You see in a world with ever more resourceful cyber villains using ever sophisticated weapons to steal your identity. Your data and even your privacy i’d, have them all Music, hello people and welcome to the privacy free channel where we help citizens reclaim their serenity in a world. Without privacy and right now, i’m going to be showing you why, in an increasingly dangerous online world, one superhero isn’t enough to protect your identity, data and privacy, but to make sure you keep up to date with the fast changing world of online privacy and security. Push that subscribe button and ring that bell icon to make sure you don’t miss out on any sweet content and to try out expressvpn without risk click. The affiliate link down below unless you’ve been living in a deep sea cave for the past 20 years. You’Ll have figured out that all the superheroes i mentioned a minute ago were brought together in the movie avengers by nick fury of shield, which love the name by the way to save the world from loki and his cohorts and norton has done something similar with norton. 360, to save you from the modern online equivalent of loki and his evil army, but first off what is norton and norton is basically a division of symantec, one of the best known companies in the field of cyber security. Although symantec also seemed to be known as northum lifelock, which is also one of the products within norton 360.

, which is all a bit confusing as the script to avengers movie itself, sometimes i mean like wasn’t thor, supposedly stuck in asgard and then all of a sudden. Conveniently ended up on earth like, and i know they explained it with the dark matter, but i mean come on so anyway. What is norton 360. northern 360 is their flagship product norton, who was shield in this analogy, put together all their best cyber security products into one package, including a firewall, anti phishing protection, parental controls, a vpn cloud, backup, privacy protection, webcam protection and identity theft; protection. In fact, if it weren’t for the fear of getting their asses sued off by marble, they probably would have called it the norton 360, the avengers edition how norton 360 works. So how does it work? Well, you need to buy the product first. Obviously, then, you install it on your pc or tablet if you’re going to use it on your mobile you’ll have to download four apps to get the full protection once you’ve got the apps up, which is pretty straightforward, you’re then good to go the standard version of Norton 360 gives you real time: protection against viruses, spyware and ransomware online and offline, a firewall that, like the hulk, stops any unauthorized visitors by monitoring who your computer connects with password manager. I’Ll discuss this later online threat protection, a browser extension that protects your private and financial information and secure cloud backup. Storage, norsen 360 also includes a vpn that encrypts your data, so you can stay anonymous online, protecting you from hackers and it also has a cool feature.

Pc safe cam, which blocks hackers from taking over your webcam and taking photos without you knowing and i don’t know about you, but that one specifically terrifies me – i mean i use my phone in the bath, amongst other things and top of all this, you get dark Web monitoring, which scours the outer reaches of the internet, to see if your personal information like emails and addresses is for sale to cyber criminals. Another great feature of norton 360 is that you can just keep adding more superheroes. The deluxe version can be installed on five devices, including parental controls, while the premium version allows it to be installed on up to 10 devices, which is mental when you think about it. The select advantage and ultimate plus versions are all norton 360’s top of the range protection plans and include added security in the form of an identity, restoration specialist, which is a customer service agent trained to help you, when your identity has been stolen, stolen wallet protection. One million dollar insurance, credit monitoring and ssn and credit alerts, northern lifelock and password manager. One of the really great points about norton 360 is that it includes two other great products from norton lifelock and its password manager. Without these two features, it would be like the avengers without the hulk and hawkeye, though i’d probably say more like the hulk and thor, because most people don’t really care about hawkeye for a full review of norton’s lifelock watch this video right here and to watch more About norton password manager watch this video right here, it’s, either gon na be here here or here down below.

I talk some really good stuff about those products, so go ahead and watch them so make sure that you can make a good decision about this product. So how much is it to employ the avengers to protect you online? Well, norton 360 standard cost you 34.99 a year and 84.99 a year after that. This plan is great. If you only want to protect one device. Northern 360 deluxe cost you ‘.99 a year and 104.99 after that. This plan is perfect if you have kids and need to protect up to five devices. Norton 360 premium cost 49.99 a year 124.99. After that, this plan is best. If you have a large household and need to protect up to 10 devices, norton select costs 99.48 a year and 149.99. After that. This plan is for those who want a higher level security, as it includes lifelock and up to one million dollars of insurance, norton ultimate plus cost 251.88 a year and 349.99 after that. This is, as the name suggests, for those who want the ultimate security online and think of it as the original avengers, with the addition of the justice league northern 360, the good and the bad so is norton 360 worth it. Is it the avengers of cyber security and will it keep loki and his cyber villains at bay? Well, on the plus side, the malware protection is epic, the vpn is unlimited and the parental controls are easy to use. You can back up two gigabytes to 100 gigabytes securely to the cloud, and the firewall is excellent, as well as the webcam protection and password manager having brilliant features.

And, of course, you get dark. Web analysis, stolen wallet, protection, credit monitoring and up to one million dollars of insurance against identity theft. Are there any flaws? Well, of course there is, you know you need to accept that if you assemble a team of egotistical and i’m. Looking at you tone, even though i love you superheroes you’re bound to get a few negatives along with the pluses and that’s the same with norton 360. see the cloud backup. Parental controls and webcam protection are only for windows. So tough look people use a mac me and you can only get identity protection features if you live in the us, but so the bottom line. Norton 360 is a great product. So start relying on the one superhero cyber security product to protect you online and get the full avengers in the form of norton 360. you’ll be glad you did and loki will not be, but you know what he can stay in the dark web he’s done. He’S, not even a part of it anymore, apart from the tv series coming out, but still you ain’t gon na get any hassle anymore and that’s it for this video. All opinions in this review are my own and it’s entirely independent. If you want to give expressvpn a try, risk free, just click the button down below and if you do, i’ll get a small affiliate payment. So i can make more videos like this to help you reclaim your serenity in a world without privacy, thanks for stopping by before you go.