com were dealing here with a 10.4 inch tablet, which may be ideal for Netflix and some kids applications on account of having a kit space area. Now were getting here with a budget tablet, its priced at around 300, maybe even less in some areas of the world and, as you can see its quite focused on media consumption, so uh there was already the Nokia T20. This is an upgrade for that model. It brings a unisoc CPU stereo speakers and an 8 200 milliamp hour battery. It even has a stylus support now when everything said and done its time to start the review and lets discuss the design. First, we got here a metal build a pretty solid one. A two tone approach and the camera module similar to the Nokia X31. Now the weight is decent. 400 66 grams Im happy to inform you, theres ip52 certification and a thickness of just 7.5 millimeters once again. Solid build doesnt feel any sort of vulnerability and the screen is supposed to be protected against scratches, even though Nokia hasnt exactly revealed which solution is used here. We have bezels think of about one centimeter good enough to rest our hands on and youre going to be, using that to your advantage when youre watching a lot of videos for the long long hours. Okay, so thats about it, design, wise, pretty well built and comfy. But its more of a portrait excuse me its more of a landscape experience or larger than a portrait one moving forward.

What we have here is the screen. This one is an IPS LCD with a 10.4 inch diagonal and, at the same time, 2000 over 1200 pixel resolution. We have here on a sample to put it to the test. Okay lets go full screen, and here we are so IPS LCD, 10.4 inches 2000. Over 100 1200 pixels scratch protection and overall it feels more like an indoor Affair. It cannot take the Sun, the contrast, isnt good enough. We have some decent view angles here, although not the widest in the world, as you can see for yourself and the brightness is once again only good for indoor activities once you get Outdoors its simply not enough, but somehow Im happy with the color calibration, which you Can see for yourself its a quality one now, if you want to get into figures and all that we have done a bunch of tests. For starters, the pixels have on RGB Stripes arrangement and then we go further and we can reveal the level of brightness achieved with the Lux meter. Okay, so its quite underwhelming 224 Lux units consider that its uh 50 or even less of the Nexus 7 from 10 years ago, and that should say it all its also much less than the Huawei mate pad 11. But it beats narrowly the Galaxy Tab. A8. 10.5. Moving forward, we find other components of this tablet and let me start off by talking about the CPU which you have here.

So let me just shut this up and open it again to see everything properly. Okay, so the CPU is a uni sock tiger. Six one two: this CPU here is actually a 12 nanometer one and its related to the one on the Galaxy Tab. A8. 10.5, its a tiger t618 that one were also getting 4 gigs of RAM and also 120 gigabytes of storage, plus micro SD card slot, which is available here on the same tray as the nano SIM. Well, I have to admit there is some lag here and there you probably noticed some before when youre doing activities which are more intensive or when you have multiple apps open in the background, as I honestly have right now lets actually clear them all. Okay, now, aside from that, we also have some benchmarks. This is definitely not, I repeat, not a gaming device, but it can play some casual titles if you truly want to when it comes to the benchmarks, uh, not exactly a record breaker, it beats the Galaxy Tab. A8 in on 229 well in the geekbench 5 test, multi core, it beats some Galaxy tab, tab, a devices which is not bad at the same time, if youre looking for 3dmark here, we are below the tab. S6 slide below the Galaxy Tab, A7, 10.4 from 2020. But above the tab, A7 light, so there you have it a typical budget performance. Now the good news is that its a stranger when it comes to overheating in benchmarks, merely 31.

3 degrees and in games uh 35.7 degrees Celsius, which is, I would say quite decent, now uh. I think, its time to discuss the battery. The tablet we have here offers an 8200 milliamp hour polymer battery. It also provides a 18 watt charging, but in the Box, theres no charger now with a bunch of video playback tests, and we actually went here and enjoyed our content because once again we have Netflix available. We have Spotify, we have YouTube in this case its only about the video so lets see the results we achieved when it comes to video playback check it out. It actually comes up at the top. Is the highest playback level weve reached on a tablet over the past years, 14 hours and 50 minutes? Above all, the Galaxy Tab S and tab As weve tested ever while the continuous usage is, I would say, just decent nothing record breaking 8 hours and 4 minutes its. So so it is able to beat the last year Flagship, Galaxy, Tab, S8 Ultra and go against a few older xiaomi devices, but its four hours below the Huawei mate pad 11 and also below the xiaomi path 5 and a few other tablets. Sadly, the charge is a bit on the long side. It requires 4 hours and 43 minutes with a third party charger and after 30 minutes youre at about five percent, which is basically nothing so youre in for quite the weight now nowadays, weve seen many tablet makers put quad speakers or even OCTA speakers on their devices And youre just seeing lag right now: okay, uh, speaker time, so we have here one speaker, and here we have the other one and were going to be listening to some tunes now and then well draw some conclusions.

Once again, I wouldnt have minded having quad speakers. I can also see two microphones here, one and the other one here and guess what we even have an audio jack right here: okay, so its music time, so lets find some tunes; okay, so its music time Music, Im sitting here; Applause, okay, so this is actually A pretty solid song and also sorry that the speakers Im actually blown away above expectations is what I would say, even though Ive honestly also tested them before they went above and beyond. So I would say so far theres a selling point together with the video playback time. We also have some measurements here once again: plenty of bass, high notes, so fine voices, loud volume, everything you want – 80.2 decibels at the top and 80 lets see 82.8 decibels at the bottom. We measure with an acoustic sample and given these results, we actually surpass the Galaxy Tab, A7 Lite and the tab S8 Ultra even but were below the tab. Aa 10.5, the main rival and the Huawei mate pad 11. in the gaming department check it out is the first place tablet all time with 102.9 decibels, I would say its pretty much a Powerhouse, even though its a budget device now camera wise. I wont incest too much on it. You know the idea. I always tell you when I do these reviews, who wants to take a picture using a slab with a 10 inch screen here at the front we have an 8 megapixel camera, which is more for video.

Calls, or rather than selfies at the back side, the pleasant surprise is the LED flash and the a megapixel camera this time around with the auto focus included, and if you want, I can show you some of the features which the camera has to offer. We go here Im going to use this little cat here and take our time. Okay, so features. We got a bunch of filters here. We got this beautify option. We have the timer, I have a portrait option, a panorama option and, of course, photo and video. There are other extras here on the side like, for example, the zoom theres, also the flash the aspect and a few extra options and settings here. Hdr is also part of the package and Im happy to see that OZO is also parted. With courtesy of the microphones, you saw earlier well thats pretty much it camera Wise, Its a basic package for basic needs. I wont insist too much on it, but I will insist on the connectivity aspect, because this device delivers quite a few features were lucky enough to have the 4G version here with a nano SIM card. Slot has Wi Fi dual band theres Bluetooth 5.0 available here. Nfc lets actually confirm it. Internet calls VPN, okay, Bluetooth is here as well: notification, sound display, pen, experience, security, location and more, I dont quite see the NFC, but let me search for it. Nope no NFC this time around. Okay, so once again, Wi Fi, dual band: Bluetooth, 5.

0, GPS, 4G, nano SIM and then USB C, 2.0 port at the bottom. Here, of course, this being a cellular enabled unit youre going to be able to place, calls here and send texts. Here we did a bunch of speed tests and lets see what came out. So we have the app here we focused on Wi Fi. For starters, I will be back with more tests for the 4G in Wi Fi. We achieved some modest results: 268 Mega per second downloads and 322 Mega per second uploads, still its, not Wi, Fi 6, so I would say its decent. Now, software wise is Android 12, with an extra. Usually the leftmost home screen is for. The news here is for multimedia content is going to gather here and centralize your Netflix YouTube, YouTube, kids and all the other services. There is a gaming area, theres a book area and theres a music area. All of them gathered in this lovely Hub other than that its a pretty stock experience, which includes, among others, classical widgets, which you can see here and, of course well. Never forget the fact that we also have Stylus support here, which is shown in the settings. It supports Wacom technology styling, and you can set here the options associated with the buttons of the styling okay. So you also have kids space available here, which you, basically let you create a profile for your little fellow and help him choose a series of interests and at the same time recommended books, apps and videos hiki or she can create the Heron Avatar and, of course, As parental control, you can select the websites which the little fellow accesses and also control everything from the distance with family link, let it in a nutshell, a bunch of pre installed apps.

We have here Netflix, Spotify, Express VPN and, of course, the stylus application, which I mentioned before the interface is stock and includes, among others, this drop down area with notifications and quick settings pretty easy to access. In a nutshell, this has been a review of the Nokia t21 and work here for the verdict. So we have the pros and cons the pro. The main one will probably be the build and how comfy the device is followed by the fact we have 4G connectivity and the unexpectedly unexpectedly good speakers, even though Nokia did deliver on such devices before it also pretty solid for movie watching indoors, satisfying video playback time And referring to the battery here – and I also probably also mentioned that the camera has an LED flash, which you dont see every day on a tablet. We have a micro SD card, so then audio jack, theres, no DRM problem and it has stylus support. Those are obviously the pros when it comes to the cones. I should probably also mention the fact that the brightness is poor, so theres no love for outdoor usage. The charging is very long. There is some lag here and there and the continuous usage leaves a bit to be desired. In the end, the tablet would be bought for the kids and for fun to consume multimedia content. Those are its two core purposes preferable to get it with 4G and maybe even introduce a stylus in the mix.

Beware of the lag, but you can definitely clear it if you clear all the apps running in the background, thats it in a nutshell.