Please subscribe to the channel ring the bell for future notifications. Share me with a friend and on social media. Today, we’re looking at the end pet gaming headphones the hs102 gaming headphones. These headphones have surround sound. They can work with your pc, your xbox, your playstation, i think even your cell phone. So what are we gon na? Do we’re gon na open this box we’re gon na check these puppies out we’re gon na see what’s inside so don’t touch that dial stay right here, as we check out the led end pet gaming, headphones okay, people now it’s time for another edition of what’s in The box what’s in the box what’s in the box, we have the end pet gaming, headset hs1002 says pc xbox, one ps4 and mobile surround stereo gaming. Headset white application surround sound stereo subwoofer noise, isolating microphone, great humanized design, effortless volume, control, let’s, open the box, cue, the music phil, not happy happy, not happy. Happy happy. Tell your friends gaming headset hs10 instruction manual! Oh those are nice. Looking all right! Let’S start with. Has a braided cord nice long super long still going. Braided cord has a very nice cushion on the top nice cushions on the sides very good. It has nice flexibility in it here’s the microphone. It has adjustable Music that and adjustable this way. We have the volume control right here. Microphone mute appears to be here. We have a usb Music right, there, 3.

5 aux cord that goes into the extension, and then you have a split aux cord here and here for headset and microphone all right. So what did we get in the box? Happy not happy card gaming headset instruction manual, the gaming header set itself along with a split microphone and headset cord Music. Okay. So here are the end pet gaming, headsets now let’s just take a look at this, so they’ve got some decent color to them. Look at that, so you got leds in the front, this nice flexible mic. This is super flexible and it seems the whole position very well. It also moves this way, they’re a bright red. They go around the earpiece and there on the mouthpiece right here on both sides. You have a brush finish like aluminum, chrome and then a brush, finish plastic and then a shiny plastic. There look at those. So if you like shiny things, these are shiny. Music. Look at that! This is a nice padded top added ears, nice mesh on the inside. You have some adjustments on each of the headsets, so it pulls out Music depending on your need. So that’s cool it’s got like a little rib on the inside. That holds it into place now. I’M. Probably not going to use these in the same way that a normal gamer would use them but i’m going to have my kid who’s a gamer test them out. Let me know what he thinks about them, but i’m going to use them for video, editing and stuff.

So i can hear my wife always complains that i play my speakers too loud when i’m editing a video, and these are freaking phenomenal. Looking these are coming up. As a in by the naked eye, a beautiful red uh led display. I have a brushed aluminum on the side, the end pet logo right here, chrome uh. These look pretty durable to me a lot durable than the ones i paid a lot more money for all right, so we’re going to take a look at the end pet hs. 1002 headsets um well we’re not going to look at him we’re going to actually just listen to him because he used him while playing with xbox or playstation playstation, so we use them on his playstation. So overall, what do you think of the headsets? I thought they were really good, very comfortable, all right, how’s, the sound when you were playing with jack and talking. I helped. I heard him crystal clear in my video game quality. Like what i heard from my video games, i heard every little noise in the game, which is really good, and you need to know that you need to hear that and he was able to hear you yeah. How for comfort are they for you? I didn’t even notice they were on my head, they’re, really comfortable, very cool uh. What do you think of the style? Do you like the way they look? I like how they glow, and i like the red and black scheme, all right cool.

I mean they come in blue, too, and camouflage all right. Did you have to adjust them anything? Did they slide slip, or did you just put them on and they were good? They were good put them on. They were good yeah. All right. Anything else you like about them. If you use turtle beach and a whole bunch of other headsets, how do you think they stack up well turtle bee turtle, beaches aren’t as good, because their wires aren’t as secure – i guess? Okay, so i have birds and i like to eat them yeah. It has a sound adjuster and a mute on it right here, so here’s your adjustment and then here’s your mute all right. So your birds chewed up your total beach ones and they were just riding these, but they didn’t work all right. So, overall, you think it’s worth the money yeah, i think it’s worth the money. It was very good all right anything else. You want to say about them. Well, that’s it all right! Well, this is my resident expert, my son he’s, my youngest and he’s, giving him two thumbs up and i for video editing. I think they work perfectly awesome that’s what i use them for. I can hear clearly and my wife doesn’t have to listen to me. Edit, a video all night and for voiceovers the microphone seems to pick up very very well. I think it’s cool and i i like the style i’m, a red fan so that red looks kick ass to me.

So now you got to see the end pet gaming. Headsets, the hs1002 gaming headsets in vivid red, they also come in blue and camouflage. Overall. I like these headsets. I like them for comfort, they’re, very comfortable. This band is very cushy and when you’re sitting there editing a video all day, it’s cool to have a cushy set of headphones plus it cuts the sound down for my wife, because i do a lot of late night, video, editing uh. I had my kid use them. He seemed to be very satisfied with them and in turn he also keeps taking him now and when he’s playing a video game, he doesn’t use the ones that he has. He takes these upstairs and i have to go look for them. These have a nice adjustable volume on the headset itself, along with a mute button. You just click the mute button and no one can hear you very cool um. Overall, i, like the style. I like the way they sound and when i’m editing a video, i can do good voiceovers with them too. So if you’re interested in the hs10 o2 gaming headsets from npet, i put a link below where you can find it, along with all the specs and details. This is bruce with huntsaker home hacks. Please subscribe to the channel ring the bell for future notifications. Share me with a friend and on social media.