hardware and spend the dollars on hardware to run it yourself.