99, it cost more Than the two other most popular note, taking apps good notes and notability, so is it worth it when you first open the app you’re, greeted with note, shelf’s, simple, yet effective organization system folders contain groups which contain notes in an academic setting? I find it best to have one folder per semester and then groups for each class that you take in that semester and, as i was filming this part, i experienced an issue where i was trying to create a folder, but it just wouldn’t show up after i Entered its name bugs like this in noteshelf, are surprisingly common, and they can really start to interrupt the user experience over time through the settings in the app you can select from 10 different colors or themes which will change the color of the main menu bar at The top of the app you can also toggle, on or off showing note dates in the menu search. Functionality is great when it’s working in note shelf, you can search for folders groups, notes and even text within notes, all from the same search bar. That being said, i’ve had multiple notes that have text in them. That simply does not come up when i search for it, i’ve tried everything so that’s, definitely a bug that needs to be addressed. To make a new note, you just tap the little plus icon in the top right corner of the app, and you have a number of options to choose from.

If you select new notebook, you’ll have the option to select a notebook cover and what type of paper you want within that notebook. There are plenty of great paper templates to choose from, so you have not only your standard, lined, gridded and dotted paper, but also options. Like day planners and even digital diaries, you can also import your own custom template from a photo or document file, and you can even download other pre made custom templates for free from the in app store once your notebook is created, we’re, finally ready to take notes Or do whatever other sort of writing? You were planning on doing in note shelf with the pen tool you have four pin or stroke options to choose from there’s the standard, ballpoint pen, a fountain pen, a marker pen and a pencil, and for each you can select a thickness anywhere from 0.0 to 8.0. There are a couple color palettes to choose from, but you can also create your own custom colors. If you want something else, and you get two different highlighter options, squared or rounded, and for any of the pens or highlighters, you can add your favorite presets to this favorite toolbar. So you can quickly change between them, while you’re writing by the way, if you’re looking for the best writing experience for taking notes or drawing on your ipad, then you might be interested in paper like if you’ve ever written on an ipad. You’Ll know that it has.

This glossy slippery feel to it and paper like brings a texture that makes writing notes much more satisfying and comfortable link in the description below for the eraser. You have three sizes to pick from, but also an auto size option that will adjust the size according to how fast you’re erasing. Alternatively, you can select to erase the entire stroke, which is the option i prefer typing using the text tool is great, i would say it’s better than any other note taking app i’ve used. You can change your font, font, size and color, but also customize, four different presets to quickly change between while you’re typing. I found this really useful, for example, if i wanted to emphasize a really important point, i could just switch to my bolded font with the tap of a button. You also have the option of turning your clear text box into a solid box which opens up some pretty cool possibilities. The first thing i thought of is that you could create your own sort of flash card quizzing system with questions on the text boxes about the notes, you’ve taken underneath the text. Then you could quiz yourself and just move the text box to see if you were correct using the selection tool, you can outline the text or writing that you want to edit and resize it move it around cut and paste change the color and even take a Screenshot of the selected portion and save it to your device, i found the shape tool, works really well for circles and lines but i’m, not a fan of the way it handles triangles and squares.

My squares always seem to turn into rectangles, and my triangles are always slightly misaligned. If you’re working on something that needs to be very precise, you have the option to enter a zoomed view of part of the note to get the small details just right. When you want to add a new page, you can just swipe up and it will automatically add a new page with the same template as the one you were previously on. But you can also change this new page to a different template. If you want to – and one feature that i’m, a big fan of is audio recording, note shelf – has a pretty unique way of doing this, with these little audio recording bubbles that you can just insert and move around your notes, this means you can record audio for Different parts of your notes and just have it stored in this little bubble to play back whenever you want, while this isn’t quite as useful as notability’s audio recording feature, which will automatically sync the audio recording to your notes, you were taking at the time. It is a nice alternative. I have all of my notes, synced through icloud, so everything is completely available through noteshelf on my iphone and if you’re interested. Yes, you can technically edit your notes entirely from your phone, although i do find it a bit too imprecise. For my liking, so i prefer to just read my notes on the phone and there is a version of noteshelf available for mac os, but it will cost you an additional 7.

99. It has the exact same functionality as the iphone and ipad version, but without the ability to comfortably hand write my notes, it loses a lot of the appeal for me, so i would only recommend this version if you’re interested in typing or reviewing your notes on your Mac other backup options include dropbox, evernote, onedrive and google drive i’ve attempted multiple times to link. My google drive account but have not been able to successfully sync my notes to my drive, while noteshelf offers an overall, very pleasant note, taking experience it’s hard to recommend over good notes or notability, it offers more or less the same features, but it seemed to be A bit less polished than the other two apps, especially with my issues with backing up to google drive.