Looking at the brand new numark party mix, dj controller, so it’s been pretty much to the day five years since newmark released the original uh party mixed dj controller, which has been a huge success for beginner djs, and i mean sort of all djs really that just Want a spare controller, so it makes complete sense for them to have upgraded it and now here it is the brand new numark party mix 2.. So in today’s video, what i’m going to be doing is unboxing the party mix 2 to see what you get with the controller and then we will take a proper good look at it. Compare it to the old one, see what the differences are and look at its standout features so without further ado let’s get into it. Okay, so let’s take a look at what you get in the box of this numark party mix. 2. i’ve got a feeling. This is going to be quite a short unboxing, video right, so here’s the controller itself um you get some other little bits and bobs under here. So you’ve got your new mark stickers, uh, which is great to stick around to show uh the brand that you support. The brand that you’re using and then in here you’ve got your manual and uh your instructions on how to use uh, activate serato, dj lite, which is one of the softwares that this party mix works with um. But let’s have a look at the controller itself.

Oh actually, i’ll tell you what i’m just gon na get there’s one little bit left in here, which, by the looks of this from what i know about the old um party mix, it had the usb lead like connected onto the controller, whereas this. So that is a 3.5 mil cable or an aux cable, and also assuming that this is a yeah there’s, your usb cable. So if i just get rid of this, if you look at the controller that’s it that’s that’s everything that you get in the box there um and i’ll tell you what let’s let’s do that really satisfying there? It is there it is. We all love that don’t. We it’s the proper unboxing thing to do so. There is the brand new numark party mix 2.. Like i said, a minimal unboxing. I knew it would be, but yeah let’s get this thing set up and see what it can do. So here we have it, then the numark party mix 2.. So this controller works with quite a few different bits of dj software actually um. It works with serato, dj, lite and serato dj pro. Of course, you’ll have to upgrade to dj pro but uh it’s plug and play with serato dj lite. So all you do is download serato dj lite for free plug the controller in and it unlocks it and then you can dj now. It also works with algorithms. Dj app, which is great for people that don’t have laptops because it can be used on an ios device.

Only ios at the moment, i’m. Afraid no android compatibility at this time, but it does work on iphones ipads, but also on the algorithm desktop app as well. Whether that be for a pc or a mac, the pymx 2 also works with virtual dj and with dj player pro now. Of course, the fantastic thing about using these dj softwares these days is the fact that you don’t even have to have any physical music files. All of those dj softwares that i listed serato virtual dj and algorithm dj app all support, tidal, sound cloud, beatport and beat source, and, of course they do you if you’ve got physical, mp3 files or whatever, on your phone or on your laptop in your library. Of course, you can play that as well, but it’s, just so great how small and portable this party mix 2 is just to be able to sort of connect it into a phone like an ios device and then be able to stream music. You know wherever you are. Obviously, you would need an internet connection to stream music if you were using it on your laptop with serato or virtual dj or whatever, but when you’re using it with an ios device, you can use your 4g or your 5g or whatever to access the streaming services. So really really powerful that it works with those four different dj softwares, so i’ve currently got the party mix 2 connected to serato dj light in my macbook here.

So let’s take a look at some of the features your pad modes over here. You’Ve got four different pads, first, one being the hot cue which you know, it’s pretty self explanatory you’ve got four hot cues there, then to change the pad mode. You just press this little button here so now this is the loop, so the first one is a one beat loop and two beats four beats and a speed. So it only actually goes up to eight beats on the loop section there, but you can um go bigger when you are using this with serato dj pro. You can obviously click through bigger loops, but on serato, dj lite it’s locked to eight when you’re using it with the party mix. Two now uh you’ve got the sampler, so you’ve got four pads here for four different samples and then the effects section down here you’ve got one: two three are different effects and these can be customized within serato. So at the moment, i’ve got this first, one on echo, as you can hear there and actually it’s, just one two: three different effects but pad number four here changes the size of the effect so that’s now on one b, two beats, etc, etc. If i filter through it goes up to eight Music and then one eighth, etc, etc. So the great thing is, even though there is only one two three um pads for effects here, you can of course, customize the effects within serato um limited effects on serato dj lite.

If you upgrade to serato dj pro, you do get access to more effects. So you’ve probably spotted that there, while i was just reeling that tune off, but the standout feature for the party mix is it’s built in light, show so you’ve got three different. Light shows in this you’ve got um this here, which uh changes to the music but it’s kind of dim. Then you to change the light. Is this little button on the side here? So click that now this is um sound to light, but it’s uh slightly lighter a bit brighter. Then one more. This uh is just a static light show which doesn’t require any music as you can see, and then you click it one more time and it’s. Just a complete static lights there sorry, the last one wasn’t static, the last one was just a light show that goes on its own and then this final one here is just static lights, which don’t change to any music at all. And then, if you don’t want the lights on at all, hit it one more time no lights at all. I mean the thing about this party mix. Is the lights sometimes make it seem like a little bit of a toy, but this is not anything to be scoffed at it’s it’s, a powerful controller which has got a sound card built into it, and you know if the lights put you off turn them off. You can turn them off on the side and you know you’ve got this wicked controller here, which is great on a budget and works with four different dj softwares.

So speaking of the built in sound card, the mains out is, on the left hand side here underneath the usb, which um is a 3.5 out now i’ve got a longer one, because my speaker, mixer, is over there but yeah. It does come with a 3.5 to 3.5 cable, which is great to plug in it kind of goes hand in hand with the size of this controller and the clientele for this controller, because i mean a 3.5 to 3.5 or like an aux, cable or sometimes it’s Called that will go into any speaker, it will go into portable speakers um, and you know you in on the old one which we’ll have a look at in a minute. It was an rca, so i mean yeah newmark, going with the 3.5 output on this one and the headphones are here. On the left hand, side underneath the main as well. So one of the best improvements on this party mix 2 are the jog wheels. These are four inch jog wheels compared to the old one which, which is a three inch jog wheel, but these are touch capacitive, which means you can scratch on these jog wheels here, which you couldn’t do on the old party mix. So speaking of the old party mix here she is the old reliable here, as you can see slightly different layout and in fact this new party mix 2 looks to me a lot more like the new mix tracks which newmark bought out last summer um but yeah.

So you can see here three inch jog wheels on this original party mixer the four inch jogs here and touch capacitive, so you can scratch on this new one, also um slightly different layout in terms of the um pitch faders. Here aren’t symmetrical like they are on the original party mix, so you’ve got the same size pitch faders, but they are asymmetrical, um, the sync cue and play buttons in the same place along the bottom, the pads here in the same place in the same pad modes. However, um you’ve got your headphone cue here, whereas the headphone cues are in the middle of the mixing section here, and the mixing section is actually a different layout. Um on the original party mix, you’ve got two band eq with the bass and the treble, and then the gain knob is at the top here, whereas on this party mix, 2 you’ve got the gain still at the top. The treble here, two band eq still with the treble and the bass, but now you’ve got dedicated filters, which is such a great additive. I mean that is arguably the most used sort of effect on any dj controller um. That, with an echo, is like a really good get out a gel free card if you’re clanging a mix but um but yeah the load button’s in the same place. Here the browse knob is in the same place here, as you can see that talks to serato, but slightly different layout again you’ve got the um the the main mix down here and the headphone mix here on the party mix.

You’Ve got the um headphone cue here with the master game here, but yeah on this party mix 2. Everything is a bit more organized and in the same place along the left hand, side here so you’ve got the detachable usb cable, which, on the original party mix this usb cable was attached here, as you can see, um the main out is here, along with the Headphones, whereas on this party mix, the headphones are on the front and the main out which is rca here is on the back, along with the light changer there, which, on this party mix 2, now the light changer, as i showed you is on the side here, Slightly different layout, a little bit more professional, i feel on this uh party mix too so yeah. Some really really good changes when you compare them head to head. So, as i mentioned before, this party mix 2 is compatible with algorithms dj app not only on desktop but also on an ios device. So i’ve got it here on my iphone and i just want to show you how easy it is to set it up now. What you do need is one of these apple usb camera adapters that doesn’t come with the party mix, as you probably saw in my unboxing, so you’ll have to get one of these. It is an official apple, usb camera adapter, and it always has to be plugged in on charge to give enough power, because this party mix 2 is powered by the usb uh.

It needs to be that the phone itself isn’t doesn’t, give off enough power to turn the controller on, so it needs to be plugged in via a charge and then yeah the usb at the side. Here you just plug it in to this usb apple adapter and there you go see. It’S turned on straight away, um now within the algorithm app here. If you just go into settings it should you should be able to see audio device set up there. You go it’s seen that um, the the party mix 2 is connected, so i’ll just get out of there. I didn’t even have to do anything. It was just plug and play and it realized it so yeah and just to show you as well on here how to load tune. So if i go in here um you can see. You’Ve got your music on your phone, so your apple, um, itunes, library, tidal, soundcloud beatport beat source the demo tracks from algorithm app itself. Videos files, my library, so i mean at the moment i’ve got it on tidal. We just go on to rising tracks. I’Ll get that loaded. I can’t play it because it’ll get done for copyright, but you can see there it’s as easy as that to get any song from tidal or any of those other streaming apps on your phone into this party mix. It’S such a great dj controller not only for beginner, djs or sort of maybe younger djs, but also really really great as a backup.

If your main controller breaks or anything i mean this – will fit in your rucksack perfectly so i’m going to leave it. There then guys as usual. Thank you so much for watching. If you found this video helpful, please remember to like um and share and also subscribe to the dj kit channel um hit up the comments with what you think about this new party mix.