So take a closer look now at the hardware, and I was very surprised with the build quality on this. I was expecting something all plastic and very cheap feeling with a lousy display. This has none of those issues. It’S actually pretty well built it’s got a metal case on the back here. It feels rather solid and pretty nice. In the hand, the display is probably the best feature of it: 1900 by 1200 to a full 1080p resolution on this essentially and it’s, also an IPS display. So you get very good viewing angles and really nice detailed, sharp images on screen. So they did a very nice job with display on this. It does have some bleed through when you’ve got a solid color on screen and that’s. Pretty common with these low cost IPS displays, but the fact they were able to get a full HD IPS display into something so inexpensive is a pretty good deal and I’m not going to ding them too much on that. You got a capacitive home button here to load up your Start menu or, if you’re in tablet mode to go back to the home screen there. This is running with an atom. Sherry trail x5v, 8300 processor. This is a very common processor on these types of devices and when we go through our performance benchmarks in a little bit you’ll see, the performance is pretty much where it should be with this chipset inside of it.

It has, though, only 2 gigs of ram and only 32 gigabytes of storage, and that might present some difficulties, especially if you want to install a lot of software on it there’s some ways. You can mitigate that a little bit and I’ll show you, as we get through the rest of the hardware here, but generally pretty limited, but again you’re only paying 79 and you have to keep your expectations in check. It’S got the full version of Windows. This is Windows 10, Home Edition built in fully licensed and because this was bought from the Microsoft Store. This is a signature PC, so there’s, no junk, wear or adware or anything else loaded on here beyond just the normal windows experience. I did find, though, when I took it out of the boxes, the updates for it took forever so plan. Accordingly, you’ll probably want to update everything before you install software on it on the side. Here you do have a card slot for a micro SD card. I did stick in a fast 16 gigabyte card to give me some space for installing some steam games on it and that’s. One of the nice things about steam is that it does. Let you install things on other drives, including SD cards, so I do have a pretty phat SD card in here and I suggest looking for a more premium card, with a very fast write, speed to try to get as much performance as you can.

Especially if you plan to load some applications up onto that card on the other side here you just have your power switch and your volume rocker on the bottom. You have the speaker, output, speakers, okay, not fantastic, but good enough for the price point on the top. Here you’ve got a micro HDMI out. You can connect an external display up to it, which I did earlier today and that worked just fine and just like any other Windows device would. I believe it will also support some of the wireless display adapters too, because there is Bluetooth and Wi Fi built into this. Of course, so you can get into some of those other displays. If you want to view that without a wire over here, you’ve got a single USB port. This is for charging, but it’s also compatible with the OTG format, and they include an adapter in the box, so you can plug in a standard USB device into this, but it doesn’t let you charge at the same time. So there really is only one effective, USB port on here. You can use this to charge or you can plug a device in, but not both. I did try one of those Y connectors. You can get that allow power to pass through in addition to a USB device. It didn’t work on here, so this is it so that’s. Probably his biggest limitation here is the fact that it doesn’t have a second USB port.

Many of these tablets do this. One doesn’t, but you do get with something that a lot of Apple users don’t get anymore, is a full headphone jack there, which also serves as audio input and it’s got two mics here on the top of the case so overall, very nicely built. Doesn’T weigh all that much either 0.6 pounds or 272 grams. The battery on here in light usage. I think you’re going to get about seven hours give or take. If you start loading up a lot of games or doing some more intensive kind of activity. You’Ll see far less than that, but for doing tablet kinds of things like email and web browsing. I think you’ll get seven hours out of there without too many issues. There are two cameras on here: you’ve got a lousy camera on the front and a really lousy camera here on the back. The back camera is a 5 megapixel camera. It takes horrible pictures, as you can see here, and the video on it, even though it does 1080p at 30 frames per second is equally bad. It looks like there’s, a frost or something over the lens. I did clean it before I uploaded those pictures there for you to see so the camera on here is not as strong a selling point, but it does do well in other areas. So let’s take a look now and see how it performs so let’s kick things off with some YouTube.

Watching I’ve got my youtube channel here, playing a 1080p video at 60 frames per second and all looks like it is performing as expected here. I’Ll pull up the stats bernhard, so you can get a feel for any drop frames we might be experiencing, but so far no dropped frames on the playback here, and this is performance consistent with other devices running with the same chipset. The color on the display looks very nice. Also, all things considered. This is a very good video playback device and, I think, will do equally well with Netflix and other services, although if you are watching online video with a browser, my suggestion is to use the edge browser on these low end devices, especially for 60fps video. As I found, Google Chrome does not perform as well with these devices. I did a video on that a little while ago you can see down below in the video description now. Web browsing on the device feels a little sluggish to me from time to time, and I think it might be the wi fi’s fault. I was noticing that when I was downloading updates, as I mentioned before, those came in rather slowly, but also some of my Steam games, as I was downloading, sometimes would trail off a little bit in the process of those things coming down and I’m seeing similar behavior When I’m out browsing the web, so sometimes the page will render – and everything will come in very quickly as it is right now, at least for what you would get out of one of these low powered intel chips other times it comes in much slower and I Think it’s again due to the fault of the Wi Fi, the Wi Fi here is a 2.

4 gigahertz Wireless n radio, it’s, not supporting AC, so you’re not going to get any of the newer Wi Fi technology going on here and that works just fine as its Doing right now and other times it runs rather slowly, it’s, really really no rhyme or reason to it. Maybe it just doesn’t like the Wi Fi routers. I have here at the house. One thing I did notice because I’m running multiple access points here, that it was sometimes going after the lower powered access point on the other side of the house versus the higher powered one that was nearby so there’s. Just something going on here with the Wi Fi. At least in my particular setup that is slowing this down slightly, I did run the browser bench org pedometer test, which is a way of measuring how fast the web performance is, irrespective of bandwidth and there we got a score of twenty one point: four four, which Puts it right in line with another atom based device, we looked at just last week, lenovo mix 320 that one came in around 20. The margin of error here is about the same, so it’s performing at least in its hardware side of things from the processors perspective, about where I would expect it to and again I think these performance issues are Wi, Fi related and because this tablet is running the Full version of Windows, you can run the full version of Windows software, so I’ve got an older version of Microsoft.

Word here running on it, just fine is installed just like any other Windows. App would install. I can scroll through this newsletter template here and make some adjustments to it and it’s not going to be as fast as an i7 based monster, but you’re paying 80 bucks here and getting very usable performance out of this little tablet. Here, I’ve got a Bluetooth keyboard. Trackpad attached, this thing is from Logitech. I bought this about two or three years ago, it’s great especially for computers that lack ports. I can get an all in one keyboard, trackpad combo here that can connect up via bluetooth that also works with a dongle I’ve got a review to this down below, but generally, I think it’s working fine, especially given that you don’t have to pay all that much To get a pretty useful little computer here now, one thing to note on the accessories you might buy for this: most of them might cost the same we’re just about the same as the computer does itself. So this keyboard, trackpad combo I mentioned – cost about 60. Only 20 less than the entire computer will cost you here, I’m running minecraft now to get a feel for its gaming prowess. This is the Java version of Minecraft, which most people are still running. This is running at about 15 to 20 frames per second. Sometimes it does a little better. Sometimes it does a little less than better, but we are running at 1900 by 1200.

So I, if we reduce some of the image quality and went down the 720p we’d, have a more playable experience, but this does give you an idea as to what this little processor inside is capable of doing so. Pretty impressive performance out of this thing and I’m running the Optifine performance enhancing plugin, and you can run theme on this, of course, because it is a windows based computer, so let’s take a look and see if rocket League can run on it. So I’ve got rocket league running here on the tablet. We are running at 800 by 600, but it is running pretty decently. With all the settings turned down, I was seeing frame rates anywhere from 30 to 40 frames per second, so very, very playable. Here it just doesn’t, look all that great, but it does give you an idea as to what you might be able to squeeze out for performance on this little tablet. A lot of the triple a titles like GTA, 5 and others do not perform its nicely, but it is cool to be able to play some modern stuff on this device just in a very low resolution. But there are a number of games that do play well. On these little tablets, things that are like 10 years old or so so, half life 2 and many of the games from that era actually do have some decent performance on here, even at 720p. So there are some gaming options for it.

Some of the newer indie titles of 2d games, like shovel knight, typically work okay on here, some do better than others. You may want to check system requirements first, but you can have a somewhat decent playable gaming experience on here. If you set your graphical expectations accordingly, these also work very well as game streaming devices, so you can connect via steam in home streaming to your larger gaming, PC in another room, for example, and use this essentially as a remote monitor of that game, and that seems To work, okay as well, but remember, you’ve got the USB port limitation here, so you might be running on battery while your game controller is plugged into the port. But of course, Bluetooth controller should work fine and on the 3dmark Cloud Gate test we got a score of 1547, which puts it right in line with other devices running with the same or similar processor in this generation. So real good comparative here is the voyeur. Be book v3 ultra book, I looked at a couple of weeks ago that went squared right within the margin of error, as this one did, and we also saw a very similar scores on the Vita Lenovo mix 320 as well. Now one last thing to take a look at is how well it can handle some higher end. Video playback, so I’ve got Kodi running here with a blue, rey MKV file, full resolution and bitrate and it’s running just fine on here, as it does on other devices.

With the similar processor, I did get to drop frames at the outset here, but generally it has been performing as expected. So that’s, a good thing. It doesn’t do as well with the higher end H, EDC stuff. So, for example, this 60 megabit HEV C file does not perform so well about some lower end. Hev, see stuff like this test file do perform. Okay, so I think, if you’re running stuff off of maybe a mobile phone, that some mobile phones now are starting to do. Hev C recording you’ll be okay, but I don’t expect some blu ray conversion at a very high bitrate and HEV C to work, but the raw file from the blu ray the MKV file. We just playback here should do fine with the mpeg 4 compression that those discs typically have so all in. I think this is a pretty good little device. An 8 inch tablet, 80 running the full version of Windows and what’s nice about this, too, is that they give you a one year, warranty with it, so you do have some protection there. I think, with the Amazon tablets that are about this price. They only give you like 90 days so that’s a good thing to have here. Battery life seems acceptable for the price point I like the build quality. Believe it or not. The screen does get gummed up with fingerprints a little more than I would like, but generally it is better than many of the other cheap tablets.

I have looked at that. Don’T have the same kind of support that this one will probably be coming with, and the fact that it’s being sold in Microsoft stores gives me some confidence, maybe some comfort, at least that somebody is going to stand behind the product here. So, if you’re looking for a cheap tablet and understand what you’re getting into here, I think you’ll be fine. I do recommend, though, as I mentioned before, getting a decently fast SD card to put in here some of those ultra or extreme cards from SanDisk work pretty well, and I think those will perform with games and other things better than a cheaper card might you’ll definitely Need that to offset is very limited storage, especially when updates come down and there’s no room left on the internal storage to install them so that’ll do it for our review here of the new vision 79 tablet – and this is LAN Simon thanks for watching this channel – Is brought to you by my patreon supporters, including gold level supporter Cody Falk? If you want to help the channel you can by contributing as little as a dollar a month head over to londo TV patreon, to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe.