So watch this video till the end and don’t go anywhere other than organizations. Unsuspecting individuals are also in the spotlight regarding data breaches and malware attacks. Mostly the attacks start from an unprotected individual device connected to a network or the internet. According to pr newswire individuals affected by malware attacks were susceptible to phishing, connected to unsecure hotspots, and their info had leaked online to protect yourself against such attacks. You need an all inclusive premium. Antivirus suite, unlike free programs, paid antivirus suites, offer comprehensive protection against online threats and they also come with identity theft, protection services. Additionally, they pack security and privacy enhancing features such as a smart firewall, a vpn cloud, backup, password manager, privacy, monitor dark web monitoring and many more features. They also give you peace of mind as they are cross platform. They also give you excellent value for your money. You can cover multiple devices with a single subscription in this review. We will cover norton 360 deluxe’s features, protection and performance capabilities, user interface, pricing structure, compatibility and customer support let’s get underway. Before going into details, we will first take a quick look at the pros and cons of the deluxe suite and give you our overall verdict. The pros include excellent protection from malware norton 360 deluxe uses multiple layers of defenses to protect you against viruses, malware ransomware, emerging threats and other online attacks. 100 virus protection promise if malware or a virus, beats norton’s protection and its experts norton will give you a full refund of your subscription.

Unlimited secure vpn to help you disguise your online identity, advanced parental controls that give you a controlled experience over your kids dark web monitoring to inform you if any of your sensitive information is available on the dark web. On the other hand, the cons are, some of the features are missing for mac users such as safecam cloud backup and some parental controls features. There is no file shredder, which is considered a critical privacy tool and limited functionality on ios, mainly due to restrictions of the platform overall norton 360 deluxe covers all the bases with its multi layered security approach, advanced security and privacy features and the incorporation of essential identity Theft protection – these comprehensive features make norton 360 deluxe one of the best antivirus security suites in the markets. In fact, during the past few months, the cyber lab team has reviewed ranked and rated 30 plus premium antivirus suites from the biggest names in cyber security. We did this, so you can confidently choose the best antivirus software to protect yourself and your family right now. Our number one pick for the best antivirus product is norton 360 deluxe, followed by bitdefender total security and mcafee total protection. In that order check out the official links we have added down below, if you want to get a massive 70 discount on norton, the sale ends soon so hurry up and don’t worry you’re protected by norton’s strong 60 day money back guarantee. So there is absolutely no risk involved.

You can also get an amazing 50 discount on bitdefender and mcafee, using the official links we’ve added below now. Before we begin this video, we asked for a small favor, a lot of hard work went into creating this video. If you like this video, please press the like button and don’t forget to subscribe. If you want to see more amazing videos from us which antivirus do you use or plan to use, let us know in the comments down below we will reply to your comment now. Let’S cover norton 360 deluxe in detail, starting with features norton 360 deluxe is a comprehensive antivirus security suite that offers all the lower end. Norton antivirus features and some features of the high end norton products. Its features are divided into three categories: device, security, online privacy and identity theft, protection. The device security features include norton’s award, winning antivirus engine norton’s real time threat protection coupled with multi layered security safeguards your device against viruses, existing and emerging malware, spyware, ransomware and other online threats. Norton uses machine learning and emulation technology that makes threats reveal themselves using online protection technology. This engine will also defend against threats before they hit you. A smart firewall is another critical feature included in the suite most firewalls, protect you against incoming unauthorized access or internet traffic. Norton’S firewall does more it’s a two way firewall with intrusion prevention technology. This smart firewall protects you from both unauthorized incoming and outgoing traffic.

Norton uses its intrusion prevention technology for the authorized incoming traffic and deeply scans it for hidden threats and attack. Attempts the firewall works, hand in hand with intrusion prevention to monitor and ensure your device is safe from attacks. This firewall can also configure permissions for program control and offers a ton of customizations. There is also a password manager that helps with password management tasks. That can be hectic. If you have multiple online accounts, the tool helps you generate complex passwords and stores them in a secure online. Vault norton, password manager uses secure 256 bit encryption, two factor authentications and you can sync all passwords across your devices. The password manager also supports vault auditing, auto save and auto, fill and offers browser extensions. You will also have a 50 gigabyte cloud backup when you buy norton 360 deluxe suite an online backup is one of the safest ways to protect your files and data from ransomware. Norton cloud backup allows you to schedule backups, and it has similar functionalities offered in other popular cloud, backup utilities. If your household includes children, you are in luck. Besides. Protection against malware norton also caters to your children’s safety and online needs. Its parental control feature comes with two way: communication tools and also norton advocates for the smart talk, engaging your kids in terms of online privacy, security and other best practices. Norton’S parental control is more of a supervision tool. You can limit device. Time know what your kids are watching, what apps they interact with filter online content for both search and web and keep location tabs on them.

Let’S move on to norton’s online privacy features which ensure you are safe. Whenever you are surfing the internet, a vpn is probably the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about privacy, norton, secure vpn keeps your data and transit safe from prying eyes, and it masks your actual ip address. It uses the unbreakable 256 bit aes. Encryption comes with a kill, switch and norton implements a no log policy for the vpn. Your data in transit will never be compromised. The secure vpn also blocks ads, and it gives you unlimited bandwidth. You can do heavy surfing and even stream movies. However, like other vpn and various antivirus suites it’s unable to bypass top tier streaming sites like netflix, another feature included in the norton 360 deluxe suite is the privacy monitor. This feature gives you control of your personal information available online third parties can use your information to target you with ads profile. Your online behavior and even add you to their emailing list. Privacy monitor makes it easy to find this information so that you can opt out of data brokers and even delete it. Norton 360 deluxe also safeguards your webcam from unauthorized access. Its pc safecam feature allows only good apps to access it and gives you control to allow or block access if an unknown program tries to activate the camera. This feature is only available to windows users. Besides, the vpn norton also safeguards you from phishing and scamming sites.

When visiting a suspicious site, norton will give you a warning about the site. If you accept the consequences, it will then allow you to access it. Furthermore, you have the option to open the page in isolation mode, this mode cleans the page and ensures it’s, not malicious. In the identity protection category, the most powerful tool that comes with the deluxe package is dark. Web monitoring, cyber criminals use the underground web or the dark web to carry out their transactions. They can sell your information on this web or get information to blackmail you and propagate further attacks. That compromise steal your identity, since it is hard to protect against identity theft. Norton offers you the ability to mitigate its effect by default, dark web monitoring in norton 360 deluxe only checks for your email. If it finds anything on the dark web, it will notify you to take necessary action. Norton can check your other information on the dark web. If you sign up for the high end life lock option besides the email check, you get, monitoring for your driver’s license, addresses credit card and bank numbers phone numbers, mother’s maiden name, insurance, ids and even gamer tags, it’s pretty clear. By now that norton 360 deluxe is a comprehensive product thanks to its wide ranging feature set. Overall norton gets a full 5 out of 5 points for features, but an antivirus suite is incomplete without reliable, anti malware protection. Let’S see how norton performs in this category, norton 360 deluxe antivirus engine is unbeatable, using machine learning, artificial intelligence and real time threats protection.

It offers multi layers of defense that safeguard from malware viruses and other emerging threats. This engine gets malware before it even hits you these multiple layers of protection and other security features, make your devices invulnerable to online and offline threats to test for norton’s anti malware protection capabilities. We will refer to evaluations done by independent labs, such as av test. Even before we look at how norton fared in the latest evaluation. Norton has a long history of acing the evaluations with perfect detection and prevention scores. Av test evaluates antivirus capabilities of protection against zero day malware attacks and detection of prevalent and widespread malware from the latest av test protection results. Norton had a detection and prevention rate of 100 percent av test, also awarded it the highest protection score of six out of six, so again, norton bags, a full 5 points for protection. In the next section, we will assess how much influence norton puts on your computer speed in the past. Norton’S comprehensive antivirus engine might take a toll on your system resources while doing heavy scanning. However, with recent upgrades and optimizations norton now offers complete protection with minimal impact on user performance to evaluate norton’s performance impact, we will again rely on tests from the av test lab to evaluate system performance. Av test looks at the impact an antivirus suite has on daily computer activities. These activities include everyday file, operations, downloads and web surfing, installing apps and even launching them.

In the recent performance evaluations, norton got a performance score of 6 out of 6 in the av test. This means it had little to virtually no noticeable impact on system performance again in this category norton bags. All the available 5 points. Now we will see how user friendly norton’s interface is norton 360 deluxe sports, a clean and easy to navigate interface features are well organized and you can find functionalities without a hassle. The default interface is known as my norton. This interface gives you a slim vertical dashboard with a mountain climber image. Taking much space on the left. Pane features are vertically arranged on the thinned right. Pane features on this interface include device security, dark web monitoring, secure, vpn cloud, backup, password manager and parental controls. The other interface is the norton classic. Unlike the previous interface norton, classic has a horizontal interface like most computer applications. The dashboard has a simplistic design with features well arranged in befitting. Rectangular shapes. The main dashboard features include security device, internet security, backup performance and my norton launch button here. Norton takes 4.5 out of 5 points, slightly missing out on the full marks. As far as norton’s pricing structure is concerned, the company offers different subscription plans for its products. Norton 360 deluxe costs ‘.99 per year for the first year. This subscription offers protection for up to five pcs, macs smartphones or tablets. Besides the norton 360 deluxe, the norton 360 line also has four other products.

Norton 360 standard goes for 34.99 per year for the first year and it covers one pc, mac, smartphone or tablet. This is the lowest tier in the 360 product line. It lacks parental control features and a privacy monitor the other. Three products include lifelock and they are known as norton 360 with lifelock lifelock is all about advanced, dark web monitoring and identity theft protection. This 360, with lifelock, comprises, select advantage and ultimate plus tiers. Norton 360 with lifelock select, goes for 99.48 per year for the first year. This subscription covers up to five devices, pcs macs smartphones and tablets. Norton 360, with lifelock advantage costs 179.88 per year for the first year, and it covers up to 10 devices. Norton 360, with lifelock ultimate plus costs 251.88 per year for the first year. This subscription covers unlimited devices. Restrictions may apply overall. The 360 deluxe is a sweet spot in the norton lineup and offers the best value for money. But if you’re from the us and don’t mind paying more for advanced, dark web monitoring and identity protection, it’s worth considering the lifelock plans on offer for pricing, it would be unfair to give norton anything less than 5 points. Norton 360 deluxe is also highly compatible. It’S. A cross platform security suite just like other products in the 360 line. It is compatible with windows, macs, android and ios devices. It also carries a multi device subscription plan. Norton 360 deluxe offers the same malware.

Protection across the supported devices. Windows and macs have almost the same functionalities and features. However, macs lack features such as safegam and cloud backup on the mobile platforms. Android packs lots of features, however, to get everything up and running. You will have to download separate apps for various features and allow a ton of permissions on ios. Norton gives you a security app with features such as a vpn, password manager, wi, fi protection and other privacy features. Malware protection is not necessary for compatibility. Norton again gets a solid 5 out of 5.. Finally, let’s have a look at norton’s customer support options. Norton covers all the bases of customer support. You can get assistance via its 24 7 live chat, phone call, a knowledge base with faqs and email. Norton supports different languages and agents are based in various countries. Faqs and tutorial guides are well organized with links pointing to various solutions. The knowledge base also packs video troubleshooting guides. You can also get dedicated ultimate support, but at an extra cost. This help comes with service reports, tune up sessions and access to technical assistance. Overall norton takes four out of five points in this category: it’s an all around antivirus security, suite suitable for modern day threats. It incorporates security, privacy and the right approach to identity theft protection. This one stop suite is also our recommendable norton product. It has impressive features with the right subscription price that gives you excellent value for your money, so that’s the end of our in depth, review of norton 360 deluxe.

We hope you enjoyed this review. Do share your feedback in the comments section down below and let us know which antivirus program you use or plan to use in the future check out some other videos from our channel and don’t forget to like and subscribe before.