This is my unboxing video of the new fee, air 75 keyboard and the case. So let me get rid of the box here here. You have the politically incorrect uh cover art for the air 75 Wireless mechanical keyboard by Newfie Ive come to uh, get interested in Wireless mechanical keyboards. I think its nice to have something different. This is the vessels keyboard and you can see all the nice RGB colors there. I picked this up through Kickstarter about six months ago or maybe eight months ago. I wanted it because its slim, its a nice match for my magic Trackpad Ive, got the space gray. One apple doesnt make a compact magic keyboard; they only have the one with the number pad and its just too big. I dont need the number pad its ridiculous, so this I picked up. I think it was about 120 bucks. I like it, though it tends to sleep a lot faster than uh advertised, maybe that has to do with my MacBook being a 2015 model, so its a little dated, so maybe the Bluetooth is not as responsive foreign any case. I wanted to check this one out. I thought it looked really cool. I like that you can change the keycaps out. I purchased a keycap set that is going to be shipped this month. I think in a week – or maybe even in a few days, Im currently in Warsaw and Im going back to California and thats, where Ill be able to pick up the uh, the keycaps, but these are cool as well.

I just Im not a huge fan of the white foreign, but well see what it looks like in person and like I mentioned, I also got this case. I thought it had a cyberpunk 2077 vibe to it its a game. I played a bit. I actually havent played it that much, but I like the aesthetic more of them than anything, so here were already have this nice darker, aesthetic, so weve got a little arrow here. I presume yeah were gon na flip. That, and here we have the keyboard and its nice and compact – I was thinking it might be, a little bigger but its a nice size, and why dont we check this out right here, like the colors, the turquoise on Gray, and then here we have the braided Usb a to USBC charging cable, we have the key cap puller. We have three switches: blue brown and green Im, sorry red they each have a different tactile feedback. I went with blue. I, like the clickiness of the blue, at least in my experience and a USB dongle. Of course this is Bluetooth wireless, but this apparently is better. I think for gaming I dont know for sure and then some different keycaps which match Windows, because this is customized for Mac. So I believe option is the different one there. The one crucial thing for me in this keyboard is going to be whether I can make it work with my Mac and the way I want it to itll work for most things out of the box.

I know it, but what I do is I use the option key on the right side, which is on the vessels and the magic keyboard by Apple, in order to um. Do polish characters like Elm, which is an E with a little tail on the bottom, or on a with a little accent, and here we have it on this side. I could probably figure out how to do it that way, but Ive gotten used to uh pressing option on this side and then the appropriate key as Im typing. I think I can remap the command key, but we will see so we can see how nice uh this is. Let me compare it to the vessels, so it looks like uh. The vessels is thinner. I dont think itll be a problem, though this is uh. Still quite Slim and its just something new, I mean we have so much in our lives: thats, uh, digital and uh software and and whatnot touch screens. You know, and here you have actual tactile feedback. I already feel that that I really enjoy the uh. The feeling there lets Im just going to type a little bit, so you can hear what the blue keycaps sound like so thatll give you an idea, like I said, Im getting another keycap set, maybe Ill keep this one, but I like the other one. I think it had from what I recall its a blue uh keys for the main letters and numbers and then a few little additions so that its more of an ocean vibe to it.

So this is the Newfie air. 75 keyboard Ill do Ill charge it up and then Ill do a typing test and Ill. Tell you if um, how how I like it it was. I bought it in Poland, so the price was a little bit higher than usual, but its about a hundred and thirty dollars, or so, if you buy it online and I believe its cheaper, if you buy it through newfies website, so Ill put a link below and You can purchase it there if you so choose, of course, if you buy it through Amazon or place like that, its its easier to return Amazon did have a deal for, I believe, 103.99, for this keyboard a few weeks ago, that might just be for Black Friday. So um, you might not see that again, but you could you could check it out, and in that case it would be worth it to buy it from Amazon to get the 20 or 30 dollar discount off of the the new fee price check out If you want to see some interesting mechanical keyboards, this one looks pretty cool um. It feels different than the vessels. I really like the build quality of the vessels that has really a solid aluminum feel to it. This one feels a bit lighter, but itll take some time for me to uh to have a full opinion on that. I can see that the bottom here is plastic, whereas the vessels is all aluminum or aluminum, as Johnny Ive says so thats the vessels.

Do you have any questions? Do you have you used mechanical keyboards before Ive, only just rarely uh recently started getting into them the vessels from what I understand is not a true mechanical keyboard that you know. I I cant tell you all the details, but its uh. Its in the ballpark, I also have a keychron K1, which does have the option key on the right, and I like the build quality and the slimness and everything. Although it has some more keys to the right here, I believe it has a number pad Ill have to do a separate review on that one or just compare the different keyboards all together, but I do like that one. I did have some connection issues with it for a while and thats one thing that can be a discourage discouraging for keyboards is that theyre not always reliable? There can be problems depending on what your operating system is or what your needs are, and for that reason, Apples magic keyboard has been Rock Solid, reliable for me, its just too slim and there isnt enough tactile feedback so thats. Why Im experimenting with mechanical keyboards? All right, if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below subscribe. If youd like to see more content like this, and let me know what you think about mechanical keyboards, do you like them? Do you uh swear by them? Have you switched to a mechanical keyboard and you have your One go to keyboard or do you uh? Do you rotate the keyboards, and now I have about three uh mechanical keyboards that Im going to have in my rotation plus the magic keyboard? So I have plenty of options, but once I spend some time with this one Ill, let you know what I think and well go from there all right.

Merry Christmas, happy New Year, everyone talk to you guys later really quick. I forgot to mention the case. I really like the quality or at least initial feel of the case um, if sure, how exactly Im supposed to do all this, but there we go theres the case and apparently you can prop it up and Im not going to demonstrate it all right now. But you can prop up the case uh. You can put your tablet there, for example, and then you use the case.