Of course mobile phones notebooks, but what I haven't looked at as one of those rugged Mobile's. So this one here is a waterproof mobile, that's rated to ip68 it's, also shockproof. It has an optical Helio, p10 T 860 Mele GPU 4 gigabytes of RAM 64 gigabytes MMC five thousand milliamp hour battery its 4G dual sim micro SD card support as well so spec wise it's, covering everything now it's, a brand that I've never looked at before it's Nomu – and this is their F 30, so this unit here was given the opportunity to review it and I thought well, why not something slightly different, and this brand of course, is new to me. I'Ve never reviewed a no move product, okay, so quite a large mobile phone it's relatively thick and chunky as expected. I just put it to the side for a second we'll see what else we get in the box, so power, cable, of course, that is micro. Usb 2 there's notices actually looks like warranty, yeah, okay, warranty card instruction cards. The typical you get that is in English is the charges. This one is rated to a maximum of 12 volts 1.25 AB, so it's using the mediatek pump, Express, I think, it's called to faster charging, which is good to see the first up check the weight of it. It does feel quite hefty comes in at 278, grand so it's. Definitely not the lightest mobile and the thickness is thirteen point four four millimeters that's, not where the cameras which protrudes a little.

So if I put that where the camera is, I think that's going to be more like Dean. Well, almost 14.5 there along the front here, we've got this capacitive menu keys. Now this is a rather the corner of the edges are made out of rubber there's. The loudspeaker that's screwed in and there's a little small flap there. I open that up in just a second and show you the microUSB to port the microphones located here that little dot, so the rubber flap that you have to remove to get access to that USB. 2 port that's just there to block basically dust and dirt getting in there and then the u.s. people wouldn't work if it was, will fill up, it's sealed in waterproof the port itself. I can already see the same applies to the top 3.5 millimeter headphone port. Another flat there that you have to pull back to gain access to the port. Now these side plates on the outside they're actually made out of metal. I thought they might be plastic for aesthetics, but no, it is real metal and they're screwed in place with Torx screws, the same metal trim on the right hand side. Here we have power and volume buttons. Now they feel good. They don't shake they're, not loose and have a good feel to the wind Preston. So, on the back, we have a 13 megapixel camera with AF 2.0 aperture LED flash secondary mic. This part of the phone can be removed on the rear.

Of course, you're going to have to remove it to put in your microSD card and dual Sims now interesting. Here you can run dual Sims and you don't have to give up one of the Centers for the micro SD card, which you normally see on these devices and the back of that flap that's clipped in place. Has this rubber gasket around it to stop any water or dust getting in up the top there's a five megapixel front facing camera on the right ambient light sensor on the left and in the middle, the earpiece? Of course. Now it does come with this pre applied screen protector, so you just got to remove the first layer, so the build quality of it feels really good. This thing is solid. It feels rugged, like you can, literally just throw it around, throw it into a swimming pool. Accidentally just drop test it all the time because it's all covered with this rubber on the corners here. So I do believe that dropping it that really going to withstand quite a beating, okay powering it on now let's have a look and see what that screen is. Like so it's a 1080p 5.5 inch screen made by sharp that is covered with Gorilla, Glass, 3 or 4. I don't know which one it is because I had a look at some of their press materials on the official website. It said Gorilla, Glass, 3 and then later on, it says: Gorilla, Glass, 4, so it's a little confusing there and then other retailers have put Gorilla Glass fall on there as well, so looks like we're going to have a stock Android here.

The first initial set up – and I can see that it is detecting wireless in networks which is great to have wireless AC Sarris. What I wanted to say it's, detecting wireless AC, so I just quickly go through all of this. Ok, you can put a pen on them or not, but one thing that is lacking, of course, is a fingerprint reader. I don't know if there is a rugged version of that fingerprint readers. If there is Hardware out there, then maybe that should be on here. Okay, so we have stock Android Play stores there. Of course they put on what I would call a rather ugly background, it's, not really that nice, ok, they're trying to show off the colors of the screen or something but not too bad. Now have a look at the version that it is. Of course I will connect up to my wireless and see if there are over the air updates coming through so Android 6, no longer the latest version and the Android security patch level is July. The 5th from last year, so that's bit dated there and below where it doesn't, seem to have any bloatware on there. Now you see at the top left hand corner there, Android pay that's, because this has NFC, which we don't often see on this category of mobile. The budget more cheaper Chinese ones so good to see that it has that on board and there's no real bloatware on there, but they certainly have put a lot of Google's applications on this ROM.

So the panel brightness seems decent before it was on a hundred percent. So that's 100 percent there, which is really bright enough, I feel now we'll – be testing, is outdoors later in the full review. I will do that at the moment. It'S quite cloudy, but it's going to be important, this being an outdoorsy phone and a venture phone, a rugged phone that it's got to have good legibility, outdoors, of course, and that will dim right down but I'm familiar with this panel. There'S 1080p sharp panels used in a lot of phones, and a lot of other brands tend to use the exact same hardware. There it's a decent screen, I've seen a lot of it, so I can really comment on it that so far it is looking good free, available storage if you're not going to use a microSD card, we've got 52 gigabytes, so plenty of space there to play around With here you can see just how big it is next to my 5.1 inch samsung galaxy s7, so it is quite a monster of a mobile. The size of it really is more like a 6 inch that will fit in there quite nicely and the thickness of both it and there. You can see a big difference, but it is, of course, a rugged phone built for being dropped in going into water, and everything like that now let's have a listen to the loud speaker on the bottom. Sorry, no carbon based life forms in this particular video, because I've had a couple of copy strike flags against my videos using their change, which is a bit unfortunate but I'm going to play a track here from Terminator 2 and we'll, see just how the elders.

Applause, Applause, Applause, okay, so the speakers really loud. I saw that max out about 98 decibels, they're so very loud, it's tinny sounding there's; no real bass to it, but I think you're going to definitely be able to hear calls and watch videos and things like that. With this kind of volume and a little look now at the camera, application very stock like one year and have a look at the settings, we've got so the typical you get. You see on the media, tech, phones, zero shadow delay, various options now: audiovideo quality high. Fine, I think fine maxes out at 1080p that's all you're going to get from this sensor and chipset and then are the camera settings there's just a few of the other shots there. So it actually goes up to picture size, 16 megapixels, but I do believe it's only a 13 megapixel sensor there, the IMX to 14 I'm going to go out now and take a few photos and some video samples from the front and rear camera. Just to give you a basic idea of what kind of quality you can expect from this mobile Music Music right. So it is a good day to be testing a waterproof mobile phone, because it's raining at the moment, as you can see, it's letting light drizzle the front facing camera looks only support up to 480p resolution, like other media tech ones, I don't think it can do 1080P, it doesn't look that way when I'm.

Looking at the screen here, the quality seems average dynamic range and things like that look to be quite washed out with the sky. There should be some clouds there, but they don't seem to be coming through at all. Well, a little bit but overall so far, really hard to say, but not looking it's strength, the camera quality so let's have a look at the rear facing camera now, so this is being shot on the fine sitting and a very average day. You really can be testing a camera, but it is what it is. If your focus works up close, I do think you actually have to tap to focus here. Yes, you do by the looks of it, so the quality looks to the average as 1080p I'm. Just going to give it a test, now drop it into some water. Let it soak for about 10 minutes. They have a look at the time there that is 315 whoops. I dropped it in the sink okay, so it's being in there now for about 30 minutes. The reason why it's moved is the haptic feedback motor is bubbling whale just show you that it's kind of having a bit of a espares there in the water. The screen is doing things by itself. I think that's to see the water messing with the touchscreen, so let's pull it out. I can see that everything seems to be fine there and the buttons don't seem to want to work.

Hmm okay, so happen up there. We go, I think it's, just cuz it's got a bit of water on it. It wasn't too happy with that. I think the here speaker has got some water year. Two and the settings menu we've got shortcut now. What this does is, let us assign something to that button that we have on the left of the mobile. So here you've got SOS. So if you're a camper – and you want to set up an SOS applications, you can call for help or whatever by just holding down that button, then you're able to do that. But most people will just be using this, so you can assign it to whatever app here. So you can set that to be the camera, for example. So once I go out of that hold down the button, then the camera application will launch okay. So I am on the latest version of this ROM because it connected up to the Internet just now, and software updates you can see no update available. So no T is yet so that was the no mu F 30, just a preview here and, as you can see there, that it survived my 30 minute water test discreet was going a little bit crazy. It still has a bit of water on at the moment, but once I just gave it a bit of a shake in a wipe down, the touch is now restored and working properly, very sensitive to touch there and no problems with that.

So the build quality, very good it's chunky solid, feels like it can take a real beating which an active rugged phone should be, of course, that comes with the obvious cons that it's going to be bulky and heavy. Another con, I feel, is the cameras they don't. Look to be very good at all, but that's kind of what you normally get with this category and price range you'll find that that their weakness really I've never seen them have amazing cameras, and you cannot expect that, of course, and nor am I expecting it to Have camera performance of the s8, so the battery life will have to check out and see how that is performance in general gaming? What it's like at that, most importantly as well, GPS having a phone like this that's so rugged as an outdoor phone, that GPS is going to be very important that it performs well, so hopefully I will catch you back later on with this particular phone here.